Friday, November 06, 2009

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Anonymous said...

The corruption of these school board members is so disheartening and sad. We like to believe that they want to improve children's lives, but after reading your blog it sounds like they are only out to gain financially or for power. I am appalled. I just read the piece about Carol Kurdell. How can she be so corrupt? I wonder what her children and grandchildren think of her corrupt and criminal behavior not to mention the fact that she sounds like a country hick.

Anonymous said...

There should be term limits for these school board members, since they are so corrupt and act like criminals. Letting them stay in as long as they want only perpetuates criminal behavior. Most people vote for incumbents, so it is near impossible to get rid of them, because people are too lazy to dig into how corrupt they are. Kurdell and Olson have been there too long. They would have moved on to other political positions if they thought they were good. They stay on the school board for some reason. The poster who thinks they get some sort of kickback is probably right. They are probably the most corrupt of the whole bunch. It is very suspicious that they stay on the school board and make such a low school board salary. They have voters who are used to their name, so why don't they move onto greener pastures? It is for some reason, and I bet the poster is right. They are getting some sort of reward for being on there. In any other city Kurdell and Olson wouldn't get past the level of flipping hamburgers at McDonald's, but they are in dumb Hillsborough County, so they make it to the school board.