Saturday, February 26, 2011

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It is good for these crooks on the school board to know that even some people are onto their shenanigans. In the end they could care less, because they are shameless. Already everything you have reported about Tom Gonzalez, the entire school board, and MaryEllen Elia shows that these people are absolutely shameless and have not ethical compass. They probably don't care what others know or don't know. Still it has to be good for the world that they know that a few people know about their bad behavior, and you can bet that God knows. The entire ROSSAC building is probably going to hell one day!

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To the poster above:
Let me start by saying I do not personally know April Griffin’s son, or any of the other individuals that were commenting on the forum in which his tirade was spewed. It was publicly posted and I stumbled upon it by accident. This “Zac” could be a serial killer for all I know or care. That wasn’t the purpose of sharing the posts. Chase either did not have enough common sense to know that posting on other people’s FB wall (not marked private) may result in other unintended people reading it, or he didn’t care. That was poor judgment on his part. I assure you that my intent for reposting his rants was not to highlight some immature feud which people could care less about, but to bring light to the type of individual April Griffin has raised. I consider myself very well qualified to assess the values and character of others, as my line of work gives me daily contact with both parents and their children. I have found over my many years of working with young people that their words and actions do most often reflect the character of their parents. (This barring the few with PTS, personality disorders, and organic/biological conditions.) The posts by Chase do reveal an arrogant and spoiled child, who feels entitled to put down and bully others. He also seems extremely desperate for attention, and most likely suffers from some major insecurity in which he feels the strong need to overcompensate by either attacking or acting superior to others. It's not a huge leap to assume this is a result of either poor accountablity at home or faulty modeling. Keep in mind that this forum is for shedding the light on the dark side of the school system. By being a public figure on the school board, April Griffin opens herself up for close examination. This includes family. If Chase is too ignorant to understand the responsibility that brings, then he is either excessively self-centered, or seriously misguided.
April would be wise to either cancel or closely monitor his account from this point on. He might not have the self-restraint needed to make the right choices, and she doesn't need another layer of hypocrisy revealed.