Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Word to the Wise

The Council of Trent Convenes in Tallahassee To Help Senator Wise Pass the Board-Salary-Reduction Bill to Rein in Bloated board salaries

Senator Wise:

I read in this morning's St. Petersburg Times that you want to cut school board members' salaries so that they are not higher than a beginning teacher's. Hurrah. I have beat this drum for a long time.

Board members in Hillsborough County do nothing but loll on the board in a ceremonial pose and rubberstamp anything Superintendent Elia puts under their noses that she and her administrative coterie have devised out of the sunshine in her office. Then Ms. Elialoads her orders onto the Consent Agenda for the board to approve sight unseen. The board always does.

If board members make any comments, these are about tremendous trifles accompanied by entre nous snickers. The board members don't do the background reading to make them knowledgeable enough to comment on board- agenda items and hence have serious input into these. I was a college professor for 28 years before retiring. A teacher knows when class members have not read the assignment: the board of Hillsborough County does not ever read its assignment as a duty to the voters. The lot needs replacing or disbanding.

Besides the ceremonial duty of board-meeting posing, the board lounges around town going to government-funded pig-out chow downs. The result is that most are so corpulent that they won't have a childhood obesity program because they are such negative examples for the students. They also go on unregulated joy trips around the country billed as unquestioned board travel. Board member Susan Valdes spent $50,000 in one year on vacation joy rides around the country despite poor children's not being able to participate in class work because their parents could not afford the supplies.

Recently there was a no-honor-among-thieves board fight about who spent the most money on travel that was not pretty to see. Valdes spent the most, but they none deprived themselves in the travel perquisite exercise. They each spent thousands of dollars on joy rides at taxpayer expense. One reason these board members hired the under- qualified Ms. Elia, reducing the entrance academic requirement of Ph.D. to her master's and crediting on-site experience that featured overbuilding classrooms and not noticing a real- estate scam under her nose that a St. Pete Times reporter walked in off the street and spotted is that there was some kind of pre-hiring understanding amongst the board members and Elia that Elia would not interfere with board perquisites. The board even had the nerve to put a "nation-wide" ad out at $35,000, billed to the taxpayers, to cover their well-padded bottoms in the requirement to mime equal opportunity.

The last time the board got a raise, I challenged board members Jack Lamb and Candy Olson at a political gathering, saying they should not make more than beginning teachers. Dr. Lamb--and I want do a forensics on his thesis to decide whether he wrote it or a ghost wrote it--jumped on me in threatening manner while Ms. Olson stood by and nodded her head in agreement with his performance. Lamb was offended that a citizen brought up board over-compensation that exceeded teachers' salaries.

If you want a rundown on the woman Jennifer Falliero who says in the Times that she will fight your move to reduce board salaries, go to my education blog at leedrurydecesarescasting-roomcouch@blogspot. com. I detail Ms. Fallieres's four-year history on the board that includes adultery on school grounds during the tenure of two superintendents with a male administrator that ended in his firing. Falliero got off without rebuke and the other board members nominated the adulteress as board chair despite the fact that one must infer that most parents would not want an adulterous woman as school board chair who contributed to a man's divorce and caused her own, leaving four children damaged for her erotic adventures as board member on school property and serving as board chair presiding over children's lives both academic and moral during the school day.

Many communities' boards serve as a civic duty without pay. I wish the legislature would pass that kind of financial arrangement in Florida. I believe it would attract a better class of board members than sit on the board in Hillsborough County now, especially in the case of Ms. Falliero.

When you have reduced or eliminated board salaries, review superintendent and administrative salaries. There is a nation-wide racket going in this area. Superintendent Elia makes $300,000 with her stealing $47,000 of that from teachers' work to raise student scores. She hires sycophants and buddies without advertising the jobs or following the equal-opportunity laws and federal contractor equal-opportunity guidelines. As a result the administration is full of C and D students who have meager credentials for their $150,000 blowout pay. There is a lone Ph.D., who holds a job previously occupied by a man with no credentials for it who got the job probably because he helped Dr. Lennard, then superintendent, to savage a Mr.Doug Erwin for reporting graft and theft in the administration. After Dr. Lennard and his thugs tried to fire Erwin and deprive him of his pension, he filed a Whistleblower suit, won it, and the taxpayers paid his $165,000 settlement for board and administration crime.

You will run into a Ms. Connie Mileto in the capitol. She was a kindergarten teacher who got the job over more suitable candidates because of the patronage of Dr. James Hamilton, whose wife divorced him during this irregular promotion that shut out qualified people to promote Dr. Hamilton's ill-equipped pet. Ms. Elia has just manufactured this retired Don Juan a job for $65,000 a year as lobbyist without advertising it. This job will throw him into contact with Jezebel Connie in the capitol after his poor wife has remarried this rump-sprung creature. That hire shows how unethical and how dumb Ms. Elia is, yet the citizens of Florida pay her $300,000 a year for such conduct.

Lee Drury De Cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Polegirl Falliero Wants Four More Years

I have inserted a world map to show where readers come from. I messed up and inserted it twice. Now I can't figure out how to wade through the html and delete one. lee

The Pole Girl Re-ups for Board; Woe Betide School System

District 4: Jennifer The Pole Girl Has a Pharmacist to Face, Not in the Drugstore but in the Poling Booth

What kind of person is La Jennifer? Let's put it this way: Jennifer Falliero, incumbent of four misspent years as District 4 board member, is a piece of work.

Jennifer serves resident board home-wrecker, adulteress, and ding dong whose only talents are seduction and manipulation. She is a character who thinks she can change domiciles from her Brandon-district to South Tampa in the middle of the night and that nobody will find out about it or even mention it.

The press is lethargic, but not that lethargic. It caught her. Ms. Stein of the Times was the sleuth. Thank you, Sweetie Stein.

I call Ms. Falliero Pole Girl for her long-term school-site adultery overlapping two administrations.

Tom Gonzalez, who pretends he was on King Arthur's legal staff instead of ripping off taxpayers for $275,000 a year as lackadaisical board attorney eating chips and swilling soda on the podium but doing little schools' obligatory legal reading, has rebuked me for this "unkindness."

Where is Lancelot when we need him? And where is the adulterous Guinevere?

Am I bereft from this Gonzalez censure? Is the Pope a born-again, foot-washing televangelist?

First, let's catalogue La Pole Girl Jennifer's virtues. It consists of one: She reigns best-looking member of the board. But you have to keep in mind board competition ranks non-existent in the good-looks category. The Hillsborough County School Board is homely or fat or both.

Jennifer tends to favor a Motel 8 persona.

Her Delta Dawn leaning leads her to affect flowing locks when she, at 46, is too long in the tooth to sport lengthy tresses anymore. To top this look off, the Pole Girl dyes her hair an improbable shade of blonde.

The Pole Girl's couture leans to Dolly Parton choices. I loved when Dolly told an adoring audience, "You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap." The difference is Jennifer is serious about dressing trashily; Dolly's couture is show-biz fun.

Community spinster moral guardians in my birthplace, White Oak, Georgia, would whisper up and down its one main street and in all church congregations on Sundays and Wednesday prayer meetings, "My, my, isn't that girl looking and acting right vulgar?"

Jennifer ignores ubiquitous ROSSAC thuggery under her nose that I cited in my previous April Griffin Betty Boop comments. Jennifer adds support to April's Betty-Boop performance on the board with the vile Jennifer faux pas of fornication begun on school grounds, an activity she didn't bother to cover up and continued past the point at which Dr. Lennard told her to lay off the behavior.

Let me dwell on this situation minutely.

Jennifer herself initiated and nurtured the school-grounds adulterous affair on the job with married Marc Hart, head of Community Affairs. She did it in plain view. Every one including the outlying schools knew about it. Janitors discussed the adultery in mop-closet conferences.

Jennifer stalked Marc Hart in his office despite her knowing he was married with two young children and despite her being married with two teenage daughters. She contributed to Hart's divorce, leaving two young children psychologically and physically damaged: the little boy's grades plummeted; the girl's illness exacerbated.

Jennifer's adultery also broke up her own marriage. I believe the husband was a coach and that Jennifer was dumb enough to waive child support for his saying he wouldn't make public the on-site school adultery. Dumb Jennifer: information like that gets out no matter what. It had long since got out previous to the divorce.

Now the Pole Girl wants the board to raise its salary even more above that of beginning teachers because she says she can't live on a board salary that is eleven thousand dollars more than the average family of four survives on in the Bay Area and a thousand dollars more than City Council people get. Unable to handle her own budget, she claims she is qualified to be in charge of the finances of the Gates grant and can't wait to use this position to fire teachers.

If she stayed out of the aisles of Wal-Mart Polegirl duds and got a part-time job, Falliero wouldn't plead to bloat the already shameful board shakedown of taxpayers.

Jennifer said when she camped out in Marc Hart's office until she became almost a part of the furniture that she was there to benefit from Marc's "mentoring."

One infers that there is some kind of erotic euphemism operating here. She eventually wore Marc down, a feat because Marc is a committed Catholic. He graduated magna cum laude from Loyola or some other Catholic institution. He had the best credentials in ROSSAC but not the sense to fend off Pole Girl Falliero.

With this board-floozy record, La Falliero has signed up to run again, counting on taxpayers' ennui and ignorance and the opponent's being too gallantly dopey to cite the adultery of the board's reigning flowing-locks beauty with Dolly-Parton duds, manipulative skills, and seductive proclivities. She counts on getting what she wants. This time the Pole Girl covets Board Seat 4 yet again.

Pole Girl Falliero is counting on the druggist opponent to be a wimp dominated by Darwin's imperatives so that he will fall at her incumbent feet and say, "It's yours! It's yours, beauteous lady! I would rather count pills for the rest of my life than to cause a frown on that exquisite face."

Marc Hart was smart enough to gradate laude, but not smart enough to defeat his double-helix booby trap. A horse-back analysis says Marc represents the validity of Darwin's theory of why men make such fools of themselves over women, especially trashy ones exuding their sexual availability. In the Ascent of Man. Darwin points out that men have a bazillion sperm cells and want to spread them as widely as possible amongst any and all X chromosome specimens that appear within fifty feet of the sperm donor.

Such indiscriminate Y-chromorsomers have no regard for anything but the fact that females have the eggs so that the poor fellows' yearning for begetting as many children as possible floods his brain and endocrine system to make him silly and reckless. His physiology drives him to become immortal through begetting random progeny with a hey nonny nonny.

I believe everybody pretty much understands this dynamic, best studied in singles bars.

Read Origin of the Species and Ascent of Man, in which Darwin lays out the situation in fairly uptown language that you can understand if you squint.

Darwin, a smart and inquisitive but gutless scion of a rich, indulgent father, put off publishing his books until another guy wrote him that he had the same idea and would publish it betimes. So Darwin had to hustle. When the Darwin books came out, they started religious bigots fulminating; they have not stopped this caterwauling against the Godless Darwin ever since. The current specimens block Darwin's theory of evolution in science curricula, including, I hear, Hillsborough County.

Jennifer claims to be born-again and hence opposes teaching either birth control or Darwin to students. This opposition does not coincide with her school-site Jezebel behavior, but that contradiction does not dawn on the Pole Girl.

Yet she says she has the brain fire power to manage the Gates grant and can't wait to use it to fire teachers.

Meanwhile, Ms. Elia decided to put a stop belatedly to the long-running school adultery saga because her community image obsesses Ms. Elia--except in her South Tampa residential community, where she uses a board lawyer to menace neighbors who object to her God's Little Acre tin-roof installation.

With her deft good-neighbor policy, La Elia probably will next appall them with several hulking rusting car bodies strewn across the yard as lawn ornaments.

So Elia gave Personnel Director Valdez orders to sack Marc Hart. In the Valdez office, the Auschwitz former camp director told Hart that if he didn't resign that things would get nasty.

The cooked-up charge was that Marc was an alcoholic. It's no use to check his employee file because the administration with board approval strips all significant data from personnel files.

As in most dictatorships, knowledge is power in ROSSAC.

Now here's where Marc failed in batting back a bully's opening gambit. Marc should have looked Le Valdez in his beady eyes and responded, "OK, buster. You try that trick, and I am going to write an account supplemented with motel receipts of mine and Jennifer's school-site dalliance, starting in Dr. Lennard's term and continuing in Elia's with the complicity of the ROSSAC administration and the board.

"I am going to distribute this account widely both locally and throughout the state school bureaucracy, not to mention the Bay Area political community, churches, and synagogues of the area. I will ask the Children's Board to conduct an ethics investigation of multiple unethical practices by the board and administration, including its housing special-needs children in a junk room. In addition, I will leaflet outside ROSSAC on the public sidewalk as many days as I choose, handing passersby flyers with accounts of the rank moral aura of ROSSAC created by the board, Elia, and Lennard before Elia and funded by oblivious taxpayers."

Then I would have stomped out, refusing to sign anything and heading for a lawyer's office to explore wrongful termination. I would have surrendered to the urge to shoot
Valdez a Parthian bird before I slammed the door.

Unfortunately, what happened is that Marc meekly resigned ostensibly to save Jennifer Pole Girl's "Reputation" because the poor sap loved her. Hart couldn't get a job locally because of underground school bureaucracy blackballing. So he went out West to find work to help his wife support their children.

Jennifer followed him; her school board attendance record will record how long. Unknown is who took care of the Pole Girl's two young daughters while she pursued mentoring in the West.

Pole Girl cites her mothering concerns to Marshall in the Times article, but she doesn't mention this lacuna in it as she followed mentoring out West.

When Pole Girl returned, she apparently ran across another source of "mentoring"; this "mentor" seems to have lived in South Tampa. So La Falliero's goal was to get to South Tampa any way that she could--never mind that she would live out of her district, an illegal situation.

Despite Jennifer's preaching to teachers that their behavior "must be above reproach," La Falliero in this case showed that she had a penchant for reproachful-unworthy conduct under the radar to join her "mentor" in the golden isle of South Tampa, where people with no taste offend the neighbors with God's Little Acre tin roofs.

Bedazzled with the allure of South Tampa as the putative Bay Area Rivera and pad of her new source of mentoring, Pole Girl sneaked under cover of darkness to move herself and her two girls from her school district of Brandon to South Tampa, vile Candy Olson's district.

If Jennifer complained about not getting enough tax loot from her school board perch for basic expenses while living in Brandon, one wonders how she could afford higher rents in South Tampa--unless, of course, her new "mentor" pitched in.

La Falliero's two girls slipped into Plant without a hitch. Anybody who has tried to relocate a child from one school to another knows what a hassle that task is. It went smoothly for Falliero. I bet I know why. To accommodate her reliable green light on the board podium, Ms. Elia picked up the phone, called the Plant principal, and said, "Enroll Jennifer Falliero's two girls pronto, or your job is history."

Now what is the fancy legal term for such conduct?

Where is Tom Gonzalez when one needs him? I think it's called "aiding and abetting."

Yep, that makes the superintendent of Hillsborough County schools an aider and abettor of crime against the schools of Florida. I think that should appear on a police blotter somewhere.

Now there comes a hole in the road on the way to Jennifer's glory. The local press, usually either asleep or dreaming about writing the great American novel that will lift its practitioners out of reporting on the soporific doings of the school board, awoke and discovered Jennifer's move out of her district. Stop the presses! There is a hot story about the Brandon school adulteress board member La Jennifer Pole Girl Falliero! I think the Lois Lane of this prodigious journalist coup was reporter Ms. Stein. I love her. Simply love the girl.

At first Jennifer lied, a skill at which she is fluent. When she saw the cynical press had her cornered, Pole Girl concocted a tear-jerker story about her life's being "messed up"--Jennifer has a way with concocting a fresh phrase--and that this situation accounted for her under-cover bewildered re-location. No mention of the "mentor." Then, when the press did not fall for Jennifer's "Days of Our Lives," La Falliero finally coughed up the truth as last resort. Then she tucked her tail between her legs and moved back to her Brandon district, dragging her two poor daughters behind her. Now that's what one calls quality mothering.

I bet this saga did not end with her "mentor" following her to Brandon, a rather bucolic area compared to swinging, aristocratic South Tampa, with all of its opera houses, museums, and cultural ferment.

These scenes clue one to the kind of personality that afflicts School Board District 4's current chair. It's not a pretty sight, but it gets worse when you scrutinize Jennifer's behavior on the board.

Knowing her adultery record and her moving-out-of- her-district caper, the rest of the board members were busy pursuing their own brands of skullduggery and voted unanimously to make Jennifer board chair.

If opponents have a lick of sense, they will call April and Candy to book on this ethics lapse. Parents of the county would set up a racket if they knew the school board harbored and even honored an adulteress and home wrecker with the plum job of chair in its midst.

Ms. Falliero's board chairship was chaotic. Jennifer goes berserk when she gets a gavel in her hand and sits in the center-chair board seat. Her attitude is Alice-in-Wonderland Red Queen's "off-with-their heads!"

Chair Jennifer and the Jolly Green Giant head of security cooked up a scheme to kick me out of the board room because Jennifer was mad that I had exposed her adultery in board forum.

I was able to do so because Marc Hart had called me up and asked to come see me at my beach home. He showed me the divorce deposition that detailed the adultery. This deposition made me free to cite what everybody knew. When I came out with the information at the next board meeting during the community speak time, I saw Ms. Elia's head dive toward Gonzalez's; I knew she was asking him about the legality of my citing that datum. He must have told her that if I had proof--and the divorce deposition was-- I was free to cite the data.

Sometimes Gonzalez reveals that he has gone to law school and not merely sat on the school board dais eating chips and drinking soda.

Truth is its own defense.

The ostensible reason for my kick out by wild-woman, gavel-wielding Pole Girl was that I had exceeded my three-minutes of time by milliseconds.

Buchenwald gas-oven matron Linda Kipley shot the message to me overnight that my offense was going over the time limit of three minutes and that my punishment represented standard Professional Standards strictures. This is the kind of trifle that the board and administration trap teachers with to write them up for firing via a Professional Standards cooked case. I felt honored to be in the oppressed class with teachers. I was a professor at HCC for 28 years so was a teacher too. I was too busy oppressing the would-be Gordon Keller administrative oppressors for them to tackle me. If they let out a peep, I wrote a satire on whoever the would-be oppressor was and wrapped myself in the flag, sending the squib around to all the campuses. Aristophanes, Juvenal, and Swift taught me that the worst punishment you can inflict on a person is to laugh at him or her. It worked for me. By the time I retired, nobody would come to the phone when I called the Gordon Keller crooks. That's power, folks. Nobody gives you power. You take it. Ask Genghis Chan.

I wish that I had had my wits about me and had refused to leave the board room when Jennifer and the Jolly Green Giant security minion carried out their ousting plot. I should have crumpled to the floor, kicked my legs, screamed high C, and exposed my underwear. I could have been somebody if I had been arrested and got the chance to sit in jail for the first time in my life. I would have been a martyr to open government and free speech. My ten grandchildren would have gone mad with glee that their granny was in jail. They would have brought me McDonald's Big Macs, fries, and strawberry milk shakes. My old man of fifty-four years would have trudged over from the beach every day to bring me my cholesterol pills and mail. I would have had him bring over my needlepoint rug project that I am working on for one of the grandgirl's wedding. My cell would have been cozy with pictures of my grandchildren and granny knickknacks. I would have had lots of visitors and would have been a legend at family Thanksgiving dinner tables for centuries.

Another chance for la gloire gone with the wind.

But I am not the only one menaced by Jennifer with a board chair gavel in her hand. She screamed at April Griffin that she would kick her off the board podium and out of the room, never mind that Griffin was an elected official. If April Griffin had one iota of moxie, she would have arisen, removed her shoe, tripped over to the board-chair seat, and bopped Jennifer on the head with the shoe several times: pam! pam! pam! She didn't. No guts. No glory

Falliero continued to rant and rave for her entire chair incumbency with not one board member rebuking her. Ms. Elia didn't of course. The Pole Girl was doing Elia's work. Jennifer is her most reliable green-lighter.

I got the ACLU to come and give a lecture to the board on free speech; Tom Gonzalez nodded in agreement with the ACLU lady but continued to think the First Amendment was superfluous. After the ACLU exited, he went back to aiding and abetting the board members' ripping off the First Amendment.

When an article in the Times appeared citing Jennifer's calling me Ms. DeVille--as in Cruella--instead of De Cesare after this fracas, Gonzalez took Jennifer aside and gave her a Romper Room seminar on the First Amendment. At the next meeting, Jennifer opened with acknowledging that the board attorney had clued her in that "people can come up before the board and say any mean thing they want to."

That's right. They can. This is America.

Falliero conducts her board office in complete obeisance to Ms. Elia.

· She agrees with using Professional Standards to trap and punish teachers but not administrators;

· She thinks it's swell that Elia hires buddies, sycophants, and board members' family instead of advertising jobs and getting the best qualified employees for taxpayers' money;

· She has no quarrel with Elia's spending without consulting teachers millions of dollars on gimcrack geegaws that eat up tax money and don't work in the classroom and then lie gathering dust in some warehouse;

· She thinks Elia does not have to check in with even the board to buy such white elephants; Elia didn't with the Spring toy, prompting Brains Betty Boop Griffin, when there was a teachers' outcry about the purchase of the program solo by Elia, to have a workshop

· Pole Girl knows that the poorly qualified members of the administration are overpaid, and that fact does not bother her;

· Jennifer just wants to be overpaid herself and has suggested a raise on the podium, although she never mentions something to benefit the students on the podium;

· She knows that Elia steals $47,000 from teachers' work as a "bonus" every year, and that's ok with Jennifer;

· Jennifer just wishes she were overpaid and could steal teacher bonuses as well;

· Falliero is not concerned that the special-needs children have a junk room classroom with piles of stuff pushed up against the walls so that the students can pull down the top junk and hurt themselves with falling debris;

· She thinks it's ok for Elia to force teachers to inflate grades to make Elia look good with the state educational bureaucracy;

· The Pole Girl wishes that she could spend even more money than she does now on fun travel at the government's expense;

· She sees no connection with her splurging on the government's dime while poor county children can't afford supplies to participate in class work;

· Her attitude toward the poor children without supplies to participate in class work is "Let them eat cake";

· she saw nothing wrong with deciding long ahead of interview time to vote Elia in as superintendent despite her deficient credentials' being the worst of the applicants because Elia would not disturb the board racket of being potted plants on the board dais and strolling around town to government-paid trough pig-out chow downs to make them even fatter than they are;

· Falliero signed with aplomb lowering the Ph.D. requirement for superintendent to Elia's master's;

· Pole Girl sang out, "Let's go for it" when someone on the all-board hiring-committee suggested a cover-their-ass "nation-wide" ad costing taxpayers $35,000 to fool everybody about the board's "equal-opportunity" scam, in effect

billing taxpayers for the cost of being lied to.

· Jennifer took the oath of office that said she would support the Constitution, yet she does not know the Constitution from a hole in the ground and a revulsion of the First Amendment that catalyzes berserk behavior as when she chaired the board after being voted chair by the other board members despite their knowing of her adultery.

  • Falliero won't have a regular time and spot on the board for students and teachers to give their input as to how the schools are run.

In sum, Jennifer Pole Girl has signed up to run for the board again and tells uninformed voters whopping lies via the Marshall column about her service on the board and how that shoddy performance equips her to be a lay-about do-nothing on the board for four more years, only rousing herself to troll for "mentors."

She counts on voters' disinterest and ignorance.

Oddly, enough, the Pole Girl does not ever mention adultery on the job or sneaking out of her district in the middle of the night to move to South Tampa for putative mentoring. She wants to raise board salary to even more over that of beginning teachers because she was dumb enough to deprive her children of child support by her former husband's promise not to reveal her adultery in exchange for his silence on it so that she could continue to be a supine tool of Elia. The Pole Girl has revealed in the Marshall interview that she can't wait to use the Gates grant to fire teachers.

Pole Girl tells reporter Mr. Marshall that she will use Gates's money to fire bad teachers. A big chunk should go to sacking bad administrators. That would clean out the ROSSAC Augean stable.

The Pole Girl offers herself for another term on the board despite being bereft of the moral and intellectual wherewithal that a board member needs to serve the students, teachers, and public as board member.

La Falliero's opponent is a druggist. To get some flavor of a pharmacist's curriculum, let's look below at the pre-pharmacy requirements of Ole Miss, not his alma mater perhaps and not one of the world's great educational institutions, but it's a university that has had a Phi Beta Kappa chapter since 2001 while USF can't get a PBK chapter despite constant begging and pleading to national PBK.

Doctor of Pharmacy Program Year five and six

University of Mississippi pre-pharmacy students. Go to

I can't get the file accepted here. So you can pull it up yourself.lee

This pre-req list is respectable. I took a lot of such courses when I was in nurses' training taught by some of the most vicious women in the world: the Sisters of Mercy, who had none.

The guy's not a dummy if he passed calculus, which makes me run when I see the word. His degree would be the weightiest on the board. The current members have academic-lite degrees mostly from rinky dink institutions probably with rinky-dink majors as well. I want to read Dr. Lamb's thesis with a forensic eye before I judge whether he wrote it or not.

When I rebuked the Lambkin one time for using board paper and stenographer to write the mayor to reduce his condo's water bill, he rose as if to leap the board dais and accost me. But he is too fat to leap. Instead, he accused me of being, in effect, a wetback who had swum over from the Gulf of Mexico across Tampa Bay. He said, spleen-produced spittle running down his jaw, that I should stay on my side of the bay.

It's the immigration problem again. Dr. Lamb's is not a capacious mind. Capacious body, granted, but not mind. He wants to maintain the Aryan purity of Tampa by keeping riffraff like me from entering its precincts.

Stacy R. White is a 37-year-old father. He says "he hoped to make the board more accessible to voters." Le Stacy has his work cut out for him. The board, the administration, and the attorney scorn the First Amendment and eschew open government. They do not believe in government in the sunshine, period, and don't practice it. They hide decision-making behind closed doors in the ROSSAC Star Chamber or in Elia's privy council. They sneer at people who come to speak at the board. Carol Kurdell cut off my right to comment on agenda items tagged for citizen comment, sending back the message to me by that twit Steve Hegarty that I didn't make sense, implying that I had Alzheimer's. Even with Alzheimer's, I could wrestle the board lower-quartiles to the ground.

I have seen parents try to speak at the end of the board meeting whom the board rattled so badly with their froideur that the parent's voice shook.

This is a mean, dumb, parochial bunch of people on the board who are interested in only each other's empty patter.

Stacy should watch his language. He should remember that most voters are C students. He doesn't "hope to make the board more accessible to voters." His line is "I am going to bring open government to the school board." He doesn't say he will "try" to do something. Stacy will say, "I will do it. Count on me to fight for this right and get it for the schools and the voters." His teaching at USF ranks a mild plus. But he shouldn't lean on this datum. It will offend C- student voters. Show humility. Nearly everybody teaches part-time at USF anyhow.

White has a knockout punch in his data bag: Falliero's infidelity. If he hasn't the stomach to use that data, then he's going to have a hard time unseating her. People vote for the familiar name in the voting booth unless there's some tarnish on it. Adultery on school property is big-time tarnish.

I suggest that White begin his comments with "I am concerned about a rumor that Ms. Falliero had an adulterous affair with a gentleman in the administration, Marc Hart. I understand the administration tolerated this affair for a long time. I also hear that this affair contributed to Mr. Hart's divorce, injuring his two young children, and that it ended Ms. Falliero's marriage, hurting her two teenage high school daughters. This is a serious charge against a person who wants to be elected to guard the morals of the children and young people under her authority in the schools. Will Ms. Falliero please clear this matter up for me and others in her disctrict?"

Stacy shouldn't let the Pole Girl weasel out of answering this question. He should press for an answer if she dawdles and equivocates.

When she has stumbled through this adultery answer, White should go to Part II. Ask her to comment on the press stories about her moving out of the district illegally; yet she now wants to represent it.

If White doesn't have the stomach for such hard-ball tactics, he will cripple his chances to win this seat that his unethical opponent does not deserve and at which she does a shabby job, always supporting the administration, not the voters, the students, and the teachers.

I just pulled up the churches in Brandon. I would send a copy of this profile of Jennifer to every one of the Baptists and born-agains and ask the main preacher to comment for the Bay Area's voters' edification.

My father's Drury forebears got a land grant in Georgia from George IV. The family built a small Episcopal church next to the family cemetery. The renegades of the family peeled off and became Baptists. These randy Baptist family members outbred the phlegmatic Episcopalians.

The family's Baptist horde eventually took over the church so that today if you want to attend an Episcopal church, you have to go to Kingsland.

Now at the annual family dinner on the grounds, there is always an itinerant preacher of some subset of some subspecies that arose in the Reformation and pulled out all the stops.

These exotics preach our family dinner-on-the-grounds sermon in the little family church. The preacher assures us de riguer that we are all going to hell. I have family members who will drop to their knees anywhere, any time to pray over you if you say something they think God doesn't like. I took my Catholic husband to a family reunion one year, and he staggered out of the church after the service with a glaze of incredulity filming his eyes. I have since left him home. He doesn't have the nervous system for born-again preacher theological diatribes on sin and the certainty of the fiery furnace for everybody within hearing range.

If Stacy has the sense and the aplomb to tap into this vein of the religious right,

I wouldn't be surprised to see several ministers show up to the board meetings to preach sermons on the board and administration's being a hellhole of sin and promulgators of adulterous fornication. You won't see the board back these fellows down. They have that inner confidence of rectitude that passeth understanding.

We may hear one or more give the Pole Girl a Sodom and Gomorrah lecture, weaving in the fiery pits that floozies are doomed to inhabit.

If Le White lacks the confidence and presence to get this information out to the public, get somebody to do it. The born-agains are my choice. I talk their language; I know all the Baptist songs by heart; and I am not even offput by footwashing.

The only sure way to get kicked out of Congress is sexual misbehavior. Same goes for the Bay Area if the incumbent gets tacked with her on-the-job-on-school-grounds adultery. lee

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