Saturday, October 27, 2007

Advice to Opponents of School-Board-Potted-Plant incumbents

The wellness hiring debacle is challengers' chance to implant their presence on the press. Nobody will shine a light on you. When you run for office, you have to perform that task yourself.

Take Marilyn Brown's Tribune piece on that wellness-hire debacle and issue a press release about what you would have done had you sat on the board in your opponent's places. Board members all sat mute as if they didn't know about the wellness-hire outrage. This is the usual potted-plant stance. Do nothing and say they knew nothing. They are right. They know nothing at all that helps taxpayers, the students, and the teachers.

Suggestions: Say you would demand that Elia fire the idiot who hired the wellness woman manque.

Demand that Elia name a review team without any of her plants on it to investigate and report on the outrage.

Say that you hold Elia responsible for the permissive atmosphere that fosters such outrages.

Put Elia on probation and say that she gets a handle on such obscene conduct of tax-paid dummies, or she's out the door.

This press-release to tell what you would do in all board crises is a good gambit from now until the election for board candidates. Send the board a copy of your press releases to see if you can get the potted plants to lumber out of their caves to say something inept. Then lace into them and send another press release. Words are a powerful thing. Say something enough times, and people will believe you.

If you want to succeed in politics, you have to make the press aware of you. You don't do this by being a wallflower. If you have any talents for drama and self-promotion, now is the time to trot them out.

The potted plants will sleep on so that you will have the floor to yourself.

Valdes and Griffin are supposed to be the most likely people on the board to wake up and serve the taxpayers. I haven't heard any rumbles from either that show they intend to do so.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Ms. Brown: I finally found your article. The details you provided well document the Keystone-Kops administrative style of this administration.

Ms. Elia will probably hire a $350,000 consultant to straighten out this mess. Taxpayers pay bloated administrative salaries plus consulting fees because the buddy-sycophant hiring practices recruit some of the dumbest people in the education racket for the core administrators of the district.They are not smart enough to figure out how to solve even a low-level problem.

I note that you record that the Board rubberstamped this splendid idiocy. That's what the Board does: those potted plants would rubberstamp the execution orders for Jesus if Ms. Elia put it under their noses. Their idea of a board discussion of a proposal is zeig heil.

I don't understand why one of the board didn't ask if the job had got advertising. The board has inscribed on everything not nailed down "We are an equal-employment opportunity employer." Yet its members never insist that Elia advertise administrative jobs. Those they have handed over to La Elia as a patronage perquisite to dole out to her supporters and buddies, none of whom smash into the upper limits of the Standford Binet.

It would be nice to have just one board member not afraid to ask pertinent questions in cases such as this such as Who authorized this hiring? That board phenomenon hasn't turned up yet amongst the present potted plants.

Maybe the elections will bring in the miracle board member smart enough and gutsy enough to speak up on the podium so that all the voters can find out what's going on. The current board seems to believe that parliamentary discussion constitutes bad manners especially if it makes anybody look bad. Breaking the equal-employment- opportunity laws is just swell with the board, but discussing the breach is bad manners.

If the voters catch on to to how negligent and uninvolved for the good of the students, teachers, and the community this board is, the miracle may happen of the voters' electing someone with enough concern for the community not to let such outrages go on. We await election day to see if this miracle happens.

lee drury de cesare

Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 09:57:56 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Hiring of Wellness Director,,,,,,,,,,,
Ms. Cobbe:

I understand that the district hired a wellness official who is also the friend of an administrator.

In what periodicals did the district advertise the job?. How long did the ads run? May I have a copy of them?

How many candidates' resumes are in the candidates' file for this job? When may I see that file?

Thank you.

lee drury de cesare<>,,,,,,jeniffer.faliera@sdhc