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Ms. Faliera:

My computer has been down for a week, and when I get back to the Internet I discover my emails alert me to the comment below from incognito teacher Susie Creamcheese’s blog The Wall.

I also received an email alert about a comment after a Tampa Tribune article by Valerie Kalfrin detailing the text-messaging controversy where the administration punished a band leader for 500 text messages to a student during a year’s time. These may have been about music, but the administration chose to interpret the situation in the worst light since it involved a teacher, not an administrator. One sensed the administration suspected some kind of sexual misbehavior on the band leader’s part.

Sexual misbehavior reminded me that I had heard a liaison rumor about you and Le Mark Hart a long time ago but dismissed it. I said Mark Hart was too ugly for you to have an affair with since you were pretty and could have set your cap for the board attorney, Mr. Gonzalez, who is not only one of the most beauteous cavaliers of the Legal Priesthood but who also reads Virgil when he is not seducing Dr. Lennard into giving him a no-bid contract for the board-attorney racket.

I bet Mark Hart thinks Virgil is a rock band. Nobody smart ever gets the public-affairs top job.

Now, happily enough, the plot thickens. It appears the latest adultery rumors whirling around you and Mr. Hart involve your sneaking out of your district in the dead of the night to dwell in South Tampa’s Davis Islands near or with or in the vicinity of or cheek by jowl with your paramour. I dismissed this rumor at first when I heard it because I thought nobody could be that dumb. You, ma’am, apparently are. We cannot attribute your behavior to unbridled passion. You are too long in the tooth for that—pushing or past forty. You are not a Bay Area Juliet; Mark is not Romeo’s semblable. The press won’t write about unorthodox sex, but it will write about moving from a district and lying about it with the gloss of “going under the radar” to get away with the flimflam.

At first I thought you were trying to become a member of the South Tampa Community of the Beautiful People for its snobbery éclat. But this rumored liaison with Mr. Mark beats that flossy-neighborhood motive for your fleeing to Davis Island by a mile and a half. This fornication-adultery-marital-breakup story is National Inquirer stuff.

Especially diverting is that the rumor alleges that the administration knows all about this contretemps and that so do all the board members. The teachers all know according The Wall. I think the teachers have a Ouija board that reports the doings of the administration and the board. The teachers get hideous treatment from the board and the administration but, alas, never have enough nerve to confront the Minions of Darkness at board meetings. But teachers have the data to do so when they get the nerve to act on them.

I find this hanky-panky situation piquant because I resigned from a column for La Gaceta because Ms. Elia blackmailed Patrick Manteiga with the threat of a lawsuit because I said in my column that a female administrator should not sleep her way to the top. Nobody edits my blog. I say what I think needs saying.

The press never deals with sexual peccadilloes of public officials for some reason—prissiness and lack of guts come to mind. The sexual escapades in the White House and out of it involving John F. Kennedy never found their way into print until women joined the press corps and challenged the double standard of allowing men such behavior while holding women to higher standards.

Be the rumors accurate about your conduct, perhaps this current episode involving you and Mr. Hart will be one that breaks through the fear of writing about sexual misbehavior in public officials.

If this rumor about your conduct be true, your opposition to sex education for students and your being a member of the family-values Republican Party, including membership in the Republican Women’s Club, puzzle me. Also your past agitating to support homophobes in their determination to have the administration rat out students' club memberships so that any affiliation with a gay club could be outed to often homophobic parents who would kick out their gay child. Your rumored behavior thus represents the kind of sexual hypocrisy that Newt Gingrich modeled in pushing impeachment of Bill Clinton for Oval-Office oral sex while romancing one of his aides and announcing to his own wife, hospitalized for cancer, that he was leaving her for the impeachment-era-courtship aide, whom he later married.

Expect me to ask you to clarify this unlovely rumor at the next board meeting, Ms. Faliera. I always wade into an issue that involves official hypocrisy that involves behaving badly in the ranks of public officials. Voters have a right to know about their elected officials’ standards of behavior. Especially is this true for a school-board member who sits on a body that allows the Professional Standards Abu Ghraib cell block to punish teachers for minor infractions or manufactured charges of misbehavior for Ms. Elia to keep her reign of terror over teachers in trim. The board has for years looked the other way at this vile situation.

I also want you to fulfil your duty as board chair and tell board lawyer Mr. Gonzalez to render me public information that I have asked for at least two weeks ago. My latest request to Mr. Gonzalez is for financial records of his firm’s relationship with the board. These are public records as well as the other items I have requested: “Attorney bills and payments,” page 84 of the Government-in-the-Sunshine Manual says so.

Most respectfully,

Lee Drury De Cesare

Fighting for women’s rights for forty years was a good warm-up for fighting for decent school boards and administrations. lee


Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "TIME OUT?":

Does anyone know about this?:

It should not be difficult to verify since. Was Mark Hart married? Is Ms. Falerio still with him? Is that why she moved to Davis Island? Is Mr. Falerio still with this man's ex-wife? What influence did these affairs have on board decisions?

And this man can't get a job because of what his ex-wife did because of who she did it with?

The ramifications of how these events, if true, may have effected Board votes during that critical time of difficulties between these people may be significant.

From: Texting Puts Teacher In Bind
By VALERIE KALFRIN, The Tampa Tribune

Published: November 22, 2007

Posted by ( cshultz110 ) on November 22, 2007 at 1:06 p.m. ( Suggest removal )


You are completely correct! God forbid the truth come out. It is all politics, just ask Jenifer Felairo and Mark Hart (Opps, I forgot that affair was covered up . . . I am sooo sorry!) he, he Amazing how he just "left".

Folks, I have been in this district for 11 years and know for a fact that it IS a good ole' boys system. Lots of corruption and politics. To give you an idea (and yes, this is first hand knowledge), I was a band director and took a leave of absence last year after my now ex-wife had an affair with a promonent school board members now ex-husband. (Yes, they were both cheating on each other. See previously mentioned) After getting my act back together and returning from my leave, I was shocked to find that no principal would hire me. Not because of my performance, but because nobody wanted to touch the situation since it delt directly with a school board member and the politics it would involve. That is our school board folks!!! I can't wait for Mr. S to be obsolved of this accusations. Shame on the parent who is a teacher trying to play the system to get what they want. That should be the real headline: "How a teacher uses politics to ruin anothers career and how the school board helps them to do it."

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Posted by Anonymous to TheWall at
November 24, 2007 8:29 AM

Dear Eloquent,
I truly hope someday that all the vultures out there..the district...the spoiled mother/teacher who started all this....the media...all of them...will have to pay for what they've done. What goes around comes around, that's the way I look at it.

I think it's time for the district to expose what REALLY happened to Mark Hart/Jennifer Faliero...funny how they got swept under the rug...AND SHE GETS PROMOTED!!!!!!!!!
Ever notice how Mark is no longer the district spokesman? Funny how the district can hide things that will HUMILIATE THEM....But expose this family over a complete BULL $%#$$ allegation? Maybe that parent needs to be exposed too..