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Linda's Toe-popping Fetish

This reader made me laugh out loud. lee

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Toecracker Rides Again":

Maybe Linda Kipley wants her toes popped by that guy! They are probably all a bunch of perverts in administration!

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This toe-popping escapade has hit people in the funnybone. Here's another message that made me laugh:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Linda's Toe-popping Fetish":

That AP probably sneaks behind the school board dais and pops the toes of the school board members. That is why he is not being fired.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Fighting on All Fronts: Public Information from the Sheriff

Hillsborough County Council of Trent School Board Convenes to Ponder Foot Fetishism

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
P.O. Box 3371
Tampa, Florida 33601-3371


Dear Sheriff Gee:

As a citizen who takes an interest in the Hillsborough County School Board's activities, I would appreciate your help in understanding the puzzling outcome of the recent investigation of a King High vice principal for calling boys into his office and cracking their toes on the pretext of its being a rebuke for bad grades.

A teacher called me several months ago to report this activity that a mother of one of the boys had complained about, and I told him to take the problem to the state Secretary of Education, who, coming out of the school bureaucracy, in my opinion doesn't take a vigorous role in unorthodox matters such as this but who at least should know it is going on in the Hillsborough County schools.

The Child Welfare investigator kept to the physical assault implication of this act as did the State Attorney lawyer. Nobody mentioned the possible psychosexual implications of this apparent foot-toe fetish of the vice principal.

Foot fetishism is not esoteric knowledge. It is an ancient psychosexual disorder.

I recall reading about a case in Ann Landers.

All hands in the investigation, including Ms. Linda Kipley of the Professional Standards Office of the School Board, pooh-poohed the seriousness of the incident. The sheriff's investigator, A. Auzo; the child-protection supervisor, Iris-Valdez; and the Chief of the Child Protection Division, Robert Bullen, passed over these weird and disturbing events taking place in an administrator's office as if it were a joke.

I don't believe this repulsive, privacy-invading toe-cracking activity is a joke. Perhaps that is because I have nursed in psychiatric hospitals and read a great deal on psychosexual pathologies. I think the toe-cracking demands that the vice principal get a psychological assessment before the school board allows him to continue in his job if its members are as concerned about child safety as they repeatedly say they are.

Nobody in the chain of command had the care or the sophistication to suggest an evaluation of the toe-cracker. The board lawyer, Tom Gonzalez, must be familiar with the foot-fetish phenomenon but apparently said nothing.

One could not expect Ms. Linda Kipley to know about the psychosexual implication of this behavior since her academic training is restricted to a basic home-ec degree; hence, she lacks the intellectual and academic sophistication to recognize the suggested psychological condition that underlies the administrator's weird practice on students' feet.

Ms Kipley ruled that no further action was required when the Child Protective Services and State Attorney lawyer bumped the case back to her.

This response does not surprise those who have observed that the school board and administration have a history of using the Professional Standards office never to punish administrators for violations of Professional Standards but to punish only teachers for concocted Professional Standards violations or for embellishment of a trivial incident by teachers as excuse for a Professional-Standards charge against them to scare teachers to death about losing their jobs.

These faux cases act too as a warning to other teachers to deter teachers' comment on the way the board and administration misrun the schools.

If any of the administrators or board had cognizance of foot fetishism, they would remain mum, I believe. Their chief goal is to promulgate only public information that portrays the board and administration as godlike in their handling of the county schools.

I want to ascertain the knowledge base of the people in your agency who collaborated on this strange see-no-evil decision when children's psychological welfare is at stake.

Your biography says you received your degree in math. But even a math major has a core curriculum at academically standard colleges and universities that includes a psychology course. I wonder about the degrees that Mr. Bullen, Iris Valdez Corey, and A. Auzo earned as preparation for their jobs. I ask for their biographies, their job descriptions, and their salaries as public information so that I can determine why this case went through the responsible agencies' investigators and not one spotted the administrator's conduct as possible foot fetishism against which the school authorities and the child-welfare people should have protected the children against by ordering a diagnostic psychiatric evaluation for the subject administrator.

I want to review the public-information documents to determine whether I believe the children are getting qualified people in these important positions for which I expect to find that the public pays good salaries.

I look forward to receiving these data and will pay for copying fees.

Thank you.


Lee Drury De Cesare

15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708

c: All Members School Board

Chief Protective Investigator Robert Bullen

Supervisor Iris Valdez-Corey

Investigator A. Auzo

State Attorney Office: Tampa

Governor Crist Committee on Child Abuse

Attorney General Bill McCollum

Patrick Manteiga

Paul Tash

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Toecracker Rides Again

Here is the Professional Standards report on the King High School Toe Cracker. I changed it from PDF, so it's messed up in some of the letters, but you can get the information nonetheless.

JUL-28-2009 05:47 From:VELA5CO 8132737315 To:813 2724510
School District of Hillsborough County

Professlonal Standards Department
InvestIgation Report
Incident Information:
Date oeclIned:

Dnte Reported:
Reported by:
Killg High School
9/1/07 to 4/6/09

Complaint alleges that Mr. Alege squeezes students' toes.
Employee Information:
Name: Olayinka Alege, Asst. Principal

ComplaInant InformatIon:
Nllme(s): CPI Auza
Victim Information:
Name(s): See HCSO Report
Witness Information:
Narne(s): See HCSO Report

HCSO Child Protection Inyestlgatlon Division Informlltlon:
ON/A CPI Investigator: A. Auza Ph# 627-2000 CPI Report# 09•076481
Findings: Some Indicators

Lnw Enrol•cernent Information:
N/A 0 Agency:k8:iHCSO OTl'D OTTPD OPCPD D Other: __
Officer: R. H~Jes Badge # 4036 Report# 09•25~ZI4 Charge: Battery
Referred: Dyes I8Ino Detective Name: Status: Unfounded

State Attorney Information:
I8IN/A State Attorney __ DivIsIon: 0 Felony 0 Misdemeanor Case# __I _
Pl"Ofessional Standards Infol•lIlatlon:
Professional Standards Investigation Conducted yes 0 110181
P.S. Investigator: M. Slltll_ Date Assigned: Sm09

Attn<:hmcnt.: i/.!& t8J noD o Statements U :Photos 0 Video 181 Other: HCSQ Report Page 1 of 2 P.3 JUL-28-2009 05:47 From:VELASCO 8132737315 To:813 2724510 P.4 Investigation:

On 5/7/09, writer received information regarding this case frOm CPI Auza. He advised that complaint alleges that Mr. Alege called students (male) in to his office to discuss their grades. He then tells them to remove theLr shoes and socks and squeezes their toes. CPJ Auza advised that he was at King High School nOw. CPI Auza advised that five stl.ldents said he mentors them. Wilen they get D's and F's, they remove their shoes and Mr. Alege pops their toes. One pop toe for every D or F. If grades are good, he will high.five them, On 5/11/09,

Mr. Alege was mirandized and did not give a statement. This incident occurred last school year. Four parents signed a Waiver of Prosecution. One parent wanted to pursue charges. On 5111/09, writer spoke with Deputy Hymes. She advised that she contacted the SAO and was told that the incident did not meet level of Battery. Sbe Unfounded report. On 61n109, writer spoke with CPl Auza. He advised that he closed his cuse with Some Indicators for threatened harm. No further information.

This report is being forwarded to Linda A. Kipley, General Manager of Professional Standards, for review and any action deemed necessary. Approvcd_~""""",~_Dl\tc r.ia8/O? APPl'ovcd-j:-,,=-;..;::,....o...-_Dntc ~/:t31-0j_ Approvcd, _____ Date ____ _ Appl"ovcd ______ Date ____ _ Page 2 of 2 JUL-28-2009 05:47 From:VELASCO 8132737315 To:813 2724510 P.5 If? fl, /I L Ii 6- ~ / I<'lr i:, .: ",'~JllN,EWQ}?JtENSE,Hi\lU)(JqPY GO HS200;Lis3714 AC~lV:i£iO~l1:-:" BATTERY ~:i BATTERV•STMI'LE Sex: Race Dole Muster Name Vlc!lmJlJV #3: Sex; __ Race: ...... Dat¢ ofbirlh : .,g ••• Linkage ructo ... Resident SI"tus : Resldenl Stntement tuken : YES Victim of: BATTlmy. 2 BATTERY-SIMPLE• COMl'L'ETED Victim'.s Relntionship 10 Offender: Acqunlnluncc Person's role: Suspect/Ofr # 1 Person's llame : ALEGE, OLAYINKA ADEOLU Victim to Offcnder L:EOKA Detlllls VlctlmJUV #4::1!!!~~ ••••••• (Cuse Specific " Milst.,' Nallle Vlct! Sex: Roce Dote -,,",_ .. - Linkage fuctol'S Resident slutus ; Reslden! Stalement token: YES Victim of: BATTERY.2 BAT'fERY.SIMPLE. COMPLETED Victim's Relationship 10 Offonder: Acquolntnnce Persoll's role: Su'pectJOrf II I Person's name: ALEGE, OLAYINKA AUEOLU Victim to Offender U:OKA Details Fof' PROGERS Monday June 1,2009 Pltgc: 3 of 9 JUL-28-2009 06:48 From:VELASCO 8132737316 To:813 2724510 P.9 ,1~1f~:{l!e8:i~~~~11~~~~IF GORS 2009-253 14 ACTiVJ;;/GPE BATTEHV - 2 UATTERY-SlMPLE VlctimJUV #S:~ ••• I!I ••••• ' (Cu.e SpeCific Information) Linkage factors Resident status:

at that Ume.
MRE attachment,
victim's statements
Author, 4036 • Hymes. Robin J
Related date/time, May-09-2009 0900

On 5/9/09 at approximately 0900 hours writer returned to Kin9 High Schoolto interview another victim, a teacher who overheard a
conversation about the £Ii , and the suspect, olyal'.nka
Alege. Upon arrival writer met w~ and interViewed student I •
and teacher . Writer 11180 met with Olayinka Aleg" and advj.sed
him of his Miranda r:lghts but he exerc:l.s"d his rights and d;,d not make a statement. Writer cont~cted Assistant State Attorney Bob Petshow to review the f"cl;s of this case.

Mr. Petshow. felt as though the facts oe th:l.s oall"
does not meet the c~iteriu for a battery chul;ge and chat this would be!
bet!::er handled through th" school board. .

.Based on the abov" this oase is
closed and unfounded.Dooument.:. XNTERVl:li:W-COMPLAl:NANT/VXCTIM
For: PROGERS Monday June 1,2009 Pngc: 601'9
JUL-28-2009 06:50 From:VELASCO 8132737316 To:813 2724510
. GENERAl:, O]<',FENSE HARDCOPY P.12 GO S 2009-253714 ACTiVE/OPE BATTERY-SIMPL• A\lthO:>:': 4036 -
suojeat:: FARBn:.
Hymes, Robin J
Related date/time: May-07-2009 1130

Under oathil ...... Ii .. a advised of being in M •• Alsge's office to discuss
~ eve,al occas~ons. I advised of one incident where M •.
Alc::ge mothC!r 1;0 discucc -. bad gr desk and hold up foot and. did. said at this time

Mr. Alege grabbed .... toes with his fingers and squeezed III toes. While
squeezing Mr. Alege aaid next time I will pop a toe for each bad grade youd
have. • said Mr. Alege let go of.-. foot anQ then told" to look at
.... grades on the oomputer. "aid~ had to lean close to Mr. Alege
in order to see the computer screen and that'" felt uncomfo.table being eoolos" to Mr. Alege. further advised that Mr. Alege did not hurt_
bul: _ did feel uncomfortaole. advised that this Occurred only once.
Autho.: 40 6 - J

Related 009 1130
oe1ng Mr. Alege's 5th period student
assistant since .:rnnuary 09. a advised that _ had _ toes
popped by Mr. Aloge approximately 20 times with the most recent being on 4/6/09. said Mr. Alege has discussed _ grades with _ and when they nre bad • gets _ toes popped. _ also advised of an incident
where _ told Mr. Alege" would he1p~p something after !!"hool out
_ did not show up. sai.d Mr. Alege confronted _ the next day and
popped _ toes.

While popping ~ toes Mr. 1\lege told that maybe
next time _ w;.ll show up and listen. said Mr. Alege called to
the off ice during homeroom and popped" toes. ""id _ was not
sure why Mr. Aleg" pOpped _ toes this time but it hapPpens often so_
just gives Mr. Alege foot.

For: PROGERS Monday June 1,2009 Page: 70f9
JUL-28-2009 06:50 From:VELASCO 8132737316 To:813 2724510
Author, 4036 - Hym:S. Rob~n J
Related date/time: May.07-2009 ll30

Under oath ~dvieed of weekly or bi-weekly mo<:>cings with Mr.
Alege where they would discuss _ grades. said if _ bad grades Mr.
Aleg.. would tell _ to remove __ shoe and. would pop" toes by
pulling the toe outward and slightly down. advised of this happening
to _ more than twice. alao advised that'" was present when_
friend, had -. toea popped by Mr. Alege. odd _ J'elt as
though Mr. Alege' a toe popping was a fo:.:m of punishment and that _ ul!luaUy
laughed about the situation with said Mr. Alege would give
the students snacks whether they had bad 0:': good grades and would :.:ewa:.:d
the students with improved grades with donut~ or SOme other snack.
Aueho:.:: 4036 - Hymes, Robin J
ll."lated date/time: Mey-11-2009 0900 .,
Under oath advised that. is currentl.y being mentcred by_
assistant prinCipal. OlaYinka.Alege. S advised that at the be9inning
o,f. the year Mr. A:tege caned into the office to discuss a couple of bad
grades. After diSCUSSing the 9rades Mr. Alege told -. to remove a shoe.

After removing ~ shce • ' said _ was d;i.rected to put _ foot into
Mr. Aleg"'•.8 hand. At this time said Mr. Aleg" gently pulled_
toes out and down and told _ to bring" grades up. • 8aid chis
occurred ,approximately three times and that _ WaS never hurt by this
action., further advised that. just thought this was some sort of
weird father and son thing between" and Mr. Ales". also advised
that nowadays when told to remove __ shoe _ tells him Mr. Alege no and
tehat _ wiJ.l bring up" grades. provided no further information.

Author: 4036 - Hymes. Robin J
Related dote/time: May-OB.2009 0900
Under oath. (a teacher ~t King High sohool) advised that On
Wednesday, 5/6/09. while in his homeroom class he overheard students about how Mr. Alege pulls ahment. a F said
h", ,,:1,60 heard the s menti as one of th" students having
... toes pulled by Ml:" .. ~~.~.::~ approached and the
atol:"Y was confirmed. ~ GQ~~U provide no further information.
For: PROGERS Monday June 1.2009 Pugo; 8 or9
JUL-28-2009 05:51 From:VELASCO 8132737315 To:813 2724510 P,14
,'" ' , .', .', ")m;l~JoSnQlU)UGH CpUNrI;Y SHERIFF
, ' ". ,c:",,:,, ':"G]':~¥w QI.WJjlNSE ,11A;JtJ)OQ'PX ,

When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play

Thomas's Parrot, Fernanda, Who Loves Him Madly

Ms. Cobbe:

Please send me a copy of the Olayinka Toe-Cracking Professional Standards file. I will pay for the copying. Thank you. Also can you tell me where to find on the school's Web site a description of the required knowledge base of people who administer Special Standards? I think that would be the principals and the area directors.

Lee Drury De Cesare, 15316 Gulf Boulevard, Madeira Beach, FL 33708.

Gentle Readers: I have received and reviewed the Steve Kemp file that catalogues his alleged offenses. There is no way that the investigation described should have taken over a year in which Mr. Kemp remained suspended from teaching. I will mount this file on the Web when I get my scanner up and running. Then you can make your own judgment. Mine is that administrative lies are ubiquitous and that Supervisor Smiley and Principal Morris are liable to undergo the liar-liar-pants-on-fire test.

Ms. Kipley, with uncharacteristic generosity, also included in my Kemp packet five disciplinary letters to teachers. One mentions the letters' appearing in the malefactors' files, but I have never seen such letters in any of the many employment files I have examined in the Public Affairs office. Those files are scrubbed clean of any but the most innocuous information.

This maneuver suggests to me that, although the public is entitled to see these Professional Standards disciplinary files, it does not. This situation suggests that the administration maintains two sets of files on employees: one for show scrubbed clean in the Public Affairs office and one with these disciplinary files secreted someplace in the ROSSAC dungeon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adolescent Poltroon Attacks the Potency of the Husband of a Granny of Ten

Response to Too-Gutless-to-Sign-His-Name Below:

Since when does a 77-year old man need to certify his potency status, Sugarbritches? Don't you know a thing about anatomy and physiology? Probably not.

I am sure you thought the toe-cracking inflicted on male students by the psychosexually aberrant administrator was innocuous. You are doubtless a flatliner as well.

Accept my condolences.

Stupidity is always sad. So is gutlessness that keeps a creepette from signing his name. I predict you will be on IV Viagra by the time you become 21. I understand that you are now thirteen. This information will appear in powder-room posts across the country along with the prediction of your succumbing to ejaculatio praecox post puberty, poor boy. I wish you all the luck in the world with the amused sisterhood. They are not kind to fellows with your incipient disabilities.

Use a comma after "Lee" for direct address. And clean your fingernails.

lee drury de cesare

-----Original Message-----
From: Evil Through []

Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2009 1:29 PM
Subject: Re: c to all members of the HC school board and administration

Lee Darling, I'm so sorry to learn of your husbands impotence. Although, given his situation, I can understand the cause of his condition. I wish him all the luck in the world. He needs it.

Mr. Hegarty:

My husband cut out the 7/27 article "Barefoot Penalty Draws Scrutiny" on the activities of the foot-fetishist assistant principal Guy Olayinka, Hillsborough County Schools.

You pooh-poohed its significance to the press despite foot fetishism's having long history in the annals of psychological pathology about which professional educators should know, Your response to the press illustrated either your ignorance of an area in which you should be knowledgeable or your complicity in the administration's and the board's tolerating administrative pathological behavior involving students. Had this been a teacher playing with students' toes, the board would have fired him or her on the spot.

Did the school board have a psychological examination of foot-fetishist Olayinka before issuing its public stance of "his actions are harmless"? Evidently not. This situation illustrates why the ROSSAC know-nothings need degrees of more sophistication than home ec and early childhood.

A teacher called me about this problem about two months ago. A parent had complained to him about Olayinka's odd fetish. I told him to take it to Secretary of Education Smith because the local school board has a default policy of never punishing administrative employee, no matter how vile the offense. Board members collude in this cover-up of an administrative person's bizarre derelictions or any other dereliction to the detriment of the students who are victims of such a weird administrative obsessions as foot fetishism. The board does not protect students by pretending its members do not know what is going on. Its members come off as stupid and indifferent to administrative misbehavior.

c: all board members
Superintendent Elia

[ ]^ Scorolli C, Ghirlanda S, Enquist M, Zattoni S, Jannini E A (2007). Relative prevalence of different fetishes. International Journal of Impotence Researchadvance online publication 15 February 2007; doi: 10.1038/sj.ijir.3901547. [ ] retrieved March 2007.

[ ]World Health Organization, International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, (2007), Chapter V, F65 Disorders of sexual preference.

Lee Drury DeCesare\15316 Gulf Boulevard 802/Madeira Beach, FL /

Monday, July 27, 2009

Now Is the Time to Step up to the Plate

Cobbe, Public Affairs office, is mailing me Steven Kemp's file (Goader) after redaction. I hope Kipley hasn't altered the information. That would violate the law.

I paid $73.00 for the redaction and asked that the school system not charge anybody else for the file's redaction since it's been done.

Anybody can now ask for the file and challenge any charges for redaction because the redaction has been paid for.

If you are afraid to ask for it from the Public Affairs office in your own name, then have a friend ask for it. It is public information, and anybody is entitled to a copy.

Steve Kemp has announced on his blog that he is going to ask for a review of the Professional Standards office's treatment of teachers. Now is the time to join him and go to the board meetings to join your voice to his in demanding this review of an office that serves as a front for cooking up cases against teachers to keep them terrified of losing their jobs.

If teachers can't summon the courage to go to board meetings and join Kemp in demanding a clean-up of the Professional Standards Office, then it's a sad day for democracy.

To keep the ghouls from taking over operations like the school system, people have to have the courage to challenge the wrongdoers. Otherwise, they shouldn't complain. They can only hover in terror and let the thugs continue to rule. Lee

Mr. Tabor:

The Office of Professional Standards has sent me word that the redacted copy of Steve Kemp's case is in the mail for me. I paid $73 for the redaction of names, so the file should now be free to people who want a copy of it.

I hope you will take an interest in this file. It's the Waterloo, I forecast, of the Professional Standards office's use of that office to coerce teachers with threatened cases against them or against some show-and-tell candidate like Steve as an ominous example.

Steve's blog says he intends to mount a board-appearance campaign demanding that the board appoint a committee to review the conduct of Professional Standards.

I doubt that you will pay any attention to this effort. It's part of the relentlessly innocuous coverage of guys like you in the business of pseudo reporting on school systems to produce a porridge of running drivel.

Your blather simply delays reform by condoning status quo without analysis. You do it for a buck, not for the good of the schools, teachers, and students.

If you are a business consultant on education as your site says you are, you should use standard commas: items in a series retain the final comma in Standard English. Its omission betrays your protocol's coming from the popular press, a rat's nest of grammar-and-punctuation errors.

lee drury de cesare

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Toe Cracking

The summer I took my psychiatric nurses' training at Seton Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, I encountered fetishism big time.

Much of the patient population was former nuns and priests, groups liable to all kinds of substitutes for sex. Fetishism is a handy side ride.

When I was not on duty or playing tennis with a former priest who called me "sissy" and who was as mad as as hatter, I was in the hospital library boning up on fetishism. It was Freud's discovery, of course; he was a clever guy.

The long and the short of fetishism is that it is a mechanism in men for warding off a castration complex. I finished reading all that Freud ever wrote when I went back to my home hospital. The sister in charge said to me, "Miss Drury, you spend far too much time in the library. Such studiousness at your age is unhealthy."

When sister wasn't warning against reading too much, she was warning us against the boys in the neighboring college of Belmont Abby. Sister said we should avoid them for they were "interested in only one thing."

Sister did not waste too much time on me, however; I was Episcopal in a student body of Catholics. She naturally wanted to save them more than me from reading too much and socializing with the randy Belmont Abbey boys.

I met a former Belmont Abby boy on the elevator in my beach condo recently. He had a suitcase. I said, "Going home??

He said, "Yeah."

I said, "Where 'bouts?"

He replied, "North Carolina."

"I went to school in Charlotte," I said.

"No kidding?" quoth he. "Where?"

"Mercy Hospital School of Nursing," I answered.

"We used to date the Mercy girls," he said.

"You didn't date as many as you could have had Sister Mercy and Mother Benignus not warned us girls against you," I offered.

"Why did they warn you against us Belmont boys?" asked he as the elevator settled on the lobby floor.

"They said you were interested in only one thing," I said.

This comment made the fellow let out a whoop of delight that redounded up and down the elevator shaft. He dragged his suitcase through the door of the lobby, laughing like a hyena.

I am sure when this old Belmont Abbey graduate got back to North Carolina that he called every Belmont Abbey alumnus he could think of to chortle over what slashing sexual characters they had been fifty years ago.

All hoopla, of course. Every Mercy girl could testify to the feeble erotic performance of the Belmont Abbey boys. We brought to the assessment clinical criteria learned in anatomy and physiology classes.

The following clinical data on foot fetishism suggests that the guy in the vice-principal's job in the schools who cracks every boy's toes who enters his office suffers from foot fetishism, ergo fear of castration. That he preys on boys, not girls. says much about the administration's ignorance thus strange tolerance of this practice in their midst. Abuse of boys is more palatable in society than abuse of girls. I disagree with this discrimination because I have seven grandsons as well as three granddaughters.

This we can posit with confidence: One: the vice-principal's fear is not of castration by a vagina; two, it's hence more likely homoerotic displacement from male genitalia to feet, hence the cracking of the boys' toes.

Were I the parents of these boys, I would sue. In the first place, when is leaping to crack a boy's toes not assault? I am confidant that an intelligent lawyer could make the jury see how pathological and malignantly allusive this toe-cracking behavior is.

There is something
innately repulsive about this male assistant principal's behavior. And a skillful attorney could open a jury's eyes to Freud's theory on fetishism in plain English to explain why it is so repulsive.

The vice-principal's involuntary toecracking has little to do with innocent fun and everything to do with sexual pathology. The jurors would also discern how careless of pathological behavior and how marginally educated the board and administration are and how incompetent they are to be the guardians of the community's children.

This is an instance of why the administration needs more sophisticated people in administrative positions in ROSSAC. And it shows why smarter people should run for the board. When it comes to stuff like fetishism and Freud's gloss on it, Kipley's home-ec certificate that yields her a hundred and fifty thousand tax dollars yearly does not cut the mustard. lee

Freud’s rather meandering and strangely-structured argument in the (1927) paper on fetishism contains a number of quasi-assertions which could be recast in probabilistic language and made the basis of empirical study of the peculiar conditioning history implied for fetishists.The first clinical example, simply cited in passing, concerns an English-German male’s basing a fetish on the expression ‘Glanz auf der Nase’/ (‘glance at the nose’) (p. 152).

It is not true that, after the child has made his observation of the woman, he has preserved unaltered his belief that women have a phallus. He has retained that belief, but he has also given it up. In the conflict between the weight of the unwelcome perception and the force of his counter-wish, a compromise has been reached, as is only possible under the dominance of the unconscious laws of thought—the primary processes. Yes, in his mind, the woman has got a penis, in spite of everything; but this penis is no longer the same as it was before. Something else has taken its place, has been appointed its substitute, as it were, and now inherits the interest which was formerly directed to its predecessor.

But this interest suffer an extraordinary increase as well, because the horror of castration has set up a memorial to itself in the creation of this substitute. Furthermore, an aversion, which is never absent in any fetishist, to the real female genitals remains a stigma indelible of the repression that has taken place. We can now see what the fetish achieves and what it is that maintains it. It remains as a token of triumph over the threat of castration and a protection against it. It also saves the fetishist from becoming a homosexual, by endowing women with the characteristic which makes them tolerable as sexual objects.

In later life, the fetishist feels that he enjoys yet another advantage from his substitute for a genital. The meaning of the fetish is not known to other people, so the fetish is not withheld from him: it is easily accessible and he can readily obtain the sexual satisfaction attached to it. What other men have to woo and make exertions for can be had by the fetishist with no trouble at all.

Dark fetishes: foot fetishes
By Ali the Sexpert
October 31, 2007

A foot fetish is also referred to as foot partialism, or the formal term for foot fetish which is pedophilia, because fetishes are usually a sexual focus on an inanimate object. Since the foot is a body part, it is more correct to call it pedophilia, however, it is most commonly known as foot fetishism. The fetish itself involves a sexual interest in feet, shoes, boots or any accessories that may be associated with the feet. Even nail polish, panty hose or anklets can be part of this foot fetish.

About Foot Fetishes

In 1887, Sigmund Freud was the first person to define and discuss foot fetishism. Freud defined fetishism as the displacement of sexual desire onto inanimate objects or body parts which was caused be the person’s struggle with the confrontation of the castration complex (when a child’s sexual activities are stopped by his father who he fears castration from because the young male child is considered to be in love with his mother). Freud also described the fetish as occurring through exposure over time to an object (feet) while being sexually aroused. This form of conditioning is still theorized as the reason why people have foot fetishes today.

Foot fetishism in the modern world is understood to be on a continuum where a person may be aroused by the sight of feet, to more extreme forms of sexual arousal such as the desire to use the feet for sexual gratification. What is arousing for a person with this fetish is the shape and size of the foot, toes, toe nails, the texture of the skin, the cleanliness or dirtiness of the foot, if the foot is clothed or not, and the odor. People who enjoy feet may also enjoy touching, kissing, licking, sucking, smelling, massaging and/or lovemaking with feet or their accessories. However, if a person is attracted to feet and enjoys these activities but can still get aroused by other forms of sexual contact (kissing, hugging, fondling etc), then the person is not considered to have a clinical condition that needs treatment.

The treatment of neurosis consists of making conscious some of the unconscious until "we transform the pathogenic conflict into a normal one for which it must be possible somehow to find a solution" (Introductory Lectures 16.435). However, simply stating the "truth" of a patient's neurosis is often not enough, since the work of repression is such that the patient may hear the analyst's words but not believe them or perhaps allow the "truth" to stand alongside a continuing illness.

A good example of this tendency for the truth to stand alongside the symptom is in fetishism, the displacement of sexual desire onto alternative objects or body parts (eg. a foot fetish or a shoe fetish), caused by the subject's confrontation with the castration complex. Freud came to realize in his essay on "Fetishism" that the fetishist is able at one and the same time to believe in his fantasy and to recognize that it is nothing but a fantasy. And yet, the fact of recognizing the fantasy as fantasy in no way reduces its power over the individual.