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Clothes: the Semiotics of Power UTube comments on the Hawk's Landing rape

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ROSSAC people like Kipley dress the way poor people who somehow climb the ladder and make a little money would dress. They have no clue. You can take them out of the trailer park but nothing changes. Go stand inside the lobby of ROSSAC and see all the frumpy styles you see that pass for well dressed in ROSSAC.

What is funny is that the better dressed the
ROSSAC officials are, the more likelihood of their incompetence. They cover up their incompetence or criminal behavior by dressing up.

Same with teachers. The teachers who are dressed to the nines are usually lazy teachers who sit behind the desk and pass out worksheets. The young teachers in jeans and
tshirts are working hard and inspiring the students, believe it or not, but ROSSAC wants everyone to dress up in the Cowtown, USA version of what is "professional" dress. All they care about is pretense. Not substance. I guarantee this. Go into any classroom in Hillsborough County and observe. You will see that the best dressed teachers are teaching nothing very well. The worst dressed teachers are working hard, and they have to dress down, because they are busy and getting hot from walking around the room helping students.

Go to
ROSSAC and see what criminals they are, yet they are all dressed up.

Don't let clothing fool you. Schools should have substance, not pretense. Elia needs to read this.

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Lee comments: I post every comment that arrives to my blog. If we don't have free speech, we don't have a democracy.

Occasionally a reader email comes close to my beliefs. The above is one that is close.

The language of clothes is one of my hobbies. What you wear and how you wear it says a lot about your psyche and intelligence. This has been so since the first cave people started draping their naked bodies with bear fur. People are interested in how others dress and are concerned about people's opinion of how they dress. Dress is a highly semiotic political code.

I taught in college. There is a ubiquitous campus dress code that I call academic grunge in colleges and universities worn by too many insecure men with Ph.D.s in abstruse subjects who want students to think they are cool, young, and with it.

The uniform consists of ragged jeans, cutoffs, sneakers or sandals. Too often hygiene is subpar. This situation says in the wistful thinking of the grunge professors that although people who dress in ultra-casual hobo attire may have Ph.D.s in the classics, they are cool dudes who are about the age of the students or want to be considered so and are walking repositories of semen overload macho men.

I knew a guy who had a Ph.D. from MIT who wore jeans with holes all over them showing his underwear and flip flops with socks (I am not making this up) in need of detergents of the more robust sort who was always hitting on coeds. The girls would turn from his overtures and raise their eyes heavenward. Poor ignorant man; he made a fool of himself despite his first-class academic training and sharp mind in his field. After retirement, he has gone to live in Hawaii. I pray the people there are more forgiving about clothes than they are on the mainland for his sake.

Clothes sense distributes itself in a mysterious way. Just because you are smart in theoretical physics does not assure good taste in clothes.

To teach in college, I wore a conservative suit and medium pumps. Looking conservative helped me teach Shakespeare to unwilling freshmen because it made me look like a serious educator. I thought quiet attire gave me the look of authority that a professor should have. Attired in a suit, a power garment, I could also quell any cute comments with a satiric jab of at the reluctant scholar.

Once in a while I wore jeans with a suit top and medium pumps but not often. Occasionally, I affected a pair of whacky Prada shoes that I got at a knockdown in NY at Bergdorf Christmas sales. Good outre shoes from top designers who have the aesthetic insight to come up with them

cost a lot of money
. A Nutty shoe display enchanted the students when I wore a pair of Pradas that I got for a mere $300 reduced from $1200 at Bergdorfs on my Christmas visit to NY. They hoped the shoes meant I was finally going crazy mid a Shakespeare quote.

Students like nothing better than to hope and pray that a teacher becomes psychotic right before their eyes. It's best to make the transition to madness in a suit; then only the astute will note it such as the student who wrote on my semester evaluation, "Off the wall but knows her stuff."

I think the above email writer has captured much of the couture ethos of public-school teachers and administrators. I don't know if the well-dressed ones--or the ones who think they are well dressed--are the worst teachers as this writer says, but the writer is entitled to make a case that they are. I believe Candy Olson and Linda Kipley would be disasters as teachers. But these specimens are also probably anal-retentive with all the baleful traits that trait implies.

Good clothes sense does non guarantee sense in other areas. I know that the best-dressed female administrator at ROSSAC made the mistake of not getting sufficient insurance in the case of the school in which a wall fell down after construction. Her degree is in early childhood; she heads a department that should have somebody with a business degree or at least business sense. Of course Gonzalez never thought to mention this insurance need. He looks like he slept in his clothes. There's also the matter of the nut-oil stains and cola blotches drizzled down his front as he eats chips and nuts and guzzles sodas during the formal part of the meeting. That gaucherie deserves a Professional Standards charge if ever anything did. I may send La Kipley one to memorialize his slovenliness.

The college--namely the tax payers--had to pay to rebuild the wall for which Gonzales did not recommend the insurance.

ROSSAC, clothes are universally tacky except for the one case cited above. The Rossac fashion quidnuncs have no idea of what chic clothes consist and how to wear them. The administrators don't know how to dress to convey elegance and authority. That knowledge is a kind of cultivated intelligence, and they lack it. Their sense of aesthetics is vestigial. Unlike teachers, they make good money, but they can't seem to bring themselves to buy good clothes.

Look at Ms. Elia, who pulls down $300,000 a year. She could get on a plane and go to
Bergdorf's in NYC and get some decent duds, but she doesn't. She buys cheap knits locally that make her look like a sack of potatoes. If you are going to wear a knit, it has to be a good one like St. John's, or all your rolls of fat will show unless you are Twiggy.

Sometimes I think the double helix contains our taste levels in clothing as it does in all of our traits and that the taste gene is either good or bad in that master gene. A lot of people in the school
administration seem to have inherited genes that have no sense of taste programmed into them at all. This genetic-attire stupidity makes for a pitiful display of ROSSAC ill-dressed dumbasses. The member semicircle on board night is a predictable hoot in the attire department. Minnie Pearl shows more sense of elegance than Candy Olson does. Don't get me started on the rest of them.

Never think that appearance does not count. You could walk into a room with a cure for AIDS, and if you are ill clad, nobody will pay you any attention. Read Sex and the Suit and The Language of Clothes to begin your education in this area.

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While the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play

Ms. Linda Kipley's cat, which wears Dolly
Parton See-through plastic cat booties that leave nothing to the imagination and represent a Kipley tribute to the King High School toe fondler who needs psychiatric treatment and perhaps a Pedophile Strait Jacket

to: Linda Cobbe
from. lee de cesare
Subject: Public Information

Ms. Cobbe: may I have as public information the amount that the board paid Mr. Gonzalez and his firm for legal services?

I would also like the amount paid to lawyers and law firms last year as a result of referrals from Mr. Gonzalez and his firm.

Thank you,

lee drury de cesare

Ms. Linda Professional Standards Kipley, the cat of whom pictured here wears baby-doll stilletto red flip flops that slap out sounds from all four paws as it creeps along to trap a rat or a teacher in the Professional Standards mouse trap.

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Rape: Misogynist Pastime with Community College Administrative-Security Support

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:09 AM
Subject: [Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch] New comment on Getting in Some Licks for the Sisterhood.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Getting in Some Licks for the Sisterhood":

This comment is not related your your "sisterhood" post. Yesterday, Trib reported rape at HCC Hawk's Landing "dorm." Hawk's Landing is a hotbed or criminal activity. HCC administrators knew about it (BOT meeting last year), but really did not attack the problem. I feel sorry for young girl raped, article said HCC hand in-house counselor-more like cover up. I hope young rape victim seeks legal help.

Lee, key HCC people behind security mismanagement are: Steve Shields and James Wright. Please contact your media sources to dig up corruption and mismanagement. Sad young girl's life is ruined, and HCC administrators are doing CYA-they need to be held accountable for running a "dorm," which is against state mandate. Please read Trib article online for full story.

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Maribeth; Bob; Rich; Michael;; at 5:09 AM;;;; james;;;; ANDY.FORD@FLORIDAEA.ORG; CLARA.COOK@FLORIDAEA.ORG; JOANNE.MCCALL@FLORIDAEA.ORG;;;;;;;; judithchambers@hcc.

Dr. Stephenson:

I received the above message about the Hawks Landing rape and read the Tribune Emerson story about it below. I always thought the Hawks Landing dorm was a bad idea: just one more step in HCC's clumsy administrative efforts to turn the college into a commercial venture with projects that have nothing to do with providing an education for area students.

As a 28-year HCC faculty member before retiring, I observed this spreading disassociation of the administration from the educational purpose of the college.

Your leadership has been weak from Day One. Besides being good looking, you bring nothing to the president's leadership role. My first encounter with you was to phone you repeatedly until you finally fired a Dale Mabry administrator who had changed a student's grade over the instructor's head.

Moreover, you brought that hideous guy who surfed for porn on college computers to the college when you came and created an administrative perch for him with a bloated salary. Only after years of his misdeeds did you finally let him go.

You have presided over the further alienation of the faculty from the administration and the further disassociation of the administration from the students' needs and well-being.

This Hawks Landing fiasco with drugs, crime, and rape's playing out is testimony to your continuing bad judgment.

Do something to help that young girl raped in Hawks Landing to recover her mental health. For once forget the furtherance of the Gordon Keller corporate plans that bump up the opportunities for graft and under-the-table payments and help a wounded student.

I haven't worked in the Women's Movement for 45 years to see a woman head of a college ignore the rape of a student in a gaudy apartment adventure in commercial real estate and sit without responding to it in a significant way. Issue some kind of statement of regret and say how you and the protective services plan to prevent Hawks Landing rapes from happening in the future. At a minimum, post a round-the-clock guard on the complex property. Surely that measure is called for.

See that comma after "abuse" in your safety statement online below? It is dead wrong. Send somebody in to remove it.

For your information, this brochure outlines state and municipal laws and College policies concerning alcohol and drug abuse, and sexual assault. Safety tips for your protection and College resources have also been included.

I can't find the board email address on the HCC site. The administration always tries to keep the public, faculty, and students away from the board. As a courtesy to a citizen, please forward this email page regarding the Hawks Landing rape on the board members' watch to all board members.


Lee Drury De Cesare, retired Professor of English HCC

15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708


Good Lord, can't y'all FUSA people exert some moral authority in this hideous rape of a student and at least send a protest to the administration about how louche it's handling of security is in the nest of drugs and drug deals at Hawks Landing, now capped by a rape of a young student?

What amazed me in my years at HCC was that faculty contained people who could quote the Constitution verbatim and even cite whole paragraphs of The Areopagitica by heart. But its erudite, pusillanimous members couldn't summon the moxie and sense of professionalism to push back against the overlords of abuse and wrong direction at Gordon Keller. Everybody knows that Gordon Keller is wall-to-wall C and D students with sleazy credentials from marginal schools and bought-and-paid-for terminal theses. Treat them as such. You're not dealing with equals. Keep that in mind.

You of FUSA leadership should say something public about this poor girl's rape for goodness sake to set a tone of concern. Don't sit there like the German people did and let six million Jewish men, women, and children go to the gas ovens and pretend it's not your affair.

Remember what John Donne said: "Every woman's rape concerns me; for I am involved in womankind."

lee drury de cesare

former FUSA HCC president

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· Bob Hervey


· Rich Senker


· Diorah Nelson

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of Teachers,

See How They Voted

Right At Home At HCC

Published: January 4, 2008

TAMPA - As college dorm life goes, this place is posh: deluxe kitchen, washer and dryer, inclusive cable access and high-speed Internet.

Although such amenities are proliferating at apartments near four-year universities, you typically won't find them at a community college. In that sense, developers say, Hillsborough Community College is a pioneer.

On Thursday, HCC officials showed off their newly built apartments, which opened this week to students at the college's Dale Mabry campus.

No other Florida community college offers on-campus living, and developers say that few others do nationwide.

But the interest was great among HCC students, administrators say. And the developer, Atlanta-based Place Properties, found a market among students who want a four-year university experience at a community college.

The apartment complex, at the southwest corner of the campus, can house 420 students at prices below the market rate.

The complex partly made the difference in choosing HCC over St. Petersburg College for first-year student Aurora Clegg. Clegg, a St. Petersburg resident who moved into her new apartment Wednesday, was accepted to the University of South Florida. But with a scholarship, she will pay no tuition at HCC.

"I want the four-year experience, and I don't want to worry about the money," said Clegg, who shares a four-bedroom apartment and pays $505 a month for her own bedroom and bathroom.

Place Properties makes a living running housing for college and university students nationwide. But the complex at HCC, named Hawks Landing, is the company's first venture into a community college.

HCC surveyed its students about two years ago and found that hundreds wanted on-campus housing.

Place Properties Chief Executive Officer Cecil Phillips said he knows of only two other community colleges with on-campus living, one in Illinois and the other in Washington.

State law prohibits Florida's community colleges from owning housing on campus, but that prohibition doesn't apply to a school's foundation.

Last year, the college leased a 7-acre parcel of land to the HCC Foundation, which arranged with Place Properties to build the housing.

The developer financed construction through bonds, not with public money, Phillips said. Place Properties collects development and management fees from a bank trust that collects the rents.

Monthly rates run from $505 for each student willing to share a four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment to $777 for a one-bedroom apartment with a pool view.

The amenities found at the apartments are increasingly in demand at privately run university housing nationwide, Phillips said. The apartments are fully furnished - including couch, bed and bar stools - with 9-foot ceilings, and the complex has a fitness center and clubhouse.

One difference from a standard apartment is that there will be an on-site academic adviser for students, said Bob Chunn, president of HCC's Dale Mabry campus. The adviser already works on the Dale Mabry campus but will keep office hours at the apartments.

About 50 percent of the apartments have been leased, Phillips said. He expects them to fill by June.

There are no plans yet to expand housing to HCC's other campuses, but that may change depending on the success at the Dale Mabry complex, Chunn said.

All of the one-bedroom apartments have been rented. One of them went to first-year student Paschall Glover, 17, who celebrated her freedom this week in her own apartment and her freedom from the half-hour long trip to school from her mother's home in Riverview.

"The gas price was killing me," Glover said.

Reporter Adam Emerson can be reached at (813) 259-8285 or

Cards & Log-ins

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Getting in Some Licks for the Sisterhood


Dear Sheriff Gee:

I noted on your online blog the composition of your command staff when I sought information about the Sheriff's Child-Protection services that investigated the psychosexually disturbed administrative toe fondler of male pubescents at King High.

Correct my math below since your degree is in math. All of which I learned of math was in the 4th grade. My deficiency explains why I can't understand one of Newton's formulae and shrink back at the sight of a page of calculus.

Here are your staff equal-employment opportunity data;

You have 20 command-staff people.

1. One is a woman; women are almost 51 percent of the county's population;
2. 3 have what looks like Hispanic names; Hispanics are 22.8 percent of the population;
3. Three faces tell me they are black men; blacks are 16.6 percent of the population;
4. The rest are white Anglo-Saxon born-in-the-cotton-wadding-of-the-unfair-affirmative-action-plan-for-too-often-dumb white males, titular lords of the universe, not from ability but from cheating.

According to my math that makes your staff .5 percent women;15 percent Hispanics; 6.6 blacks; 78 percent white guys. Those percentages are obscenely out of line with the population distribution.

Does that fact suggest to you that your promotion practices are biased against women, Hispanics, and Blacks and are skewed toward white men? But I doubt that you have ever considered this a problem or have ever thought of changing these patterns in a society that by the middle of the century will have a population predominantly Hispanics. You will not be one of the heroes of this statistic, Sheriff Gee.

On a more personal level, I wonder if any of the four children listed in your biography are female; that your wife is x-chromosome we infer, that it is ditto for your mother; that you have aunts and nieces and cousins who are female. And I don't doubt that you have bannered all over your office stationery "We are an equal-employment-opportunity employer."

Liar, liar, pants on fire, sirrah. You are nothing of the sort. You rank a run-of-the-mill chauvinist bigot as your Command Staff Web page testifies.

I wonder if these white male faces have wives, daughters, mothers, aunts, nieces, and cousins. And I wonder how they justify their benefiting from the racist, sexist promotion practices to which your command staff page testifies . I wonder how they justify their perpetuating and benefiting from such blanket discrimination. This is a moral question in addition to being a legal one. The answer to that question speaks ill of the boss who perpetuates it in the Sheriff's Department and his minions that reap the rewards of discrimination.

Forty-five or more years ago, I founded the Tampa chapter of NOW. I acted discrimination chair. I lived absorbed myself in employment statistics and helped women file charges with the EEOC when I wasn't grading essays from students I taught at HCC as an English professor. The discrimination stories about how men in the county discriminated against women in the legitimate job world but paid women for sex in the illegitimate job world appalled. This equation, I suggest, is the distillation of sexism.

Forty-five years ago, I opened police jobs to women when a young black woman named Thelma asked me to help her get a police job because she needed a better salary than the minimum-wage job she had to support her two children. The father had run off to produce more fatherless children for single women to raise.

Marshall Jesse, the rogue who was Dick Greco's employment head, had "lost" three of Thelma's applications for the police department. Dick Greco, another rascal whom I graduated from Hillsborough High School with, thought that "losing" a woman's employment application for the police department was a hunky-dory way to evade equal employment opportunity. Dick has always been a D student in moral matters.

I leafleted the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission until it investigated the charge and found in Thelma's favor. The key to winning these charges is persistence and determined attack, moving up the line of authority to rat out the wrongdoers at lower levels, naming names and citing instances of discrimination gaucheries. The EEOC buckled to the pressure and made the city produce an Equal Employment Affirmative Action Plan.

Dick ran around the state subsequently saying that his was the first big city in Florida with an Affirmative Action Plan. He didn't say how he got it. And now the most dedicated skirt chaser in the city's political history has a bench named in his honor in downtown Tampa and is rumored to be running for mayor again with law enforcement's help. What a world.

My husband and I attended Thelma's graduation from the Police Academy. We felt proud--as if she were one of our four children--to be there to witness the first female officer graduate from the Police Academy.

Sheriff Beard was more obdurate. I had to appeal to the Justice Department's Compliance Division to bring him to terms. If you have government grants, you pledge to practice equal opportunity as a condition of the grants. Most recipients think that requirement is just verbal fluff. It is until some alert citizen cites it and asks for a compliance review of the recipient. A canny citizen will get his or her senator and representative involved in asking Justice Department for updates of the status of the response to the complaint. That's what I figured out fast.

The Justice Department made the sheriff fall into line. He was mad as the dickens. He hated me so badly that if I entered a room in which he resided, he left. I made him a particular pet for my bon mots thereafter, like issuing a formal request that the Sheriff include a child-care facility in the Ybor new Sheriff's Office. He almost busted a gut.

I hope you ponder your promotion practices, Sheriff Gee. Logic says that if those young women coming into the deputy jobs forty-five years ago should have worked themselves up so that we would see of lot of women's faces on that Command staff Web page instead of guys, guys, guys. The one woman on the page in a job that is marginal. She does not hold one of the power jobs.

Keep all the women in your family in mind when you promote. Would you want an outfit to mistreat the females in your tribe as you mistreat women? Those two empty slots cry out for female faces. Filling them with women won't solve the giant problem you have in the area of equal opportunity but it's a start.

Stagnant discriminatory practices in your promotion practices will mean I have to resort to my old buddies at the Justice Department to monitor your compliance with Title VII as a price for keeping your government grants. I hope that will not be necessary.

Ask your wife and any daughters and sons too -- because they will marry liberated women-- to read my letter and give you their assessment. I am counting on the sisterhood of your wife and any girls you have, and the boys today are surprisingly enlightened whether it be homophobia, racism, bigotries of all flavors, or sexism.

The world promises to be a better place since young people's moral compass has improved on such issues. The Sheriff's Department is stuck in promoting affirmative action for white men only. That is Stone Age mentality.

I enclose an article from the NYT reprinted in the SPT on a similar struggle for validation that the women in the armed services have undergone. My husband of 53 years cut it out for me. Husbands of long-time feminists do such things.

I am proud of these armed-services women. I would like to be proud of the women in the Sheriff's Department and can be if you cease your moldy discrimination against them.

Ask your daughter, if you have one, about this issue; let her read about the women who have succeeded in the army. She well could be sheriff in Hillsborough County when she comes of age.


Lee Drury De Cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

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Error, Error on the Walll

See previous post publishing reader's comment and my response on Candy's husband's coming out. lee

Keeping illiteracy at bay This is to Paul Krugman of the NYT. He is as smart as a whip. But he messed up here.

At this point, all that stands in the way of universal health care in America are the greed of the medical-industrial complex, the lies of the right-wing propaganda machine, and the gullibility of voters who believe those lies.

Mr. Krugman, I always agree with you on economics especially since the the Nobel people knighted you, but I don't always agree on your grammar.

You have a subject-verb agreement error in the above sentence. "Are" should be "is."

lee drury de cesare

Madeira Beach, FL

Linda says that the redaction was on separate paper with the Board's logo at the top. But that does not change the school's undermining the legitimacy of the Sheriff's investigation. That is dumb diplomacy to cover Tom Gonzalez's lazy ass. lee

Linda C0bbe emailed that I was mistaken in saying the Office of Professional Standards redacted the report of the Sheriff.

I respond: From
Gradebook: “On 6/22/09, writer spoke with CPI Auza. He advised that he closed his case with Some Indicators for threatened harm.”

On Friday, Kipley's office released a copy of that document, along with That the district described as a "corrected report":
"On 6/22/09, writer spoke with CPI Auza. He advised that he closed his case with No Indicators for threatened harm; however, Some Indicators for unusual behavior."

But spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said the district has not received any further documents from the Sheriff's Office revising its initial report. The district has requested a clarification of its conclusions, she said. Lt. Rick Hernandez, a spokesman for the Child Protective Investigations Division of the Sheriff’s Office, would not discuss the specifics of the case. He said the term "some indicators of abuse" typically means that investigators have found some evidence that suggests the possibility of abuse, but not enough to prove such a charge under state law. (end of Gradebook)

Linda, this recital does not say that the "corrected report" had the School Board's imprimatur at the top. Besides, how can you issue a "corrected report" for an investigative agency? It's equivalent to saying, "We don't accept the investigating agency's conclusion; here's what the conclusion should be."

The SB has no right to reword the report to exonerate Mr. Gonzalez for messing up. It looks like to me he either lied on the podium review or was incompetent in assessing the report's conclusion because he did not scrutinize the Child Protection's original report with the care a lawyer should show.

That's what lawyers are paid to do: bore in on every little eency, weency word.
Is this redaction a precedent for Professional Standards? If not, how many "corrected reports" has the Office of Professional Standards issued in the past where it concerns a report from an outside agency such as the Protective Services?

Redacting other agencies' reports by Professional Standards does not sound ethical or professional to me. It sounds like the SB is insulting the Sheriff's child-protective report. ldd

My Lord, Look What Just Landed in My Mailbox!

Elia's Dog Tiny Tim

I post above the fold on
Casting-room Couch the intelligent comment of a reader below in response to Vox's opinions on the coming-out of Candy's husband. I consider it an astute piece of insight into the situation of Candy's late-breaking husband's identifying himself as gay.

I have seen one of the Olson daughters with her mother at Tiger Bay Tampa before I got kicked out of there for being too tough on the politicians. They would whine to the board that they wouldn't appear again if I were there. This Candy daughter I saw went to Harvard and is tall and beautiful. I heard she was enlightened on gays. She will need that resource now to deal with her father's revelation.

The reason Bart and I are buds despite our 40-year age difference is that he is so open and brave about being gay. And he will initiate nutty things like I do at any minute. We are the same mental age in stirring up things.

I think he must have told his mother with his first lisps, "Mom. I'm gay." Yet he suffered growing up because of the negative attitude of the masses to gays. But that attitude is changing, thanks to the young people. My granddaughter who graduated from Plant was a member of the gay-lesbian support group that adulteress Jennifer Falliero tried to make the school authorities report a student's belonging to that club to the parents because Falliero thought being gay or lesbian was immoral. I don't know how she managed to come to any moral conclusions while stalking former Community Affairs head Marc Hart until he divorced his wife and harmed his two young children, one of whom's grades plummeted, the other whose illness exacerbated. Her sexual morals are selective indeed. She dumped Marc Hart when her activities at the administration building got him fired and nobody would hire him in Tampa because he was blacklisted by the ROSSAC thugs. They made Falliero the School Board chair. That's their idea of justice.

Bart is lucky to have wonderful parents. His mother is a tiny wisp of a woman, and his father is a rugged-looking American man of the people who has a sardonic attitude about the denizens who pass his field of vision. Bart's mother ran away at twelve because of an abusive father and earned her bread by doing menial jobs. When she sighted Bart's father, who was in Japan then with the army, she scooped him up. Bart and one sister were the result.

This sister died in an asthma attack on the way to the hospital. Bart grieves her still.

Bart is a good fellow. I have only one son, an engineer with NASA. When he was at Plant, he used to coach all the mediocre boys in physics so that they could get into Gainsville. Those are now all lawyers, so watch out for the brains deficit in the legal eagles hereabouts. Tom Gonzales is one of those. He, by the way, brags of his being born in Anglo Tampa and having lived there all his life. He keeps the Latino community at bay. He doesn't want to be identified with those people.

I always wanted another boy to go with my Leo to balance his three sisters, and Bart is he. As second mother, I stuck by Bart when he got the Scarlet Letter of the Political Standards hell hole of sadism. The ruffians made Bart's "offense" up. This was a case of their taking a small chit of data and turning it into a firing offense.

Vox is in training to be my third son and qualifies by keeping his hair combed, his nails clean, and refusing to let any psychosexually foot-fetishist administrators from fondling his naked feed. Vox has just about taken over my blog, and I may just hand it over to him formally and go back to needlepointing rugs for my granddaughters' weddings, going to opera, and reading, reading, reading.

Apparently all Bart's teacher friends peeled away when Professional Standards tagged him as if he had contracted ROSSAC leprosy. That response was a sad revelation. Teachers are smart and educated. Their students adore them or at least most of them. If teachers can act with such lack of guts and loyalty to coercion by the colony of fascists who occupy ROSSAC, what can the poor souls who don't know their Constitutional rights do when self-appointed overlords like those in the schools try to annihilate them?

What a world. lee

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "My Lord, Look What Just Landed in My Mailbox!":

I appreciate your saying that about me. I didn't expect that! Thank you! I think that the man in question is from another generation than I am. I don't quite understand what took him so long to figure out what he likes. Part of me feels for his wife, if all this is true, because I don't think it is right for gay men to get married if they have an inkling. Maybe he was in such denial that he did not admit it to even himself. I went through that in high school.
Anyway, I am from a newer generation, so I don't quite understand it, but I do think a lot of gays have major problems admitting it to themselves and to others. We do grow up sort of knowing but sort of in denial, and it is hard to finally admit to yourself and others, because you think you're going to lose friends and get cut off from family. You think you're going to lose all respect.
But personally I find it tragic to come out later in life, because your looks are fading. The gay community is very youth oriented. Gay men face what women face in regular society. We have very limited shelf life.

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Reader email: My bitchy neighbor who is being nice currently just called me and told
me the Candy Olson scoop. Apparently, John Olson came out of the closet and sent an email telling the whole Gasparilla Krewe that he belonged to that he is gay and has never been happier in his life, etc. She is going to try to get me a copy of the letter. I think he says that his daughters are coming to terms with it.

Supposedly, Candy and he were sort of separated for a long time, even when they were living together.

Lee: I almost fell over when I read this email. Killers like this have to see publication.

I had tea with some buds from my old South Tampa neighborhood a few weeks ago. They say Candy has had to sell her house in South Tampa and has put a contract on a condo in the Hyde Park shopping district; but she has seen another condo that she likes better and is trying to wiggle out of the contract.

I had hopes that Candy's divorce would mean she moved to another district; no such luck. With her divorce a fact, she will cling to the School Board perch even more tenaciously. Woe betide the Hillsborough County children. She does not give one itty bitty damn for them. I could tolerate the bad duds she affects but not her indifference to the children's needs and her everlasting filibusters on the podium. lee

Social Chair of Ye Mystique Krewe:

I have received the following email on my blog

Please comment on its accuracy. Has John Olson notified the Krewe that he is gay and "never been happier" and that his daughters are "coming to terms with the situation"?

If so, a cover-up is not in the community's interest nor, indeed, in the Krewe's interest.

Please respond to this question.

lee drury de cesare