Friday, August 21, 2009

While the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play

Ms. Linda Kipley's cat, which wears Dolly
Parton See-through plastic cat booties that leave nothing to the imagination and represent a Kipley tribute to the King High School toe fondler who needs psychiatric treatment and perhaps a Pedophile Strait Jacket

to: Linda Cobbe
from. lee de cesare
Subject: Public Information

Ms. Cobbe: may I have as public information the amount that the board paid Mr. Gonzalez and his firm for legal services?

I would also like the amount paid to lawyers and law firms last year as a result of referrals from Mr. Gonzalez and his firm.

Thank you,

lee drury de cesare

Ms. Linda Professional Standards Kipley, the cat of whom pictured here wears baby-doll stilletto red flip flops that slap out sounds from all four paws as it creeps along to trap a rat or a teacher in the Professional Standards mouse trap.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These ROSSAC people like Kipley dress the way poor people who somehow climb the ladder and make a little money would dress. They have no clue. You can take them out of the trailer park but nothing changes. Go stand inside the lobby of ROSSAC and see all the frumpy styles you see that pass for well dressed in ROSSAC.

What is funny is that the better dressed the ROSSAC officials are, the more likelihood of their incompetence. They cover up their incompetence or criminal behavior by dressing up.

Same with teachers. The teachers who are dressed to the nines are usually lazy teachers who sit behind the desk and pass out worksheets. The young teachers in jeans and tshirts are working hard and inspiring the students, believe it or not, but ROSSAC wants everyone to dress up in the Cowtown, USA version of what is "professional" dress. All they care about is pretense. Not substance. I guarantee this. Go into any classroom in Hillsborough County and observe. You will see that the best dressed teachers are teaching nothing very well. The worst dressed teachers are working hard, and they have to dress down, because they are busy and getting hot from walking around the room helping students.

Go to ROSSAC and see what criminals they are, yet they are all dressed up.

Don't let clothing fool you. Schools should have substance, not pretense. Elia needs to read this.