Thursday, December 03, 2009

Squelching False Rumors

My grandson finally fixed my computer. Now I am trying to fix the color. Everybody is green. I am trying to reset up the printer.

I just had a long and unintelligible conversation with one of those nice Bright House guys. May the darlings all go to heaven.

My husband and I have kept things lively the last few days by hollering at each other our opinions on the Tiger Woods case. To people who ask how you stay married a long time, my answer is to holler a lot. Try as well to disagree with what your old man says. Mata Hari would have had a longer career had she been smart enough to know these tips from this White Oak, Georgia, femme fatale.

Now I can't get my email on this desktop to open, so I will tell you to go to the comments below to read that somebody wrote in and said that April Griffin had worked for Marc Hart before he was fired and that she was fired for impersonating an administrator and was having husband problems.

I wonder who this person writing me is. It sounds like an insider. I think I have the attention of the ROSSAC minions.

I emailed Linda Cobbe for the confirmation of the truth of this allegation as public information. I also asked for text about the incident and said it had to be on file, that the law doesn't let the schools destroy such evidence. I will let you know what she says.

I have also heard from the Attorney General on my on my request for an opinion on the schools' failure to implement the adult part of the bullying law. I will scan it in when I can get Old Bessy Printer up and chugging and will reveal my plans regarding this issue. lee

Pray for my printer. lee

Minions of the Light:

I an still struggling with my computer problems. My grandson is sick of his granny's computer woes and is
foot dragging fixing them. I have to wait him out. So will you.

We can't lace into the board and administration from my little laptop. In the first place, I can't get the printer hooked up with it, so I can't print out and dispatch my quota of mean letters. My former mayor husband says that letters have more gravitas with pols than emails.

I received a message from a reader who claims to have heard rumors that Mark Hart had an affair with April Griffin as well with the Pole Girl. I don't believe that story. I knew April somewhat before she ran for the board. In fact, I encouraged her to run and kicked in a campaign contribution to her kitty, I believe she loves her husband and two little boys and that her husband loves her, On top of this, Mark Hart is a devoted Catholic who still suffers from guilt about his affair with Motel 8 Pole Girl Falliero. I don't think he is capable of two adulteries. His Catholic soul could not bear the weight of that much sin.

Mark reads my blog; perhaps he will comment on this sad rumor.

Griffin's problem is not infidelity. It is an inherent cowardice that made her roll over to the entrenched board and administration crooks. She is scared witless of two veteran crooks on the board, Candy and Carol, who participated in savaging Mr. Erwin.

April also is bereft of the sophistication that comes with the college education that she lacks. Her having only a high school education shows in her blog posts. April does not write about the issues that affect the schools in Hillsborugh County. She's too afraid of piney-woods Valkyries Carol and Candy to risk that. She instead natters about piffles in Romper Room prose packed with grammar-punctuation errors.

We don't tar Griffin with false rumors. We work to replace her on the board with a braver, better-educated board member.

Now if somebody sends me a rumor that the Pole Girl is heading to Orlando to pick that dork Tiger Woods's bones, I will print that as gospel truth and add a footnote saying that I trust that his Scandinavian wife beats the Hillsborough school board Motel 8 adventuress Falliero with the same 7-iron that she bloodied her stupid old man with. The wife should also scratch La Jennifer's nose as she did Tiger's and should finish off the school board's Delta Dawn by yanking out a couple of handsful of that dyed faux teeny bopper hair. lee

Sent to the school board and all the ships at sea