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You simply must get back into teaching--or are you having too much fun? When's the Brandon seat up for election--I must save up my pennies!

See you at the next meeting! Thanks for Thursday--never has the
Trib been so nice to teachers. We'll see where we all go from here.

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Casting-room Couch Blog Readers: The above beautiful and brainy young woman will replace Jennifer Falliero in 09 when she runs for the board again.

Not only does Falliero not know what the First Amendment means, she also uses her chairship to retaliate against voters for what she perceives is their lese majeste in questioning the way she conducts herself in public office.

Ms. Falliero has no business being on the board that oversees the school lives of the community's children. She initiated an on-site adultery with a young married man and father of two, destroyed his marriage, and caused the suffering of his two little children with his stupid cooperation. Voters must evict her from the board and replace her with the above young woman.

This young woman is a Brandon teacher. When the time comes for her to run, we must have a fund raiser for her. She is poor. She is a teacher and that's poor by definition. But already she has skills that La Falliero will die not having. She knows how to comport herself with steadfast poise in the presence of newspaper biggies: I saw that the other day at the Tribune meeting. She will give wonderful speeches on the stump: she has an anchor-woman voice of strength and authority. And she's an English teacher. She can drop quotes from Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Erasmus if the audience is up to it.

I don't even know this young person's name yet. But I will, and you will by the time comes for her to run against Falliero and mop up the floor with that sad excuse for a public official. If the administration tries to retaliate against her for her ambition to run for the board, the teachers in the Tribune meeting must gather around and punch back by writing the board email after email with copies to the newspapers. Never underestimate the board's and administration's terror of bad press.

This is the end of Casting-room Couch for the kid here. I am tired of haranguing the school board and leave that job to posterity. Somebody is out there who will take it on. Maybe one of the teachers who talked to the Tribune the other day will assume it. Maybe this future board member will want to continue this blog as a vector her candidacy. If so, I will pay the monthly fee for her. It's a flossy blog that gives you lots of data.

I have been amazed at the people who read this blog. I have hits from all over the US and even from the world.

I don't know whether they think Casting-room Couch is a sex site or what. But I have return hits from the same places--Dubai comes to mind. Maybe they are interested in education and the Peyton Place Hillsborough County School Board.

Our young future board member could research the issues that affect teachers and students in the schools and could write about them on this blog. She must let me know if she would like to do that, and the blog will go on.

The only loose end I leave is that I have not yet heard from the Florida Bar's Ethics Commission on Tom Gonzalez that I filed a charge against and that it accepted. When I get the results, I will ask Ms. Goudreau to pay attention to them in the paper for the good of the school community.

So it's hail and farewell from me. I am going back to reading Dante and all the books an English teacher piles up by her bed over the years that she does not have time to read because she is grading essays--usually illiterate. If your English teacher lets you get by her or him illiterate in high school, then you will be so all your life. Nobody ever seems to learn how to punctuate after the age of 17; and nobody after high school thinks it's his or her duty even in college to teach you basic literacy. That's why my two blogs on the grammar and punctuation mess-ups of the local press and the NYT and Washington Post have such lively traffic. The newspaper writers are not as bad as Ms. Elia, but they are pretty bad for writers of the two major newspapers of the country.

What will I be doing? I am going to have fun, fun, fun until Daddy takes my T-bird away, which means I will go to the Democratic convention in August with the two little girls who used to live across the street from our family in Beach Park and are now young matrons with families of their own. For my 76th birthday in May, I am going out to New Mexico to the little village where Georgia O'Keeffe spent the last years of her life painting. I don't like her art, but I love the independence of her life and how her art was just as important to her as it was to any male artist. She said to her husband, the photographer Stieglitz, in NYC, "Well, I'm off to New Mexico to live and to paint." Stieglitz didn't like it, but she stuck to her guns.

After a thorough review of O'Keefe's Spirit House, I will go to Santa Fe to see my darling oldest grandchild, Alanna. She dropped out of college and took off to NM with a young fellow who's as handsome as Brad Pitt and travels around the world like a rolling stone. My granddaughter teaches children to ski presently. I don't know what the Rolling Stone does, whom I liked in spite of myself. You cannot dislike a fellow who looks like Brad Pitt. I have to devise a way to get them both back in college. I think they would make wonderful grammar-school teachers and would not end up when they are my age under a bridge with very bad dental work, eating sardines out of a can and soda crackers.

I have had a good time beating up on the school board. I have one rule in life: if it's not fun, I am not going to do it. But I did not have a really good time. Why? The board is not smart. You can't have fun attempting repartee with people who are dull witted. That's why I miss the faculty lounge. There is always at least one worthy opponent in the faculty lounge.

The smartest person on the podium at the school board is Tom Gonzalez. And he is a Republican without a shred of humor. No humor. None. And he lies. I have asked the board to fire him at least a half dozen times in the public forum. But they hang on to him. He knows where all the bodies are buried in the administration catacombs and would be dangerous if turned loose with that lore mad at the board and administration for firing him.

I shall go to lunch Monday at Mise en Place because some newspaper men--all men, of course--are having a seminar. On what God knows. My old boss Patrick Manteiga will be there; so will Hooper be from the St. Pete Times. Maybe you have forgotten that Hooper is the huckleberry who wrote that fatuous article on La Belle Dame Sans Merci Falliero. She must have been in high-vamp mode that day and overwhelmed Hooper. I haven't forgot Hooper for this stupidity even if you have. I must go to this lunch if for nothing else than to tell Hooper what a round-heels sap he is for writing a gushing piece about our school-board honkytonk La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

Hail and farewell. And remember to take every opportunity to enjoy yourself. I do and always shall. lee

Thursday, March 06, 2008

BAP Award, given for years after I founded Tampa Now in the late 60's. City, county, state, national, and international awards went to recipients to their chagrin. These awards confirm my belief that satire is more effective than begging, pleading, and beseeching in changing minds. lee

Ms. Carlton (column below):

My husband cut out your “Cruella-de Vil” article for me. I am delighted Ms. Falliero discovered Cruella and my being doppelgangers. Cruella has always been a role model of mine.

You are not Maureen Dowd yet, but you are closing on her. That beautiful, witty lady is in her fifties and coming to the end of her sparkling writing career at the NYT. She gives women a boost because she writes rings around the fellows on the NYT op-ed page. It's time for you to rev up to apply for the token op-ed woman job at the big-city paper of record if Dowd eases out and to make a part of the contract a spiffy editorial job for your husband, who will love NYC when he escapes the press outback of these forlorn climes.

You have a Maureen-Dowd wit. You must practice your writing and read your brains out among the great authors so that you will be ready when the time comes to slip into Dowd’s spot. Balzac is a must. He taught Proust about social snobbery. Dickens can nail a character almost as fast as Shakespeare can. So read all of Dickens that you have not yet got to. And don’t forget Chaucer. You will comprehend the language in two pages.

I never heard of the fur-coat-out-of-puppies. characterization of Cruella. I didn’t see the movie. That revelation is just delicious. I embrace the characterization implied by La Falliero and make it my own. Creulla, c’est moi.

It’s a puzzle that the school board La Belle Sans Merci didn’t return your calls. One supposes that she’s still reeling from the intricacies of Tom Gonzalez’s lecture to her on the First Amendment. There was a time when La Falliero thought she could wind the press around her little finger.

Poor old round-heels Hooper of your newsroom wrote a sappy valentine to Ms. Falliero. I warned Hooper that if he kept that up that I was going to report in to Mrs. Hooper and let her know what a femme fatale La Falliero is and that she would pounce on poor old Hooper before he knew what hit him, suck the blood out of him, and then throw his carcass on the dung heap of eviscerated swains that La Belle Dame Falliero has gutted and discarded so far in her vamp career.

The Brandon City Council has declared dibs on this Jennifer carcass collection for land fill, claiming any work product of its school-board member belongs to the Brandon franchise.

Men fall in droves before Falliero’s potent spell. Maybe it’s her unorthodox anatomy. One of my blog correspondents wrote that La Falliero has hips as big as the Hindenburg. The National Center for Disease Control has lately debunked
the fallacy that Hindenburg hips comprise an impediment to vamps. It confirmed in controlled studies that Hindenburg hips are a sine qua non for the psyches of more men in the control pool than we ever could have imagined. De Gustibus non disputemn est.

Then there’s poor Marc Hart, the ur-victim of Falliero’s potent erotic magic. She destroyed his marriage; blighted his two little children’s souls; and observed with cool objectivity the abrupt end of Hart’s school-administration career, his job's having been head of public affairs until Beelzebub Valdez summoned Hart to his office to carry out Elia’s orders to fire him to keep the press and public from catching on to flagrant adultery tolerated in the halls and offices of ROSSAC.

Yet on the balcony of my condominium on the Gulf of Mexico, where this heartbroken fellow came to visit me, he professed to be still besotted with La Belle Dame. Marc told me he still loved the board her. Only the seagulls joined us as auditors of another sad tale of passion and passion spent--spent in this case on one side.

I don’t know how long Ms. Falliero’s school-board career will last. Not much longer than the next time she runs for office is my expectation. I have discovered a beautiful young Brandon teacher who is as smart as Ms. Falliero is obtuse; who can speak with authority from a well-furnished mind, and whose salary as a teacher, I reminded her, is less than the school board member’s whose office she can challenge and do her fellow teachers and the Brandon community some good.

Ms. Falliero, one recalls, showed her back to Brandon, slipped out in the middle of the night to South Tampa, enrolled her two daughters at Plant pronto no doubt with Elia's help, and told the press when it caught her out that she hadn't moved, then she had, then she hoped it would be "under" the radar, then having admitted lying, turned tail back to Brandon. Stability is not one of the Brandon's on-again, off-again board member's salient traits.

If our Brandon teacher accepts the opportunity to run against Falliero when the latter’s board seat is up again for the voters review, then I will cheer her on, donate to her campaign, and be proud to be among her audience on election night to shout “hurrah!” when she unseats La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

The Hillsborough County teachers who had a splendid interview of three and a half hours yesterday with Ms. Rosemary Goudreau and her sidekick Vicky, whose name I have not mastered yet but will because she is a woman of substance, can look forward to a four-three breakdown of the board after Fred Burns beats Le Lamb and our Brandon paragon beats Falliero. Patience and defiance are all they need maintain for that result to arrive.

Ms. Goudreau showed herself to be a woman who can listen to teachers’ sometimes overwhelming data downloads and extract the goody at the bottom. The editorial-page editor has an analytic mind wedded to a talent for running a meeting even when her participants are a group of teachers all of whom have theatrical talents without which they would not be good teachers, and all of whom have no compunction about interrupting each other to air their views.

What amazes me is that that this lively, forceful teacher group doesn’t realize that if it organized a tag team for board duty and showed up at every board meeting to harangue the board on the same issues that its members downloaded on Goudreau and Vicky, its members could effect revolution by waking the sleeping giant of voters to the sad situation of the schools in Hillsborough County.

All this group needs do is to accept its importance to the students, parents, and voters of Hillsborough County and step up to the plate and accept the gravitas of teachers’ centrality in the community's esteem and affections. They don't need the board's and administration's love and approval, which they seem to yearn for. They have love and approval in spades from students, parents, and all of us in the community at large.

Nobody listens to or respects whiners. People respect people who rear up on their hind legs and defy mistreatment and fight against it. People respect those who don't expect others to rescue them but who rescue themselves.

Teachers should not complain about their not getting respect from the administration or the board; they should know in their bones that they have it from the more important parents and students and act accordingly. Teachers can overwhelm the board and this incompetent administration if they choose to do so. Teachers' quandary comes from a lack of nerve, not a lack of credentials with the community.

People shouldn’t be afraid of their government as is now the case with the school board in Hillsborough County; government should be afraid of the people as the board would be if that board room full of teachers at the Tribune Building yesterday becomes board monitors from hell.

This teacher group, augmented, I hope, will next visit with Mr. Tash of the Times. I expect that Mr. Tash will give a willing ear to teachers' concerns. His wife, mother, and father are teachers. I will not join in this visit. Teachers no longer need me in this effort to give newspapers teachers' side of the story. They know how to do it.

Besides, I have done a stern review of a piece of Mr. Tash's writing for BayAreaGrammargrinch, which I am sure did not endear me to him. And wrote to the Pulitzer committee to kick him out on the basis of grammar, punctuation, and masthead sexism and to replace him with a woman to make the Pulitzer's composition closer to parity for women.

Ms. Carlton: Thank God, you made no comma errors. Dowd does all the time, not to mention her not being able to learn possessive-before-the-gerund despite all my best efforts.

But here’s your pronoun-antecedent mess-up in the last paragraph: “…everyone got their [sic] say…” “Everyone is singular; “their” is plural.” Change “everyone” to “people,” or change “their” to “his or her.” I favor “her” solo. “Her” jolts people into recognizing that women are more than half of the human race and should thus have ownership of the generic pronoun by sheer numbers.

This issue always get chauvinists to fall into pouts of wounded amour propre and Aunt Toms into soothing them with,“There, there dear boys; only unladylike women want equality in language or anywhere else. Real feminine Stepford women are in line with men’s being in charge in perpetuity and women’s’ simpering their approval of their own second-class status.”

Crella de Ville DeCesare

15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708

Name calling must be okay now

By Sue Carlton, Times Columnist
Published March 7, 2008

Disney's Cruella De Ville.

Breaking News Video

Excuse me, but did anyone else notice a certain elected official at a certain public meeting refer to a certain gadfly by the same name as a certain evil cartoon character best known for wanting to make a fur coat out of puppies?

Or was it just me?

It's true the subject of the meeting at the time was free speech, not to mention name-calling. And we are talking about the Hillsborough County School Board here.

This week, the board showed up for Round 2 on a wacky public-speaking rule previously invoked by Chairwoman Jennifer Faliero. Besides requiring that any citizen hoping to have a say before the board follow certain guidelines - a three-minute time limit, for instance - Faliero announced that no one was allowed to say anyone's name.

Speak the name of the person you're talking about, and risk getting kicked out. Faliero later said the rule was to ward off personal attacks.

Enter Lee Drury De Cesare, sharp-tongued critic, frequent speaker and perpetual thorn to certain public figures, Faliero included. Guess what? De Cesare said a name and kept talking as the buzzer sounded. Faliero told a security officer, "Do your thing," and De Cesare was escorted out.

At the next meeting came a polite visit from the American Civil Liberties Union, a clarification by the School Board lawyer that name saying is in fact not verboten, and talk of the First Amendment. Even Faliero got into the spirit with, "People can say whatever they think about their government. ... I am very thankful that I live in this country where people can get up and say whatever hurtful, untrue things that they can. We just have to take it."

De Cesare referred to the treatment she got as "vulgar" and requested an apology from Faliero, which did not appear to be forthcoming. When De Cesare finished, Faliero said, "Thank you, Ms. De Vil."

Or maybe it was "DeVille." Maybe Faliero absolutely positively did not mean Cruella De Vil, the infamous fur-loving villainess of 101 Dalmatians. Maybe any resemblance between the white-haired, elegantly dressed De Cesare (resplendent in red that particular day) and the Glenn Close version of Cruella is purely coincidental.

Maybe Faliero had a song stuck in her head from the '70s band Mink DeVille, or she was ruminating on whether her next car should be a Cadillac Coupe DeVille. Maybe it was a genuine slip of the lip - De Vil, De Cesare, De Vil, De Cesare - though you would think the name would be excruciatingly familiar by now. I don't know. Faliero did not return my calls for comment.

Did good come from this meeting? Sure. In all that free speech talk, April Griffin wisely managed to get fellow board members to agree to "request" rather than "require" that speakers watch their content. And Susan Valdes offered up an apology for how things went down last time. As is supposed to be with public boards, everyone got their say - the gadfly, and the public official in her sights. Now the citizens who were allowed to hear it get to make up their minds on what they think of all that free speech.

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Professional Standards: Out There on Its Own, Dispensing Abu Ghraib Injustice Ad Lib

Linda, I'm sorry I just got to read this. With respect to the first question, it is my opinion that there is no process by which a person may grieve a professional standards decision not to charge. The grievance process is limited to allegations of violation of Board policy. An administrative decision is not subject to review simply because one disagrees with it.
Thomas M. Gonzalez

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

If Dr. Lamb were a dog, he would look like this bowser.
How do I know?
Intuition. Infallible intuition. lee

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Gloria and Lee at Houston conference in 1970 worki...":

I bet you don't hear a peep from them. They don't like when sex scandals face them and suddenly sex scandals are supposed to be off limits, but they were into investigating Clinton.

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Posted by Anonymous to Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch at 2:13 PM

You are talking about the Republican women whom I sent an email detailing Jennifer's floozy behavior, aren't you?

Of course I won't hear a peep out of them.

But that doesn't mean Pole Girl's story won't be spread far and wide by the no-peepers. Trust me. This crime against those two little children of Hart's will get around. My hope is to make her reputation so well known that she gets an opponent in the next election.

Any woman who would savage two little children for her sexual gratification deserves worse than getting kicked out of office in my book. When somebody hurts little children, they are on my bad list forever. lee

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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "If Dr. Lamb were a dog, he would look like this bo...":

You say that when someone hurts little children, they are on your bad list.

That means
MaryEllen Elia is also on your bad list for hurting all the children of Hillsborough County with her bad decisions and total lack of leadership ability.

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Posted by Anonymous to Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch at 7:19 PM

Oh, God, trapped by a Jesuit.

Falliera's grubby adultery that injured two little children whom she knew she was hurting is more immediate and despicable to me. I will be her own personal Erynie: I'll never let her forget it. And she has two girls of her own. Poor children.

Elia is money-grubbing and power-mad. But she has not had an affair that we know of that has darkened the souls of two little children. Let me know if you hear she has had. I will get out my rolling pin and hit the road over the bridge to Tampa to give her the thrashing of her miserable life. lee

Did anybody notice that Tom Gonzalez apparently gave Falliero a lecture on the First Amendment but that she was not convinced although she cited as a honky-tonk girl would the friends she had dying in Iraq for our Constitution.

I think that Elia told him to try to rein her in. I doubt they will succeed. She didn't listen to Earl the Pearl Lennard when he told her to keep her hands off poor addle-pated round-heels Marc Hart. So why will she listen to Gonzalez, especially since he's not keen on the First Amendment himsel? He saves all his passionate advocacy for no-bid contracts because his job is one.

After citing her dying friends--manufactured is my analysis-- in Iraq, Falliero segued into an oblique attack on me, saying that some people do not handle their Constitutional privileges responsibly. Candy echoed her, of course, and said that it might be better for the board not to have citizen comment.

Oh, yeah? Let them close down citizen comment--they'd like to but are not that dumb. The citizen-comment snuffers would have to deal with the Tribune's and Times's condemnation. Patrick would go to town on the board in La Gaceta. Even that bunch of faux hippies at Creative Loafing would bark at the board.

If there is anything that gets the papers going, it is shutting down speech. Newspapers would not exist without free speech. The first thing a dictator does is close down the free press.

If the board closes down the hated citizen comment privilege as they would like to, they can kiss their public careers goodbye. Not one of them would get re-elected to the board or elected to anything, which would kill them.

Falliero said the "irresponsible" people would cause good people to stop running for office.

My foot! A German blitzkrieg tank would not stop people from running for public office---especially the school board members now enthroned. If Fred defeats Lamb in the up-coming election, I look for Lamb to cling to his dais chair and have to be taken to Tampa General to have it extracted. lee

I just posted this on Susie Creamcheese's Wall blog:

A push against the SACS report cover-up would be an excellent use of teachers' time.
At the board meeting last night, I said that I was going to report to the US Dept. of Education about any cover-ups of mistreatment of students and teachers that I discovered in the report. Then Candy Olson, seconded by Beelzebub Gonzalez, said that secondary-school-as opposed to college--has no Dept of Education oversight. I am researching that now. But there is nothing to prevent teachers caviling to the Department of Education and the legislative delegation--esp. our two senators about any lying done in the SACS report. When in doubt, squawk is my rule. lee

Pray for the rescue of the immortal soul of The Pole Girl.
Gloria and Lee at Houston conference in 1970, working to pass the ERA, which failed to pass because sexists said it would mean co-ed toilets.

From: lee de cesare

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To: ''
Cc: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; 'Letitia'; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''


Ms. Mathiason, Bay Area Chair Republican Women's Club:

I understand that Jennifer Falliero, school-board chair, is member of a Republican Women's Club in this area. I find only your Republican women's club listed on the Web, so I write to you, m' am.

If School Board Member Faliero is indeed a member of this or other area Republican women's club, the women of such clubs should deal with the consequences of Ms. Falliero's reckless political behavior on the Republican party's reputation and her disregard for sexual propriety, not to mention her savaging of the psyches of two young children because she initiated an adulterous affair on school property at the site of her school-board work, the downtown ROSSAC building.

Private adultery we pass over. But adultery by a public official initiated by her on school property which ends in the man's getting fired and her getting protected by the administration and other board members is something that should engage the public's attention, rebuke, and corrective action. Especially is this obligation incumbent on the party to which she belongs, which I understand is the Republican.

The Republican Party avers that it stands strong for family values. Ms. Faliera, a public official, which makes her accountable to the public for her behavior, has offended against this Republican mantra by being a homewrecker and an uncaring, reckless adult who willfully injured the psyches of the two young children of a man whom she led into adultery on school property for her selfish sexual gratification come hell or high water, former public affairs administrator Marc Hart.

I suggest your members should not ignore this problem but should bring it out into the open for a salubrious airing for the good of the party and the community; I suggest that you should evaluate whether such behavior in public officials who represent your party be coincident with the stated--and often repeated--values of the Republican hierarchy.

In all other ways besides practicing flagrant initiation of adultery on the job, I believe Ms. Falliero's behavior to be coincident with Republican values. 1. She has tried to get the schools to notify the parents of gays that they belong to a gay club at school with the inferred goal of the parents' making the gay child's life a living hell if not kicking sons or daughters out in the street to fend for themselves. So her homophobia credentials are sterling Republican-values oriented. 2. She has shown her concern for public-relations sexual prudery in line with Republican values by inveighing against introducing sex education into the schools however much the data provided school children is needed, for example, in case they, as she did, engage in adultery or other untoward sexual behaviors forbidden by Republican values and need to know the facts of life to prevent pregnancy, in which case their party will deny them abortion if they want it. 3. She has condemned as "disgusting" a library book for middle-school children that described an attempted rape with the inferred goal of removing it from the library shelves athwart the Constitution's First Amendment, a part of the Constitution of which Republicans are traditionally not strongly committed to. 4. Ms. Falliero has most recently, according to a news account, ruminated about introducing creationism into the school curriculum to be taught as equally valid with Darwin and other scientists' views on evolution in the science departments.

In all aspects of her belief system, apparently, Ms. Falliero has shown her ideas to be in line with Republican thinking except in this one area: participating in adultery that she initiated on school grounds, which contravenes Republican Family Values. How she could engage in adulterous behavior on school grounds while condemning the description of an attempted rape in a book for middle-school children remains a doctrinal mystery that I leave to Republican philosophers to sort out.

Be that as it may, I recommend that you interview Ms. Falliero to determine the unorthodox thinking that led her into initiating an adulterous relationship on school property, the site of her public service, and hence of her violating Republican family values and giving the Republican party a black eye.

If you doubt that such as I describe not be the case in Ms. Falliero's situation, I possess a court deposition that says she is indeed guilty of adulterous behavior with a married school former administrator. He says she haunted his office at the ROSSAC administration building until she succeeding in beginning an affair with him, which subsequently broke up his family, an event that blighted the personalities of his two minor children. The son has gone from excelling in school to falling grades; the daughter's medical condition has deteriorated.

I suggest that you Republican women in the club have a duty to the Republican party to counsel this erring sister, Ms. Faliero, and to render to her sisterly admonition and advice on this radical, unfortunate departure of indulging in flagrant adultery, a practice that diverges from the Republican party's doxology.

Voters are strangely reluctant, as you know, Madame President Mathiason, to reinstall anyone into office, especially that of the school board that presides over the lives of the community's children, when this person when incumbent in that position has initiated an adulterous affair on the job, caused the male partner whom she solicited into adultery's divorce, injured his two minor children, and covered it up with the school board's and the superintendent's help--including forcing Mr. Hart to resign on a trumped-up charge--so that she could continue to be board chair and to run again for the job that she has contaminated by her un-Republican behavior.

That Mr. Hart can't find a job and is near bankruptcy after his firing set-up by the school administration doubtless with Ms. Falliero's collusion exacerbates his children's injury. Ms. Falliero's taste of risky erotic excitement on the job may soon cause these two innocent children to suffer financial as well as psychological damage.

I wish you good luck with this thorny problem, ma'am. It cries out for Ms. Falliero's party's attention. My Republican husband of fifty-one years (I am a Democrat I am sure you will be surprised to learn) assures me that you intrepid Republican women will find a way through this mess and deal with it in a way satisfactory to all members of the Republican National Committee.

I wish you all the luck in the world.

lee drury de cesare

15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708