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Oh, Don't Believe a Thing He Says. Everybody Knows He's Crazy

This message below in the Erwin court files was evidently one that emerged when the gathering evidence of crime forced Dr. Lennard to pretend he was investigating the charges of crime that Mr. Erwin had assembled. So began Le Lennard's faux investigation after the press started asking questions.

I infer the "Mac" referred to was Mr.
McClelland, head of the outdoor department, whatever that is called. He is said to have bragged about getting rich in his job. He stole a tractor it seems and was addicted to pilfering toilet paper. He also drove around a school truck, going all the way to another county where he had digs. He used school gas, of course. Joe Newsome, a school-board member then, was Mr. Mclelland's buddy.

Somewhere in the record is the description of two of the schools' constabulary who went to McClelland's house in another county and saw the tractor in the yard. They couldn't trespass onto the property, and the dumb clucks had forgot their camera. By the time they got back to site with their camera, the tractor was gone.

Tools were always disappearing from the school's supply and were never seen again. If they turned back up, they were worn to a nub.

I believe Tom Gonzalez hired this Mr.
Geietzson to conduct an investigation of Mr. Erwin's complaints about crime. Then, as I recall, Gonzalez closed Geitzson down when the latter began to find evidence of the frame-up against Mr. Erwin.

What always amazes me in such cases is that the person trying to expose the crime is the target of an oh-he's-just-crazy campaign. It happens every time. lee

Printed by: Diane
Woodall Title: Fwd: investigation

Wednesday, January 23,2002 9:59:11 AM Page 1 of 1
I::.' ".'::~ ~I Wednesday, January 23, 20028:50:46 AM
-_. Message

From: ~ Douglas Erwin
ru Elsa Tuggle

Subject: I Fwd: investigation To: I ~ Diane


Good morning!

In November, 2000, John
Brungard and I met with Bill Gietzon at John's house. At that meeting, he gave us an overview of what his role in the investigation was and asked us to share what we knew.

During the discussion, we indicated that we felt that you were being targeted and held responsible for what Mac was doing.

He indicated that we were right to be cautious, as he was hired to try and make you look guilty of wrongdoing. His conversation with us made it very clear that while he was looking for facts and was following up leads, there was also another agenda.

It is interesting to note that after the report was released, I went to Mark Hart's office on December 11, 2001 and looked through all the material that was gathered from the investigations.

I came upon a statement from Wayne
Dashinger's report that stated that Gietzen indicated he was hired to make Doug Erwin look crazy.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

School Board Evil Meter

This below came from an acquaintance who works in the schools. This person has a good feel for character. Somebody said the other day that they hope Candy Olson drops out of the running for the school board. There's not a chance in my view. Her divorce makes the board as the most stable part of her life. She will hang on until hell freezes over. lee

I think there is something much more evil about that behavior, b/c Candy is looking to twist the knife. There is a sadistic side to her and a side that wants to win at all cost.

In contrast, Susan was just dumb about going on those trips. I really don't mean to excuse it, but I don't think her doing that comes from an evil streak.

I believe Elia, Candy, and Faliero have evil sides to them.

I think Lamb has an unethical streak but he intends to do well and does not mean to be evil.

I think Edgecomb is out to protect her daughter who works in the district, and that is probably her main goal. I think she is not evil but thinks short term and mainly to protect her interests.

Kurdell is old school like Dr. Lennard. She attempts to fly under the radar and keep quiet and nose clean and in the background look the other way when evil goes on. I don't think she sets out to do evil, but she doesn't speak out against it.

I think Susan has a good heart but wants to be accepted.

April's initial motivations for getting on the board were probably a little revenge (for being mistreated) and a little desire to do something meaningful, and she wants to be accepted also. As she has gained a little more acceptance, her anger toward the district has faded.

This desire to be accepted is how the veteran school board members and the Superintendent get the newbies to tow the line. It happened to Candy and it happened to Faliero (they were originally billed as reformers of the board but quickly became the old guard).

Maybe April and Susan will become evil, b/c power corrupts, but I don't think they are there yet. I think the others are ahead of them on that. Like I said above, I think some are more evil than others. I think Candy revels in her power. She loves that South Tampa women have to come to her and tell the woes about their child's school. She loves attending events and being a "somebody." She loves being on committees and being someone who makes decisions on spending millions of dollars of school district money so all these people kiss her ass. She kisses ass so that others will kiss her ass.

I guess I view the evil in degrees. Below is my ranking of how evil I think the board members are (most evil comes first, least evil at the end):









I actually put Candy above Elia. I really think Candy is the worst type of person in the world.....someone who helps to perpetuate evil. Elia is just a bull in a china shop trying to get things done and to hell with anyone who gets in her way, and that is evil, but it is somehow a less sneaky and creepy evil that Candy possesses. And what makes Candy more evil as well is that most people are won over by her or want something from her, so they do not view her as evil.


Monday, April 06, 2009

Keeping in Touch with Beelzebubba

Below is another world map that shows where people live who read this blog. I hope I have done Dr. Lennard an injustice in outing his meanness. The Australians need to know how vicious an American school superintendent can be. So does my fan in Japan. India reads my blog. Son of a gun. We are world-wide.

I have a real following Bucharest. Who would have thought?

These world maps are having babies. I can't stop them from multiplying. There are four: the number of my children. I have to consult the Tarot cards to see what this map replication means. lee

Email to Dr Earl Lennard:

Dr. Lennard: My practice is not to criticize someone without giving him or her the chance to read what I say and respond on my blog if the person wants to. I cede this privilege to you. Send me your response, and I will publish it.

It is my belief as a long-time resident of the Bay Area who had four children in Beach-Park-area schools and now has two grandchildren in these schools that your regime had a malignant effect on education in Hillsborough County.

Any one who read Mr. Wiesner’s Death by Education, now on sale at Alibris for very high prices as an education-underground-collector’s item, knows how sadistic you were as superintendent.

Mr. Wiesner won his court case, citing harassment by the board and administration, but when he returned to his job, you and your ROSSAC ghouls resumed hounding him. You sent him to teach in the jails, and the ROSSAC gang under your aegis made his life a living hell.

Mr. Weisner’s His blood pressure skyrocketed. So he gave up. He left the malignant board and administration behind. I tried to get in touch with him but was unable to track him down.

Your behavior toward Mr. Erwin for outing theft, graft, and bid rigging was worse than your excoriation of Mr. Weisner. Mr. Erwin’s crime was that he discovered rampant theft, graft, and bid rigging and tried for two years to get you and your administration to do something about it. Instead, you punished Mr. Erwin relentlessly.

Board omerta ensures that it colludes with the superintendent in these vile practices. Board members promise the public to “clean up the administration,” walks through the ROSSAC portals after election, and falls right in with the rackets run by the superintendent. Anybody who does not go along with the superintendent’s and board’s skullduggery gets fired or, if a board member, gets frozen out. So far no board member has had the concern or the guts to challenge the administration. One would like to see at least one board member get elected, come on the board, and raise hell about its vile practices.

I am going to scan in from his court files a particularly pitiful account of the suffering of Mr. Erwin at your hands and the hands of the bottom-feeders such as Dr. Hamilton, whom you deputized to do your dirty work. County citizens should have access to these outrages.

A reasonable citizen must ask why you fought exposure of the crime on school property. A logical inference has to be that you did so because you profited from it. You punished nobody for the crime after Mr. Erwin won his Whistle-blower court case and $165.000 settlement against the board and administration. Both you and the board hunkered down after the case, of which the press gave shallow reporting. The taxpayers got stuck with paying for board and administration crime in both the Weisner and also the Erwin cases.

The board’s conduct during this ongoing crime was despicable. When Mr. Erwin appealed to a board member for help, she took him to complicit board attorney Gonzalez; then she and Mr. Gonzalez betrayed Mr. Erwin instead of helping him.

Mr. Erwin had no friends or supporters. All were too gutless to say a friendly word about him. People in the schools and administration knew saying anything supportive of Mr. Erwin would cost them their jobs. It was the same when German citizens let Hitler kill six million Jews. Nobody let out a peep of protest about the outrage.

Everybody was against Mr. Erwin or mute but the jury. Its members saw the truth and came through for him, thank God.

The ROSSAC Dark Side with you as Beelzebub tried to destroy the man by setting him up for firing and depriving him of his pension. How wicked can a superintendent get?

Middle-school media specialist Bart Birdsall and I sent Ms. Doretha Edgecomb a copy of the Weisner book when she was elected. I am sure she did not read it. Ms. Edgecomb and the whole board are attentive only to the orders from the superintendent. They don’t want to hear from anybody else, so they deprive teachers and students of a dignified place on the board agenda and instead import innocuous groups from the schools to act as docile puppets in show-and-tell fiascoes that make the board look as if its members cared about teachers and students.

These staged displays are folderol to make the public think the board has concern for students and education when it only cares about the ceremonial pomp and circumstance of sitting on the board dais and appearing in the Bay Area as benefactors of education at its members’ non-stop round of political summits and lunches. The board’s girth expands at these pig-outs so that they all will soon be the size of Dr. Lamb; but their comprehension of what real education is and how people elected them to advance education, not to preen and pose around town, do not grow.

I bet the whole board was all present at your faux Simmons Award hoedown at the County Commission. Not a single board member turned up when the county gave Mr. Erwin its moral courage award. Score one for evil, zero for good.

Don’t think you have fooled everybody, Dr. Lennard. There are a few of us who are aware of how vile your incumbency as superintendent was. The reason students survive and even thrive in an atmosphere in which the board and administration disrespect and punish teachers and other staff if they say a thing not adulatory about the board and administration results from teachers’ unflagging professionalism and students’ eagerness to learn.

Ms. Elia and Ms. Kipley cook up charges against a teacher who speaks up or has a blog; then Mr. Valdez, the Lucco Brazzi of this administration, fires up the behind-the-scenes torture-machine committee to terrify, demoralize, and destroy if necessary any teacher who speaks up or blogs. Right now special-ed teacher Steve Kemp has been suspended for the alleged offense of child abuse manufactured by Ms. Elia.

The sheriff threw out the charge, but Mr. Lucco Brazzi Valdez is prolonging the torture of Mr. Kemp in order to see what it takes to make Mr. Kemp shut down his blog, which is mildly critical of the administration. Somebody from the administration or at its instructions even called Mr. Kemp and asked him not to discuss a certain subject on his blog any more. He agreed. The torture is working. Mr. Kemp’s losing his nerve as Ms. Elia and the covert Torture Committee do their insidious work. It’s a body-snatchers protocol, vile and inhumane.

Such things shouldn’t happen in a democracy, especially not in its schools. And it was your reign that prepared the ground for such low conduct by the current board and administration .

One thing more that offends me: It was you who instituted the “bonus” for the superintendent based on student achievement. You put that little nugget of greed in your contract, paying homage to superintendent money-chasing by beginning this grubby practice; Ms. Elia transferred the offensive perquisite to her contract with the board’s complicity.

Taking money for the teachers' and students' work was offensive when you began it and offensive as Ms. Elia continues it. A bonus based on teachers’ and students’ work, not the superintendent’s efforts because he or she is too absorbed in covering up crime to pay any attention to the classrooms where education takes place, is immoral.

Please accept my ongoing contempt for you, sir.

Lee Drury De Cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

All County Commissioners
All Board Members
Tampa City Council

From La Gaceta:

Former Hillsborough County School Superintendent Earl J. Lennard will receive the Ellsworth G. Simmons Good Government Award from the county commission on Wednesday, April 15, at 9am. He's being honored for 41 years spent improving government through leadership and vision.

Judges caught as graft crooks in Pennsylvania NYT Hyperlink:

To all members of the Hillsborough County Commission and posted on my blog

I protest the inappropriateness of the award to Dr. Lennard. He did not enhance good government. He degraded it.

Dr. Lennard conducted the savage camp again against former school administrator Erwin in the early 90's after Erwin unearthed graft, rigged bids, substandard school construction rubber-stamped by the administration and board, and outright stealing of county money.

Erwin asked Dr. Lennard and the board to do something about the crime.

• Dr. Lennard and his cohorts launched into cover-up mode. They did not investigate and attack the crime, they crucified Mr. Erwin. They tried to shut Mr. Erwin up by calling him crazy and conducting a campaign of savage harassment against him to convince him that he was wrong, that there was no problem with graft, rigged bids, substandard school construction, and stealing of school funds.

After two years of taking this punishment with board and administration in league against him, Mr. Erwin filed a whistleblower law suit.

He won it in a jury trial with the board and administration defended by Thomas Gonzalez. He has held the board-attorney for 37 years of good ol' boy collusion. The firm did an inept job of defense. Me. Erwin's attorney did a thorough job of bringing all the evidence of harassment against the board and administration.

Mr. Erwin got a $165,000 settlement for the school board's and administration's criminal conduct and left the hell hole of the Hillsborough County administration for retirement in Georgia.

The taxpayers funded the criminal behavior of the board and administration. The board and administration closed ranks. After they had crucified Mr. Erwin, they hunkered down and punished nobody involved in the crime, not even the guy named McClelland, head of the grounds department, who bragged he got rich on the taxpayer. The only person the board and administration punished was Mr. Erwin in his crucifixion for outing the crime and insisting that something be done about it.

Dr. Lennard does not deserve an award. He deserves a kick in the pants for disgracing the schools with his collusion and likely profit from graft that he presided over and defended against the man who unearthed it: Mr. Erwin.

Lee Drury De Cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida USA
Oh, sure