Thursday, April 09, 2009

School Board Evil Meter

This below came from an acquaintance who works in the schools. This person has a good feel for character. Somebody said the other day that they hope Candy Olson drops out of the running for the school board. There's not a chance in my view. Her divorce makes the board as the most stable part of her life. She will hang on until hell freezes over. lee

I think there is something much more evil about that behavior, b/c Candy is looking to twist the knife. There is a sadistic side to her and a side that wants to win at all cost.

In contrast, Susan was just dumb about going on those trips. I really don't mean to excuse it, but I don't think her doing that comes from an evil streak.

I believe Elia, Candy, and Faliero have evil sides to them.

I think Lamb has an unethical streak but he intends to do well and does not mean to be evil.

I think Edgecomb is out to protect her daughter who works in the district, and that is probably her main goal. I think she is not evil but thinks short term and mainly to protect her interests.

Kurdell is old school like Dr. Lennard. She attempts to fly under the radar and keep quiet and nose clean and in the background look the other way when evil goes on. I don't think she sets out to do evil, but she doesn't speak out against it.

I think Susan has a good heart but wants to be accepted.

April's initial motivations for getting on the board were probably a little revenge (for being mistreated) and a little desire to do something meaningful, and she wants to be accepted also. As she has gained a little more acceptance, her anger toward the district has faded.

This desire to be accepted is how the veteran school board members and the Superintendent get the newbies to tow the line. It happened to Candy and it happened to Faliero (they were originally billed as reformers of the board but quickly became the old guard).

Maybe April and Susan will become evil, b/c power corrupts, but I don't think they are there yet. I think the others are ahead of them on that. Like I said above, I think some are more evil than others. I think Candy revels in her power. She loves that South Tampa women have to come to her and tell the woes about their child's school. She loves attending events and being a "somebody." She loves being on committees and being someone who makes decisions on spending millions of dollars of school district money so all these people kiss her ass. She kisses ass so that others will kiss her ass.

I guess I view the evil in degrees. Below is my ranking of how evil I think the board members are (most evil comes first, least evil at the end):









I actually put Candy above Elia. I really think Candy is the worst type of person in the world.....someone who helps to perpetuate evil. Elia is just a bull in a china shop trying to get things done and to hell with anyone who gets in her way, and that is evil, but it is somehow a less sneaky and creepy evil that Candy possesses. And what makes Candy more evil as well is that most people are won over by her or want something from her, so they do not view her as evil.


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