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Show No Mercy in the Political Ring

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Advice to District 4 Board Member Pole Girl's Opponent.

One seldom gets the chance to use vivid adjectives that describe District 4's board member.

Referring to Jennifer Falliero's conduct, we have the choice of "immoral";" sleazy"; "deceitful"; "corrupt"; "debased"; or "debauched." I like also the old-fashioned adjectives "indecorous" and "unbecoming" to portray Ms. Faliero's conduct as a board member. Those fit too. They are the adjectives my women relatives would use at the family reunion church dinner on the grounds that I attend once a year in White Oak, Georgia.

Ms. Falliero's sordid conduct on school grounds and about town the board and whole school system knew about from the teachers' lounges to the janitors' mop closets.

Her debauched conduct has made me label incumbent Falliero "Pole Girl."

As far back as Dr. Lennard's regime, La Falliero haunted head-of-Community-Relations Marc Hart's office. She became almost a part of the furniture. She claimed she needed Hart's "mentoring." Her behavior was so flagrant that Dr. Lennard told her to stop it. She ignored him.

Dr.Lennard was a case of the pot calling the kettle black I suspect.

I asked Dr. Lennard one time when he was toying with running for the state House if the rumor were true that he and Dr. James Hamilton had left their wives and set up a bachelor pad at one time. He said no. I don't believe him.

Adultery ensued in the Jennifer campaign to seduce Hart. It succeeded, alas. This selfish behavior meant pain for two sets of children. Falliero contributed to Hart's divorce. His young son's grades fell; his daughter's chronic disease exacerbated. The adultery caused Falliero's own divorce from, I believe, a county football coach.

Falliero and her coach spouse have two daughters, who got scant consideration from either parent. To safeguard her board seat, Mama Falliero bargained away child support for her husband's promise not to reveal the adultery that led to their divorce. She was a fool to think that the news would not get out; it already had. This dumb move by La Falliero deprived her children of the financial support they needed. She subsequently spoke up on the board podium to urge the need for a raise in board salaries because she couldn't make ends meet.

The board already exceeded beginning teachers' salaries by $9,000. Board parasites do nothing to earn a $40,000-plus tax take. Those board members not engaged in known adultery do nothing but pose languidly on the board dais, preening their imagined importance. They scamper around to community political powwows with tax-paid- food orgies and get fatter by the day.

Board members don't earn the salaries that exceed those of teachers. They do not do due diligence such as reading background materials and questioning school- administration documentation. They merely push the green button for whatever Ms. Elia tells them to do. They are not interested in the schools. They are interested in the social life the board position affords them.

They are also interested in abusing travel funds. In addition to their bloated, unearned salaries, they spend thousands of dollars of tax money on joy trips. Present board chair Susan Valdes pissed away $50,000 in one year for R&R rides around the country while poor county children couldn't participate in class projects because their parents couldn't afford the supplies they needed. Ms. Valdes's favorite podium quote is that she is going to "save every penny of taxpayers' money." You betcha.

Board members write no summary of their tax-paid larks around the country or reveal what they learned that benefits the schools when they return from these travel sprees. I bet the content of any essays they eked out filled with grammar and punctuation errors passim would be how to order from room service ad lib and charge it to Florida working people's taxes.

On top of Falliero's adulterous behavior, this insidious specimen of corrupt public servant moved secretly and illegally from Brandon, her official Number 4 district, to South Tampa's Number 2 district. This is Candy Olson's bailiwick. She is the board member with an exotic marital history: her lawyer spouse divorced her after discovering he was gay and then sent out the message that he had "never been happier."

Like so many social naifs, Falliero suffered from the myth that South Tampa is the Hillsborough County Riviera. She is convinced that South Tampa is the place where all the swells luxuriate and conduct literary receptions at which they discuss Thucydides' comments on the Peloponnesian War, Proust's A La Recherche du Temps Perdu, and the less well known poetry of Virgil whilst they waltz around wearing designer duds.

That's malarkey. My family lived in the South Tampa arrondissment twenty years while our children went to Grady, Coleman, and then graduated from Plant. I can say with certainty that South Tampa erudition stops at the National Inquirer and bodice-ripper epics and that the concept of elegance consists of plastic flowers in the foyers of lot-line to lot-line hulking, behemoth houses. These bloated productions are what incoming parvenus throw up after buying and knocking down some little postal worker's cottage built before the South Tampa real-estate gold rush. The women all roll bandages at the Junior League and wear Dillard's off-the-rack couture. Chanel doesn't sell in Dillard's.

Falliero's board decorum coincides with her whacky ideas of posh neighborhoods.

This feckless mother and board member jerked her two poor daughters out of Brandon schools and signed them up at Plant. Anybody who has tried to move a child from one school to another knows how hard that is to do. My read is that Ms. Elia picked up the phone and ordered the Plant principal to expedite the move. He ran, not walked, to the counselors to order them to sign up the Falliero daughters. Poor girls: hostages to their mother's randy endocrine system and false ideas of posh.

The reason I can say for a certainty that Falliero committed adultery is that Marc Hart called me to come over to the beach and show me the part of his divorce deposition that confirms the fact. The administration and board finally fired the poor guy on a manufactured charge to save Falliero's "reputation." Then he couldn't get a local job to earn money to help his former wife support his children because the parochial government employment underground had blackballed him.

Just when you think the press has gone to sleep permanently, some one of the tribe wakes up and prints that a school board member has snuck out of her district illegally and set up housekeeping in Golden South Tampa. That's what Lois-Lane Ms. Stein of the SPTimes did. In addition, Stein afterwards tracked down Falliero and made her admit that she had lied about the moving caper.

Exposed, the ethically mobile Falliero tucked her tail between her legs, snatched her poor daughters from Plant, and scurried back to Brandon. That's where she now hunkers like a civic vulture waiting to run again for Board Seat 4 and settle in for four more years to pursue her dicey conduct as a member of the outfit that leads the schools for our children's and grandchildren's (I still have one grandchild going to Plant in the fall) wellbeing.

I forgot to mention that at the end of Falliero's adultery saga, the board--all of them--voted her in as chair. They saw nothing wrong with adultery on school grounds by one of their number although they would do a quick turnaround if their constituent parents found out about the adulteress chair and raised a squawk. That information's getting out would cause an uproar from the parents and public; then the rest of the board would discover a reason to do a quick kickout of Falliero as chair. But until the public finds out and raises Cain, an adulteress and her supporters run the schools.

So far Ms. Falliero has one opponent. He is a pharmacist. Woe betide the voters of Hillsborough County if this guy suffers from the chivalric code and won't bellow loud and clear about his opponent's moral disabilities and other flaws to the voters. If he does not have the courage to do so, he might as well resign himself to counting pills and not bother running for the board. He must also realize that unless voters get hit over the head with a news two-by- four, they vote incumbent because that is the only name they know.

The voters need acquaintance with Ms. Falliero's disabilities for sitting on a school board, and the opponent in the election is the only person who will brief them.

Many naive political candidates foster the belief that the newspapers will rescue them by printing the skullduggeries of their opponents.

Wrong. Newspapers suffer galloping timidity and don't want to make the power people mad by printing the truth about them. Newspapers are especially timid today since more and more are going under as victims of the blogs and online mega-papers. I can't imagine how the legend of the Crusading Press emerged. It's just a big fib.

I myself have abandoned the print press. I pull up the HuffingtonReport first and then the NYTimes. Only my computer averse husband of 53 years reads the SPTimes. He cuts me recipes out of it.

I think the current print press thinks it can run on automatic and last a few more years by not offending anybody with printing unsavory truths. My belief is that if its minions had the moxie to slap out the news of the community's power base's mess-ups such as the Falliero adultery story that took place on school grounds, newspapers would keep readers longer. But I doubt they can bring themselves to that level of go-to-hell courage. Timid people fill press ranks--especially management that muffles young reporters when the latter want to do a juicy story.

First campaign shot across the bow: To get the message out on Falliero's moral morbidity, the pharmacist guy must attend a meeting of the board before which he will have sent out a press release to both print press and TV. Heck, he should throw in the radio stations too. It should say something to the effect that the school board incumbent has a sexual history that must come out for the voters' review before election. He should say that he will answer questions in the ROSSAC lobby after the meeting on whatever date it is.

The word "sex" must be in the press release. Twice if the pharmacist can swing it. That word draws the press when nothing else does. If the board has the guard kick our pharmacist candidate out of the lobby, he must invite the press to follow him to the sidewalk, which is good old American public free-speech space. I, by the way, have been kicked out of the school board lobby. I lived to tell the tale.

I am sorry to report that Falliero is pretty. She's getting a little long in the tooth, but she is the best-looking board member, not a notable encomium when you see the pusses on the rest of the board.

The pharmacist candidate should scrub up and look as pretty as he can, and he must not use any of the adjectives suggested in the top paragraph of this message. He must not say that Ms. Falliero's behavior is slutty; he must say her conduct is "untoward," "shocking," or "unfortunate." Think Victorian adjectives for the press conference.

Once Mr. Pharmacist has the press's attention because of invoking sex, he must mention two other areas that concern him about Falliero's candidacy.

The challenger must point out that Falliero has joined the rest of the board in defying the law by refusing to make the administration carry out the bullying law as lawmakers wrote it. The law includes both students and staff. The language of the bill repeatedly cites adults employed by the schools.

Explain that the board and administration don't want the bullying law implemented as written because then teachers would have a resource to file bullying charges against the board and administration when both cook up false Professional Standards complaints against teachers to make them scared to critique the board's and administration's mis-running of the schools for fear that the critical teachers' will lose their jobs in retaliation.

Say that neither Falliero of the unfortunate moral status nor any of the board that supports her fall from grace will ask the Attorney General for an opinion on whether HB 669, the bullying law, applies to staff as well as children. Say this flouting of the law comes from the board and administrations' wanting to shut up teachers' criticism. Say that you, Falliero's opponent, will ask for the Attorney General to render that opinion the minute the voters elect you.

A third issue on which to attack Pole Girl is Ms. Falliero's hostility to the First Amendment, discussed in Ms. April's commentary that I ran last week for La Griffin's two opponents. Ms. Falliero had no better sense than to write with editing help from the Community Relations office since she is not a whiz in the literacy department a letter to the SP Times demanding its management to put a person on duty to review letters to the editor that criticized board members and zap the critical letters. Ms. Falliero is whacko and ineducable on the right of citizens to free speech, including freely criticizing the school board and rehearsing her adultery history when the spirit moves them to do so.

I am good willed to write to Dr.Genshaft and ask her if USF routinely grants degrees to people so illiterate that they have to get writing help. I think people like Falliero, who got a degree from USF, as far-fetched as that fact seems to be, should sue the university for its letting her loose not able to write without a coach.

I would also recommend that our challenger leaflet born-again churches after Sunday services with information about Ms. Falliero's honky-tonk ethics; born-agains don't like school-board Jezebels and harlots. They won't vote for them. The Bible says born-agains shouldn't. Check out Leviticus.

I would also find out how far you have to stand from a school to leaflet and then leaflet the teachers with campaign literature when they leave school every day.

I'll help; I'll take a number of schools if the challenger pharmacist will provide me the leaflets. There is nothing I like better than to leaflet. Some of the happiest times of my life have been spent on the picket line.

Keep in mind that there are a whole lot more teachers than board members and administrators. To get teachers' vote, remind them how the board and administration routinely file cooked-up Professional Standards charges against teachers to frame them soas to scare them about losing their job.

Don't bewilder voters with too much information. Pick three things against Falliero and hammer them. That's the way I taught students that the possessive precedes a gerund.

On a slow day I hope our pharmacist challenger of the Pole Girl will say that he plans to lower board salaries to that of the lowest-paid teachers in the system. That will knock about $9,000 from the loot of these parasites and will panic the public-money blood suckers who presently occupy the board. In addition to being lazy, they are greedy and feed obscenely from the public trough while doing nothing to improve the schools.

More advice will come to the candidates from time to time from this blog. But I have provided a start for our noble druggist candidate. Go, Mr. Pharmacy guy, go! lee

On another matter: You may recall that Gonzales was part of the Al-Arian farce at USF. You can read more about it at

or google Arian Gonzalez usf -ariane and find other hits.

Gonzalez must be very busy at SDHC and USF and etc, etc. I think his firm has a hammerlock on school jobs. I have a request in for public information about how much the Gonzalez team got paid last year for their legal services by USF. I have also learned that the trial Gonzalez lost six years ago in the Erwin whistle-blower case cost $34,000 billed to the taxpayers along with Mr. Erwin's $165,000 settlement. When Gonzalez and his co-counsel complained to the judge about the amount of the award, the judge is supposed to have said that it would have been more if Mr. Erwin had had a better lawyer. So taxpayers footed the legal bill for the criminal behavior of Dr. Lennard, ROSSAC minions, and the board for punishing Mr. Erwin when he reported criminality in the schools. Tom Gonzalez played his usual part in providing legal cover in this obscene case. He hired an investigative firm that he dismissed when it discovered only that the administration and board were trying to frame Mr. Erwin, make people think he was crazy, and fire him without his pension lee

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Linda, how are you doing getting me the cost of the Whistleblower trial? I want a separate figure for the Gonzalez firm's payout along with the total cost of the trial. I have decided I can make do without the Gonzalez salary for the seven years on the board job. I will use the $175,000 base for one year that you sent me. ldd

I have an offer that I will accept from a reader to translate my pdf files into Word. I have a Pdf program but am still trying to figure it out. My code is the English language; there I am master of the game and can't be trapped. But the computer lore sometimes befuddles me. For instance, I am now struggling to install a new printer. Also if I could prevent these pests from sending me erectile-dysfunction ads to post on my blog, I would be in hog's heaven. lee