Thursday, November 26, 2009

Computer on the Fritz

Minions of the Light:

My computer has been on the fritz for days; three visits to the computer fixer had not taken care of the problem.

I have now come to Tampa for Thanksgiving to my baby daughter's in Beach Park with my tower to leave it for my grandson to come and either fix it or deliver ii last rites.

In my desperation, I bought a laptop as a backup; I can't get it up and running. So my engineer son and daughter are rehearsing me on where to plug in the cables, etc. I will never remember all this.

When I get back online, I shall write Bill and Melinda Gates what do-dos they were to give the Hillsborough County school board and administration a hundred million to throw around as is their wont.

als0 have to write to Florida Bar Ethics people to complain about Gonzalez's giving a bench interpretation on the board podium that cuts the adults out of the bullying law HB 669 because the board and administration don't want to give teachers a tool to fight Professional Standards sadism toward teachers.

Now I have to go home and see if I can figure out where to plug these cords into my laptop. I will be back as soon as my computer problem abates. lee