Thursday, November 26, 2009

Computer on the Fritz

Minions of the Light:

My computer has been on the fritz for days; three visits to the computer fixer had not taken care of the problem.

I have now come to Tampa for Thanksgiving to my baby daughter's in Beach Park with my tower to leave it for my grandson to come and either fix it or deliver ii last rites.

In my desperation, I bought a laptop as a backup; I can't get it up and running. So my engineer son and daughter are rehearsing me on where to plug in the cables, etc. I will never remember all this.

When I get back online, I shall write Bill and Melinda Gates what do-dos they were to give the Hillsborough County school board and administration a hundred million to throw around as is their wont.

als0 have to write to Florida Bar Ethics people to complain about Gonzalez's giving a bench interpretation on the board podium that cuts the adults out of the bullying law HB 669 because the board and administration don't want to give teachers a tool to fight Professional Standards sadism toward teachers.

Now I have to go home and see if I can figure out where to plug these cords into my laptop. I will be back as soon as my computer problem abates. lee


Anonymous said...

I wondered !! I missed you !! Lee, did you do what I told you to do and buy an EXCELLENT virus protection?? Only use web-based email (yahoo or another or check your roadrunner mail REMOTELY) because that is how the shit ends up on your machine. AND back up your best stuff on a drive you NEVER EVER plug in online. AND get a fifty dollar wireless router. You can carry your laptop down to the beach and still be online that way. Laptops are cheap. I'm not sure why people stick with the towers. You can get a brand new laptop with a HUGE harddrive a HUGE extension drive and all the bells and whistles and have change from five hundred on a good day. Show your grandson this and tell him if he won't take you shopping I will. DO NOT renew your virus subscription online. Go buy a new cd and reinstall it every year. It's a little tricky but you're MUCH more sly than a stupid old box of bolts which is all these things are.
love, vox

Anonymous said...

And read this.

ANother victim of maryEllen Elia's GANG CATERING SCHOOLS and her hasbeens in administration who punish TROUBLED TEENS.

I hope these parents SUE HER ASS.
The link is sue her ass. Please read it. It's so disgusting that this went on openly in a goddamn hallway and classroom and the VICTIM was punished.

Vox Populi said...

lee read this about the bookstore at SPC. I bet this is the same reason they wanted to get rid of the hcc ladies so they could start driving up textbook costs !!!
Too coincidental.
Here's the link you'll have to cope and past.

Anonymous said...

Lee a reader posted below comment on SP Times website today (re: St. Pete College overcharging for textbooks)=mentioned your name. Looks like St. Pete College is just as corrupt HCC. - GK Insider

sugarme wrote:
uh oh here we go with kuttler, sweetie and deveron again. deveron is the one pushing so hard for tricky ricky. does tricky want a sweetie of his own?? Mr. Stubblefield, are you aware that they tried to get rid of all the ladies at the HCC bookstore, too> Probably to start this same scheme. Read lee drury decesare casting room couch. you two probably have a lot to talk about.Nov 29th, 2009 2:02 pm

Anonymous said...

You wrote in the past about Mark Hart and Board Member Faliero. Rumors have it that Hart also did the "dirty mombo" with Board member April Griffin. One reason she was fired by Jim Halliton after working for Mark in the Office of Communications. Maybe you should try to confirm.