Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This Reader's Comment About Candy's Husband's Being Our Own John, the Crank, Made Me Laugh Out Loud. lee

The Council of Trent meets to decide whether John D is Candy Olson's gay run-away husband.

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Is John D. Candy Olson's gay husband?

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Anonymous said...

He probably is. Her husband's name was John. Maybe he has a middle name starting with a "d".

Vox Populi said...

That MIGHT explain a bit of his disregard for women. Not that gays disregard women but that he disregarded every woman alive by living that lie at her expense ...

Lee, not that this is entirely a good thing but a lawsuit is taking aim at the JEBBster's (JEB666) education policies. I don't feel they should have concentrated solely on minorities because non minority students have suffered as well. maryEllen Elia and her thugs are EQUAL OPPORTUNITY HATERS.

Here's the link.

Anonymous said...

Classless, truly classless.

Anonymous said...

Lee please post

11/24/ 09 Tampa Tribune.A state audit of Hillsborough Community College reveals month after month of "unreconciled differences" and raises questions about how well the college keeps track of revenue.

The auditors didn't uncover any fraud but said discrepancies in the college's general account and bookstore account increase the risk that fraud could go undetected.

The audit found differences between the amount of money deposited each month into the bank and the amount recorded on the college's general ledger.

Anonymous said...

These criminal school board members are classless! The anonymous poster is correct! They are classless!

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't have to look very far to find fraud. Have them check with ms. brown in financial aid and her cohort gwen in the throne.
THIS is probably what gwen gave lessons in....