Sunday, March 09, 2008

Last post, I promise.

You are the age of my oldest granddaughter. Your life is ahead of you, and this evil treatment you are getting in the schools is a test for your stamina for the rest of your life.

Go to Fred Burns. He's running for the board. Do what Fred tells you to do. I also have recruited another young woman to run against the adulteress Falliero when her term is up in 09. Fred will eventually find out the young woman's name; then you two can collaborate on this problem. She's very young too. But so are the boys going to Iraq. Young people can be brave and do incredible things.

The main thing is not to retreat. The administration and its board colluders are the crooks, not you. So keep that in mind and keep in mind as well that this is America. lee

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Lee, I am so sad to see you go. I think it is remarkable what you are doing for this district. I am just a second year English teacher, who has been shut down a myriad of times by her school site (department/administration) and a particular ROSSAC member for voicing my concerns about SpringBoard.

They send a very clear message that I am to be silent. Though I am just a mid-twenty-something, I still feel that I have the same right as any other educator to stand up and cry foul. I have been scolded and laughed at countless times, and now I am so sick of it that I am leaving this profession within the year to return to school. I am a gifted individual, who puts in countless hours for my students, but the SDHC has successful squashed the fine craft of pedagogy with their 6/7 and SpringBoard. I hope to follow in your foot steps. Though I will be gone in a year, I tend to keep my eye on this district and when more life experiences come my way, I will grow louder and stronger.

Thank you!

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