Thursday, August 16, 2007

From: lee decesare
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2007 9:35:40 AM
Subject: school administration use of consultants

After reviewing the murky prose of the pricy consultant's transportation study, I wonder why the administration needed it. I have ideas about the answer to this question.

Information about keeping abreast of school-transportation needs and changes in that field fills the Internet. Why didn't the the school-district transportation people use those resources to keep abreast of their industry to make the needed changes over time themselves to avert the pile-up of problems that required hiring an expensive consultant?

This transportation brouhaha presents the typical morphology of this administration's mismanagement. The administration hires from the inside plethora of incompetents, usually for loyalty to the superintendent and history of going along to get along, not for their education, experience, and proven skills. The Board does not insist that its pledge of equal opportunity in hiring forces the advertising of these jobs to produce superior candidates from outside the inside pool of mediocrity and incompetence.

The inside administration talent is too poor to produce good candidates for any of the extant administrative posts with bloated salaries and lax oversight from the superintendent. So things rock along as they did in transportation area until problems overwhelm the system because these untrained, not-smart people don't know how to manage because they don't have the education, experience, or skills to do it.

Why in the world wasn't there an MBA in the top transportation administrative position instead of a former bus driver? A trained mind at the top would have prevented the need to manage by consultant as is now the case. If I read right, this blowzy, murky, unneeded TIP consultant study price was half a million dollars. That's criminal waste of taxpayer money. With incompetents in top positions, the school system's pattern must be to manage by consultants. That procedure policy.

My lord, it would be cheaper to turn the administration of the schools over to these consultants altogether whom the administration must now summon now to fix the mess-ups of the poorly equipped insider people who now hold down these administratrion posts at bloated salaries.

These top administrative jobs pay considerably more than private industry would pay for such deficient talent. If advertised, the jobs would attract top-notch candidates from outside the inside loop of mediocrity, favoritism, buddy hiring, and sycophancy to the superintendent. Advertising on the open market would draw in top-talent candidates with excellent education, experience, and management skills to manage instead of hiring consultants to tell these unequipped people how to do their jobs.

Why in the world doesn't the board exert some leadership in this area and insist on a new hiring system that pays for talent instead of bumbling insider mediocrity?

I don't know how Ms. Ethridge can keep a straight face when she goes into one of her threnodies about the excellence of the staff. She makes herself part of the problem with these encomiums to failed performance by calling them excellent, exemplary, wonderful, and tra-la-la.

What the school system needs is a board of members who themselves have the intelligence, education, and courage to change the hiring system for the good of the community that pays for it.

lee drury de cesare

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Still trying to track the dirty-trick evidence of the hoax administration professional-standards charge against Bart Birdsall

Bart demonstrated against the Storms county ordinance to punish gays by denying them library benefits. The administration doesn't like that kind of publicity: it wants to distance itself from gays and has refused to have special seminars on bullying of gay children.

Elia obtained emails from the county that Bart had sent as a citizen from his home to Joe Stines, County Library honcho. Elia and Professional
Standards Linda Kipley tried to claim Birdsall was misusing the school email despite these private emails' having come from his home computer.

County administrator Bean pitched in because County Public Library administratro Stines must have been too gutless to answer Bart's emails critical of Stines's cooperation with the county's shutting out gays from the library display. Both Stines and Bart are gay.

At Tiger Bay, Ms. Elia told me and Bart that her technological knowledge was too deficient to read the "to" and "from" of the emails, so she had innocently sent them to Abu Gharib Kipley to investigate. That was a whopper, of course, of the sort that Elia thinks is high diplomacy. She's that obtuse.

We have never been able to extract an admission from the culprits of how Ms. Elia got the emails from Stines. We want to know who at the school administration asked for these emails; or alternatively, who at the county voluntarily sent them to Elia.

We have not been watching Forensic Files for nothing. We will get to the bottom of this dirty little terrorist tactic if it is the last thing we do.

Ms. Bean: I understand that you will be at Tiger Bay on the 17th. I can't make that day but want to ask you a question about your perforance of your job.

Bart Birdsall, a school employee, was referred to the Professional Standards division for his alleged misuse of the school emails. What he had done was email your county library head, Joe Stines, from his home, his right as a citizen.

You apparently sent the emails to Ms. Elia. Why did you do so since they came from Birdsall's home email and made no use of the school email? What person at the school administration asked you for the emails since I understand your official response to why you sent them was that somebody in the school administration asked for them. Was the person asking for the emails Ms. Elia? If not she, then who? If so, how did any school official know about the emails that originated from a citizen’s private email? Who told her or someone at the school administration: you or Mr. Stines?

I would appreciate this public information.

lee drury de cesare lee_decesare@Yahoo.lcom

c: All members of the school board

Bart Birdsall