Friday, May 04, 2007

The post on the Wall about Elia's background reveals all. The ROSSAC Mafia is nothing but a network of relationships that leads to the superintendent's office. This hungry-for-power cell plots for years to keep the power of the superintendent's job within its pod to boost its salaries and have access to the graft inherent in subcontracting.

I read in MBrown's column that the Board considered Jim Hamilton as superintendent. He has the bona fide occupational qualification of illiteracy for the job.
This is the fellow who does not know the difference between "you're" and "your."

Make no mistake about it. The Board is part of the problem. It
is Siamese twin of the administration. They share a common gallbladder.

The teacher and good-education enemies on the Board need replacing. I encouraged that young farmer from the last two Board meetings to run for the Board or to identify somebody to run against Falliera. She's a brain-dead Elia clone girlfriend.

I'm giving that teacher fellow money and encouragement who's running against primal screamer Le Lamb. The Board scream was his second scream at me. The first occurred at Tampa Tiger Bay--which kicked me out for asking pols questions too tough for them to deal with; the cowards on the Tiger Bay Board said some pols wouldn't come back if I were there.
Big babies.

At Tiger Bay I told Lamb and La Candy that their raising their salaries to $6000 above those of beginning teachers offended me.

Lamb went into his apoplectic mode and screamed the same message he screamed at me at the Board meeting; in effect it was, "Go home to Madeira Beach. I don't want to hear you!" Candy stood by and smirked approval.

Candy's never gutsy enough to scream herself. She carries water for those who do, and she, caught on camera, reads notes into the record from Elia blasting teachers.

One hundred teachers could fan out across South Tampa next time she runs and tell parents how Candy backs up the administration's mistreatment of teachers. These one hundred could evict her from her perch on the Board. I would run a French poodle against her. Anybody or anything is better than Candy on the Board.