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Vox has researched the Whitehead case and found a court judgment that lays out the skullduggery of the ROSSAC fiends. They didn't want a jury trial. They knew a jury would see through their lies as it did in Doug Erwin's case. We benefit from the fact that nobody ever opposed them before. They are used to getting away with murder with no opposition. This situation has made them flabby as compared to our lean, mean fighting machine.

Tom Gonzalez was Crosby Few's assistant in defending the board in this Whitehead case of discrimination against a Downs-Syndrome child.

Gonzalez's DNA mixes inextricably with the ROSSAC crooks. He's in it up to the neck.

Below is the junk-filled classroom of special-needs children in the Kemp case, where the Professional Standards gulag mauled teacher Steve Kemp on a charge the sheriff had thrown out the same day Supervisor Smiley filed it. Ms Elia et al let administrator Smiley, responsible for the disgraceful junk-room housing of retarded children, skip away with administration immunity.

I am busy for a couple of days writing to the accreditation people: SACS. I want to see if I can intervene in the automatic approval by SACS for the school district. The US Department of Education is a resource here.

Fortunately, SACS has an attenuated relationship with the Federal Department of Education. That will be a helpful connection to alert to the Hillsborough-County-board-and-school- administrationn skullduggery pile-up.

What we deal with here is interlocking rackets it seems. Keep alert. Eat your Wheaties. Floss. Our country's integrity depends on us few, us happy few, us band of brothers and sisters. lee

The fun news is that snootie-tootie Candy Olson lives behind a movie theater now. My dears, my dears. Living behind a movie theater just isn't done. IS NOT DONE if you want remain a snoot in good standing in South Tampa while ignoring the needs of poor children in your school district. lee

Whom can I contact at state level to get a copy of that Whitehead file? Thank you for the Susan Valdes travel record; it's bad but not as bad as one year.

Mr. Hegarty, head of your division, isn't pulling that turndown for me to address an agenda item out of the air. That regulation has to be written down, so I would like a copy of it. And yes, he did say refusing to let me speak was board policy. ldd


The records retention schedule set by the Florida Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services, requires that lawsuit files be kept for five years. The Whitehead case ended more than five years ago, so the records are no longer available.

Susan Valdes' $50,000 in travel expenses spanned more than two years.

You may have misunderstood Mr. Hegarty's explanation about the item and a related policy. He did not say it was school board policy.

Linda E. Cobbe
External Communications Manager
Hillsborough County Public Schools
901 E. Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33602
813-272-4602 (O)
813-493-6964 (C)
813-272-4510 (F)

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lee if they have all that available on their system and THEY SHOULD.. if you ask for it on CD they must provide it to you in that fashion. Which is cheaper than paying for copies. OR they must allow you access to their computer records on site.

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