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This Reader's Comment About Candy's Husband's Being Our Own John, the Crank, Made Me Laugh Out Loud. lee

The Council of Trent meets to decide whether John D is Candy Olson's gay run-away husband.

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Is John D. Candy Olson's gay husband?

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

How Do These Guys Pass the Bar?

My baby daughter and her son, Christophe, on their familty trip to Paris

Go to scribd.com/doc/2254717/kemp-settlement-ltr-3
for the Kemp settlement letter

Mark Harmon

Hardman & Sakellarides
29605 US Highway 19 North
Suite 110
Clearwater, FL 33761-1538

Mr. Harmon:

You acted teacher Steve Kemp's attorney during his agon with the Hillsborough County school board and administration over his job because of the cooked-up child-abuse report to the Sheriff's office thrown out on the day Supervisor Smiley filed it.

It appears to me that if you had been any less active in the Kemp case, sirrah, you would have been motionless.

I don't know if you are aware of or care what has happened to Mr. Kemp while you pondered your cuticles or threw spit balls into the waste basket. Let me catch you up, counselor.

The August 24 Gonzalez letter to you from the $275,000-a-year-board attorney wunderkind. makes his timing suspect. The indulgence the board shovels out to Mr. Gonzalez encourages him to be slovenly.

Since Mr. Kemp didn't deliver his invidious-treatment oration to the board until November, I judge Mr. Gonzalez's August dating suspicious. But it's typical. Nobody ever rebukes the outrages perpetrated by the administration, board, and attorney, so the gaggle has grown slipshod in its cover-ups.

One thing is sure, however: This date-challenged letter records that the board and administration succeeded in gutting Mr. Kemp and hanging him out to dry for the crows to pick out his eyes in the usual Medieval torture routine that the board and administration have devised and augmented over the years of their sadistic hegemony.

The board-administration team is guarding the glory of mishandling the pile money the state sends the board based on student headcount. Its members have done, do, and will do vile deeds to keep control of that truckload of money.

This stash of cash and its reflected luster insures that they appear important people, guardians of students' learning, and bona fide paragons of civic virtue despite their being the C students academic products of higher-education, who rushed to administrations because that's where the money is and also because they can lord it over the A and B students who head for the classrooms, low pay, and coercion from the administration-board C students, satisfying jealousies that date back to the freshman years of both.

If you had bestirred yourself to get Tom Gonzalez to compose and insert the result of your negotiations the day you sat in your Clearwater office and chatted him up, then he would not be able to produce the post mortem that this August 24 letter to you lays out.

Even now, after the horse has fled the barn, you could make yourself useful to your abused client by writing a rebuttal this highly tendentious account by Le Gonzalez and insist that it go into Kemp's file.

The problem with flaccid lawyers such as you is that it never occurs to them to say, "Hey, wait a minute, fellow."

This damning file will follow Kemp the rest of his employment life. He is a fairly young man, and having examined the entrails of several Gulf Stream birds on the Madeira Beach barrier island where I live, I predict that Kemp will not keep his job long. The ROSSAC and board ghouls crave blood. This file will dog Kemp's footsteps in applying for jobs after the Usual Suspects manage to kick him out of Hillsborough County's school system..

So as his lawyer, you need to neutralize this file by our $275,000 wunderkind school-board mouthpiece. Sit down in front of your CRT screen and cook up a rebuttal. Insist that it go in Kemp's file.

Let me know if the ROSSAC rascals give you any trouble about putting this document in Kemp's child-abuse file. I will chime in and report them to everybody up and down the state education bureaucracy and amongst the public-servant coteries. Tattletale is my specialty.

Otherwise, I think I will have to report your feckless performance to the Bar Association or go higher and ring up Mother Herdman and let her know how her son has messed up big time. Don't expect any of your case essays to go on the refrigerator after I brief Mother Herdman.

I shall post this communication on my blog and invite you to rebut. Fun will be had by all.

Very respectfully,

Lee Drury De Cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 33708