Friday, May 04, 2007

The post on the Wall about Elia's background reveals all. The ROSSAC Mafia is nothing but a network of relationships that leads to the superintendent's office. This hungry-for-power cell plots for years to keep the power of the superintendent's job within its pod to boost its salaries and have access to the graft inherent in subcontracting.

I read in MBrown's column that the Board considered Jim Hamilton as superintendent. He has the bona fide occupational qualification of illiteracy for the job.
This is the fellow who does not know the difference between "you're" and "your."

Make no mistake about it. The Board is part of the problem. It
is Siamese twin of the administration. They share a common gallbladder.

The teacher and good-education enemies on the Board need replacing. I encouraged that young farmer from the last two Board meetings to run for the Board or to identify somebody to run against Falliera. She's a brain-dead Elia clone girlfriend.

I'm giving that teacher fellow money and encouragement who's running against primal screamer Le Lamb. The Board scream was his second scream at me. The first occurred at Tampa Tiger Bay--which kicked me out for asking pols questions too tough for them to deal with; the cowards on the Tiger Bay Board said some pols wouldn't come back if I were there.
Big babies.

At Tiger Bay I told Lamb and La Candy that their raising their salaries to $6000 above those of beginning teachers offended me.

Lamb went into his apoplectic mode and screamed the same message he screamed at me at the Board meeting; in effect it was, "Go home to Madeira Beach. I don't want to hear you!" Candy stood by and smirked approval.

Candy's never gutsy enough to scream herself. She carries water for those who do, and she, caught on camera, reads notes into the record from Elia blasting teachers.

One hundred teachers could fan out across South Tampa next time she runs and tell parents how Candy backs up the administration's mistreatment of teachers. These one hundred could evict her from her perch on the Board. I would run a French poodle against her. Anybody or anything is better than Candy on the Board.



Preach on lady. Where is the fight in my fellow teachers????????????

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

If the school superintendent position were to be elective, Florida's Constitution says the following:

"[w]hen provided by resolution of the district school board, or by special law, approved by vote of the electors, the district school superintendent..."

I have the full text, but I need to know the meaning of the term "special law." Is that legalese for a petition campaign, or, is it some other meaning?

deepcover said...

Posted today at 9;38AM. Note the reference to the 2006-2007 school year. We have three weeks left and NOW they come up with the standards to qualify for the performance pay!!

How much of this crap can my fellow teachers accept?!!

I'm going to Google for info on decertifying CTA!!


As I’m sure you are aware, there will be significant changes to teaching schedules next school year. As a result of the changes we worked with the Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association to provide support to teachers at all grade levels.

I believe we found solutions that will have a real impact in our classrooms. We also revised our performance pay model to conform to the new state rules. At the most recent School Board meeting (April 24, 2007) we presented a Memorandum of Understanding for Board approval. Below I have listed the items that were approved at that meeting. I just wanted to make sure that all our teachers knew about the changes.

As always, thank you for everything you do for our students.

Here are the changes approved at the April 24, 2007, School Board meeting:

1. Beginning with the 2007-2008 school year, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) Assistant position will be established for the purpose of assisting elementary and secondary exceptional student education (ESE) teachers in their case management responsibilities and classroom coverage as needed during IEP meetings and planning sessions.

2. Beginning with the 2007-2008 school year, the following changes in the current teacher contract language regarding duties and class coverage will occur.

Regarding Duties:

· Secondary teachers (6-12) in schools with planning periods of 55 minutes or less shall have no duty assignments during their scheduled planning period.
· Secondary teachers (6-12) in schools with planning periods of at least 60 minutes shall have a scheduled planning period of at least one full period during half the school year. During one half of the school year, their planning period may be shortened to 45 consecutive minutes in order to complete duty assignments.
· At secondary (6-12) sites where the schedule permits a 50-minute lunch period, teachers may be assigned a maximum of 15 minutes duty for student supervision for half the school year during lunch, or a comparable duty assignment within the regular teacher day, with the exception of those times specifically set aside for teacher planning.

Regarding Class Coverage:

· In the event of a teacher’s absence, every effort will be made to secure a substitute teacher. When a substitute teacher is not available, resource and other non-classroom teachers may be assigned to cover for the absent teacher. Except in an emergency, no resource or non-classroom personnel shall be assigned to class coverage duty more than once a week and shall earn one (1) hour compensatory time for each day assigned, up to four (4) hours per month.
· A content-appropriate teacher may be assigned to absorb students into his/her classroom to cover for the absent teacher. Elementary and secondary teachers who absorb students from an absent teacher’s class will be granted compensatory time. Elementary teachers who absorb students for a full day will be granted two (2) hours compensatory time. Secondary teachers who absorb students for one (1) period are granted one (1) hour compensatory time. Secondary teachers who absorb students for more than one (1) period will receive a maximum of two (2) hours compensatory time. Compensatory time shall be taken as described in section 3.5.1 of the teacher contract with the exception that time may be used on faculty meeting day if no pre-notified faculty meeting is scheduled.
· In the event it is necessary to assign a teacher substitute duties during their planning period, the teacher may choose to be compensated either by compensatory time or a rate of pay to be negotiated annually.


As a result of recent Legislative action repealing the Special Teachers Are Rewarded (STAR) performance pay plan effective June 30, 2007, and replacing it with the Merit Award Program (MAP), the teachers union asked the school district to renegotiate the new performance pay plan. As a result, MAP was negotiated and presented to the School Board for approval on April 24, 2007. Pending ratification by the HCTA, the new Merit Award Program will be implemented beginning with the 2006-2007 school year. Highlights include:

· evaluation adjustments with the expansion of the numerical score,
· the inclusion of team teaching, co-teaching, and support facilitation,
· a procedural appeals process, and
· an attendance incentive, if funds permit.

We will pass along more information on the new performance pay plan as a result of the ratification process with the HCTA.

MaryEllen Elia
Hillsborough County Public Schools
Phone: (813) 272-4050
Fax: (813) 272-4038

Anonymous said...

Candy schmoozes with everyone she can in South Tampa to hold onto her perch. She is there only because she is friends with people who know other people and most of them don't even have their kids in public school. They vote for her b/c they want to have a "friend" on the school board. Teachers should fan out and talk about how horrible Candy has performed on the board during her 12+ years, if she runs again. The woman cares nothing about teachers. She cares about herself and nothing more.

Sisyphus - The Rock that Keeps on Rolling... said...

The performance pay for ESE teachers who teach students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities is a REAL SHAM. Teachers were given pieces (word lists) of the Brigance to administer in April that had been altered by the district (copyright violation). We do not have testing booklets of this level of the Brigance for the students with moderate disabilities. The district was correct in its directions to not use their altered piece of the test unless we had testing booklets for each student. We were unable to evaluate our students.

The teachers of students with severe disabilities were asked to do developmental profiles on students. The instrument is intended for children under the age of 6, again an unethical use of a testing instrument. Scores for this instrument yield negative numbers for these students. It was extremely difficult obtaining this evaluation instrument to attempt to find out what kinds of information would be reported. The use of this developmental profile was essentially asking teachers to raise students’ IQs.

6 weeks later they are NOW to re-administer these tests and report the scores. Somehow these invalid measures will measure progress in a 6 week period and somehow translate to performance pay for these teachers?????

Whenever we test students individually with a non-classroom test, we must secure permission to evaluate, which creates a chain of paperwork for ESE. Any measure for performance pay should show growth over a significant time period, not 6 weeks

Vox Populi said...

You GO, LEE !!!

I told Jack Lamb for you the other day .... enjoy!!