Sunday, January 17, 2010

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Linda, how are you doing getting me the cost of the Whistleblower trial? I want a separate figure for the Gonzalez firm's payout along with the total cost of the trial. I have decided I can make do without the Gonzalez salary for the seven years on the board job. I will use the $175,000 base for one year that you sent me. ldd

I have an offer that I will accept from a reader to translate my pdf files into Word. I have a Pdf program but am still trying to figure it out. My code is the English language; there I am master of the game and can't be trapped. But the computer lore sometimes befuddles me. For instance, I am now struggling to install a new printer. Also if I could prevent these pests from sending me erectile-dysfunction ads to post on my blog, I would be in hog's heaven. lee

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Goader said...


I received the follow email, one on Jan. 11 and the other on Jan. 18 concerning imposing the 6/7 instructional schedule on middle school teachers next year. I have not heard a peep from any bloggers about this! Where is everyone on this new development? Obviously, they want to implement the plan under the radar, and it seems, once again, that they are succeeding.

I think the union representatives for all the high schools need to speak out about the pros and cons of the 6/7 plan since it has been implemented in high schools for three years now.