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Former school leader to mediate

Feuding Pinellas officials choose Earl Lennard to resolve their conflict.

By Thomas C. Tobin, Times Staff Writer
Published March 1, 2008

[Times files]

Earl Lennard retired in 2005 after nine years as Hillsborough school superintendent.

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Earl Lennard, the former Hillsborough school superintendent, will mediate an ongoing conflict between two of Pinellas County's top education officials.


Mr. Tobin: I have doubts about Earl the Pearl's ability to mediate between school Pinellas board attorney Jim Robinson and Clayton Wilcox.

Dr. Lennard has shown frail ability to influence school people while he was on the job in Tampa as superintendent.

I will give you one infamous example of Dr. Lennard's lack of persuasive power.

School Board member Jennifer Falliero--widely known as Pole Girl Falliero--initiated an affair with Public Information administrator Marc Hart by haunting his office with the excuse that she needed his "mentoring."

La Belle Dame Sans Merci Falliero's behavior became so notorious that Dr. Lennard called her into his office and told her to lay off Marc Hart, married with two children. Falliero was also married with two children, but these circumstances did not deter La Falliero from pursuing an adulterous relationship with Mr. Hart with a hey nonny nonny.

Ms. Falliero blew off Dr. Lennard's instructions about leaving Mr. Hart alone. She persevered with her mentoring assault and broke up Mr. Hart's family, which caused extreme suffering to his two young children.

How do I know? Mr. Hart called me to come to my home and tell me about the situation. He said that his son had been a top student but that after Hart and his wife divorced due to Falliero's reckless behavior in pursuing her sexual amusement, his son was struggling in school. He said his daughter's medical condition had exacerbated.

Because of Dr. Lennard's inability to persuade the school-board Mata Hari to cease and desist from her mentoring attack on Hart, Ms. Falliero romped on in the affair she initiated with Mr. Hart without paying one iota of attention to Earl the Pearl.

Moreover, there is no record that Dr. Lennard persisted in his effort to persuade Ms. Falliero to desist from adulterous behavior on school grounds. He just threw up his hands and quit.

Given these data, one must ask how much vigor Dr. Lennard is capable of summoning to referee between Dr. Wilox and Counselor Wilson.

Meanwhile, if you are curious to know, the administration cabalists under Ms. Elia forced the resignation of Marc Hart to protect Falliero's, the board's, and the administration's "reputation." They judged--and rightly so, one thinks--that parents would not want their children put in the care of a runaway board adulteress. Incredibly, the Hillsborough County board appointed this willful, child-abusing sexual adventuress as the chair of the board that oversees the welfare of the county's children.

In this position the ROSSAC temptress has shown herself to be a petty tyrant obsessed with gaveling people down-- rumors aver she thinks the gavel phallic--who has trouble keeping the agenda straight and who sneers at voters' First Amendment rights by gaveling them into silence for pronouncing a name in their presentation during citizens' comment time.

Given this trajectory of the former superintendent's feeble persuasive powers with La Falliero, what makes anyone think that he is going to have any impact on the feuding of these two Pinellas battlers, Wilson and Wilcox?

In the most diplomatic language I can summon, I say that Lennard is a lousy choice for this job.

It is better that the interested people scratch around for somebody of more stamina and ability to sway than Dr. Earl the Pearl Lennard has demonstrated. Earl the Pearl is low voltage on the power-of-personality scale.

Why in the world, Mr. Tobin, didn't you describe for us what kind of "ongoing conflict" is unfolding between the school lawyer and Wilcox? "Ongoing conflict" is old-fart language for something fun that the newspapers want to etiolate and make dull. Can't readers expect any entertainment at all from such situations in the pages of the Times, which style makes it about as lively reading as the AARP journals?

Tell the lawyer if he wants to wound Wilcox that he should accuse the school superintendent of committing dangling modifiers and runaway commas. Wilcox's NOVA diploma-mill thesis (http://wilcoxilliteratethesis.blogspot.com) features beaucoup grammar-punctuation errors. The president of NOVA won't answer emails about how Wilcox is now a NOVA ED.D. without his being able to punctuate and with his writing's belonging to the school-bureaucratese android genre.

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