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Rape: Misogynist Pastime with Community College Administrative-Security Support

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This comment is not related your your "sisterhood" post. Yesterday, Trib reported rape at HCC Hawk's Landing "dorm." Hawk's Landing is a hotbed or criminal activity. HCC administrators knew about it (BOT meeting last year), but really did not attack the problem. I feel sorry for young girl raped, article said HCC hand in-house counselor-more like cover up. I hope young rape victim seeks legal help.

Lee, key HCC people behind security mismanagement are: Steve Shields and James Wright. Please contact your media sources to dig up corruption and mismanagement. Sad young girl's life is ruined, and HCC administrators are doing CYA-they need to be held accountable for running a "dorm," which is against state mandate. Please read Trib article online for full story.

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Dr. Stephenson:

I received the above message about the Hawks Landing rape and read the Tribune Emerson story about it below. I always thought the Hawks Landing dorm was a bad idea: just one more step in HCC's clumsy administrative efforts to turn the college into a commercial venture with projects that have nothing to do with providing an education for area students.

As a 28-year HCC faculty member before retiring, I observed this spreading disassociation of the administration from the educational purpose of the college.

Your leadership has been weak from Day One. Besides being good looking, you bring nothing to the president's leadership role. My first encounter with you was to phone you repeatedly until you finally fired a Dale Mabry administrator who had changed a student's grade over the instructor's head.

Moreover, you brought that hideous guy who surfed for porn on college computers to the college when you came and created an administrative perch for him with a bloated salary. Only after years of his misdeeds did you finally let him go.

You have presided over the further alienation of the faculty from the administration and the further disassociation of the administration from the students' needs and well-being.

This Hawks Landing fiasco with drugs, crime, and rape's playing out is testimony to your continuing bad judgment.

Do something to help that young girl raped in Hawks Landing to recover her mental health. For once forget the furtherance of the Gordon Keller corporate plans that bump up the opportunities for graft and under-the-table payments and help a wounded student.

I haven't worked in the Women's Movement for 45 years to see a woman head of a college ignore the rape of a student in a gaudy apartment adventure in commercial real estate and sit without responding to it in a significant way. Issue some kind of statement of regret and say how you and the protective services plan to prevent Hawks Landing rapes from happening in the future. At a minimum, post a round-the-clock guard on the complex property. Surely that measure is called for.

See that comma after "abuse" in your safety statement online below? It is dead wrong. Send somebody in to remove it.

For your information, this brochure outlines state and municipal laws and College policies concerning alcohol and drug abuse, and sexual assault. Safety tips for your protection and College resources have also been included.

I can't find the board email address on the HCC site. The administration always tries to keep the public, faculty, and students away from the board. As a courtesy to a citizen, please forward this email page regarding the Hawks Landing rape on the board members' watch to all board members.


Lee Drury De Cesare, retired Professor of English HCC

15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708


Good Lord, can't y'all FUSA people exert some moral authority in this hideous rape of a student and at least send a protest to the administration about how louche it's handling of security is in the nest of drugs and drug deals at Hawks Landing, now capped by a rape of a young student?

What amazed me in my years at HCC was that faculty contained people who could quote the Constitution verbatim and even cite whole paragraphs of The Areopagitica by heart. But its erudite, pusillanimous members couldn't summon the moxie and sense of professionalism to push back against the overlords of abuse and wrong direction at Gordon Keller. Everybody knows that Gordon Keller is wall-to-wall C and D students with sleazy credentials from marginal schools and bought-and-paid-for terminal theses. Treat them as such. You're not dealing with equals. Keep that in mind.

You of FUSA leadership should say something public about this poor girl's rape for goodness sake to set a tone of concern. Don't sit there like the German people did and let six million Jewish men, women, and children go to the gas ovens and pretend it's not your affair.

Remember what John Donne said: "Every woman's rape concerns me; for I am involved in womankind."

lee drury de cesare

former FUSA HCC president

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Right At Home At HCC

Published: January 4, 2008

TAMPA - As college dorm life goes, this place is posh: deluxe kitchen, washer and dryer, inclusive cable access and high-speed Internet.

Although such amenities are proliferating at apartments near four-year universities, you typically won't find them at a community college. In that sense, developers say, Hillsborough Community College is a pioneer.

On Thursday, HCC officials showed off their newly built apartments, which opened this week to students at the college's Dale Mabry campus.

No other Florida community college offers on-campus living, and developers say that few others do nationwide.

But the interest was great among HCC students, administrators say. And the developer, Atlanta-based Place Properties, found a market among students who want a four-year university experience at a community college.

The apartment complex, at the southwest corner of the campus, can house 420 students at prices below the market rate.

The complex partly made the difference in choosing HCC over St. Petersburg College for first-year student Aurora Clegg. Clegg, a St. Petersburg resident who moved into her new apartment Wednesday, was accepted to the University of South Florida. But with a scholarship, she will pay no tuition at HCC.

"I want the four-year experience, and I don't want to worry about the money," said Clegg, who shares a four-bedroom apartment and pays $505 a month for her own bedroom and bathroom.

Place Properties makes a living running housing for college and university students nationwide. But the complex at HCC, named Hawks Landing, is the company's first venture into a community college.

HCC surveyed its students about two years ago and found that hundreds wanted on-campus housing.

Place Properties Chief Executive Officer Cecil Phillips said he knows of only two other community colleges with on-campus living, one in Illinois and the other in Washington.

State law prohibits Florida's community colleges from owning housing on campus, but that prohibition doesn't apply to a school's foundation.

Last year, the college leased a 7-acre parcel of land to the HCC Foundation, which arranged with Place Properties to build the housing.

The developer financed construction through bonds, not with public money, Phillips said. Place Properties collects development and management fees from a bank trust that collects the rents.

Monthly rates run from $505 for each student willing to share a four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment to $777 for a one-bedroom apartment with a pool view.

The amenities found at the apartments are increasingly in demand at privately run university housing nationwide, Phillips said. The apartments are fully furnished - including couch, bed and bar stools - with 9-foot ceilings, and the complex has a fitness center and clubhouse.

One difference from a standard apartment is that there will be an on-site academic adviser for students, said Bob Chunn, president of HCC's Dale Mabry campus. The adviser already works on the Dale Mabry campus but will keep office hours at the apartments.

About 50 percent of the apartments have been leased, Phillips said. He expects them to fill by June.

There are no plans yet to expand housing to HCC's other campuses, but that may change depending on the success at the Dale Mabry complex, Chunn said.

All of the one-bedroom apartments have been rented. One of them went to first-year student Paschall Glover, 17, who celebrated her freedom this week in her own apartment and her freedom from the half-hour long trip to school from her mother's home in Riverview.

"The gas price was killing me," Glover said.

Reporter Adam Emerson can be reached at (813) 259-8285 or

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Anonymous said...

I think Candy's husband turned gay after living with her for so many years!

Anonymous said...


Below is Jan. 20, 2009, BOT minutes, which brought up security issues at Hawk's Landing. Sadly, seven months later, a young female student was raped. HCC administrators knew about the problem at Hawk's Landing, but didn't take appropriate measures to protect female students. Please send below BOT minutes to your media contacts. Top HCC administrators are covering up incident. HCC security at Hawk's Landing is a joke. Some HCC guards spent more time trying to pick up young females, rather than secure the facility, which is operated by a private company. State funds used to secure a private venture must be looked into. Please forward e-mail to all your sources. One ex-resident told Trib reporter, he witnessed drug deals at the crime ridden complex. Why is HCC involved in this venture when it cannot protect female students? Ask that question to HCC president, Dale Mabry president, CFO and board members.

9.01 Security Issues at Hawks Landing
Dr. Robert Chunn, Dale Mabry Campus President, introduced a new staff
member now living at Hawks Landing. Hope Johnson, Assistant Dean for
Student Services, reporting to Dean Frank Babcock. In her role, Ms. Johnson
will serve as liaison between Hawks Landing management and the College;
Hope is a positive role model who can mentor students and plan appropriate
activities for residents. Jamilla Nicholson, the new Property Manager assigned
to Hawks Landing by Place Properties, will be responsible for the business
aspect of Hawks Landing and is in charge of oversight of the facility.
In addition, Hawks Landing has received increased support from the Tampa
Police Department (TPD). Dr. Chunn and staff receive daily reports from TPD
and from the on-site security guard each night which provides a great deal of
information so that issues can be addressed immediately. Dramatic
improvements have been made since additional measures were put into place.
Dr. Stephenson advised that the College is very pleased with the surveillance
cameras being installed.
Ms. Watkins inquired about Ms. Johnson’s salary and if it was part of the original
budget for this facility; she added Place Properties was to bear sole
responsibility for the cost of security and they have done a remarkably poor job.
Dr. Chunn advised that the security officer was budgeted but not Ms. Johnson or
the TPD coverage. Ms. Watkins asked how much we were currently paying for
TPD coverage. Barbara Larson, VP of Finance, advised that the cost is
approximately $5,300 per month. Ms. Watkins asked why Place Properties was
not absorbing the added expense since they are supposed to be providing
effective security. Dr. Chunn noted that, with Ms. Johnson and Ms. Nicholson in
place, they are in a position to reduce the amount of TPD coverage. Ms.
Watkins stated that under no circumstances should security be reduced if it is
needed; however, she wants Place Properties fully accountable for providing
security and that it should not be the College’s expense.
Mr. Jurado asked how much the College had spent to date for added TPD
coverage. Barbara Larson advised $60,000 for 10-hour per night shifts. She
also advised that the shifts had been reduced to 5-hours with the intention of
phasing out regularly assigned TBD shifts. Mr. Jurado asked how much of this
added coverage was planned for. Barbara Larson advised that these additional
costs had not been budgeted at the start of the fiscal year.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that you had incorrect e-mail addresses for HCC personnel. Formal is letter of first name, full last name c
Correct format is below.;; etc.

Anonymous said...

Crime Plague HCC units

Published: August 19, 2009

TAMPA - Shayna Mottshaw expected a few loud parties to keep her awake when she moved last year to Hawks Landing, Hillsborough Community College's student apartment complex.

But Mottshaw said nothing prepared her for witnessing a drug deal by the pool, or hearing about a resident who got mugged. When gunshots rang out late one summer night, Mottshaw knew she had to get out.

"There was too much crime," said Mottshaw, who broke her lease and moved after living there for only six weeks.

Tampa police have responded on more than 100 occasions to reports of criminal activity at Hawks Landing, 4010 Lois Ave., since it opened in January 2008, records show.

The latest crime happened about 6:25 p.m. Monday, when a 22-year-old HCC student was robbed and sexually assaulted in her apartment, according to police.

"I'm not surprised that something like that would happen there," said Mottshaw, who wants to major in criminal justice. "I've told people they're better off living somewhere else and commuting."

Vox Populi said...

lee. Isn't this TERRIBLE?? I knew that dump was a bad idea. When you go on the quad at HCC now you see drug dealers and thuggy people .. HCC used to be a good place and still is in some respects but nothing like it was and could be. Gwen Stephenson could CARE LESS. She keeps applying for other jobs, faculty and staff PRAY she will get one. no one will hire her. You are right ... HCC is out for the money. I have received your emails. I will work on these issues. The tampa library is a biggie. The whole picture ties together with every last county employee on the take. But it has happened (as I witnessed it) in bits and pieces over the years so it is a story long in the telling. I'd love for you to talk to a young man I know who was shunted from the library with his friends. A really GREAT young kid. As it happened I actually ended up knowing his dad. He makes a very good witness so that the good folks who did this to kids can't call me crazy (they will anyway) and/or it was my imagination or any other excuses.
A tampa officer has been murdered as you probably know by now. How's those lies about the crime rate plummeting working out for them now? How sad this is. A man can't go to work and do his job safely anymore in the hole they are turning tampa in to. I'm so sad about this. And a young woman raped. And a UT student murdered. Send your children to Tampa where we will rape, murder and throw them out of the libraries. I'm disgusted. But, again I will work on your suggestions.
Peace !!

Vox Populi said...

I re-read my comment. I do not wish it to appear as though I believe every last city and county employee is on the take. On the contrary, there are still some VERY decent people employed by these entities. And, they need support. In the libraries the decent librarians are completely outnumbered. One at the north tampa branch (now closed for remodeling I think) wore like a shawl for a skirt. Hmmmm. The others are just overwhelmed or completely OVER IT. This was BEFORE the faux financial crisis which cc and others helped create.
Please pray. (rofl)

Anonymous said...

If anyone f**ks with shayna you are going to be :DEAD: and no one will find you.