Friday, July 31, 2009

Fighting on All Fronts: Public Information from the Sheriff

Hillsborough County Council of Trent School Board Convenes to Ponder Foot Fetishism

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
P.O. Box 3371
Tampa, Florida 33601-3371


Dear Sheriff Gee:

As a citizen who takes an interest in the Hillsborough County School Board's activities, I would appreciate your help in understanding the puzzling outcome of the recent investigation of a King High vice principal for calling boys into his office and cracking their toes on the pretext of its being a rebuke for bad grades.

A teacher called me several months ago to report this activity that a mother of one of the boys had complained about, and I told him to take the problem to the state Secretary of Education, who, coming out of the school bureaucracy, in my opinion doesn't take a vigorous role in unorthodox matters such as this but who at least should know it is going on in the Hillsborough County schools.

The Child Welfare investigator kept to the physical assault implication of this act as did the State Attorney lawyer. Nobody mentioned the possible psychosexual implications of this apparent foot-toe fetish of the vice principal.

Foot fetishism is not esoteric knowledge. It is an ancient psychosexual disorder.

I recall reading about a case in Ann Landers.

All hands in the investigation, including Ms. Linda Kipley of the Professional Standards Office of the School Board, pooh-poohed the seriousness of the incident. The sheriff's investigator, A. Auzo; the child-protection supervisor, Iris-Valdez; and the Chief of the Child Protection Division, Robert Bullen, passed over these weird and disturbing events taking place in an administrator's office as if it were a joke.

I don't believe this repulsive, privacy-invading toe-cracking activity is a joke. Perhaps that is because I have nursed in psychiatric hospitals and read a great deal on psychosexual pathologies. I think the toe-cracking demands that the vice principal get a psychological assessment before the school board allows him to continue in his job if its members are as concerned about child safety as they repeatedly say they are.

Nobody in the chain of command had the care or the sophistication to suggest an evaluation of the toe-cracker. The board lawyer, Tom Gonzalez, must be familiar with the foot-fetish phenomenon but apparently said nothing.

One could not expect Ms. Linda Kipley to know about the psychosexual implication of this behavior since her academic training is restricted to a basic home-ec degree; hence, she lacks the intellectual and academic sophistication to recognize the suggested psychological condition that underlies the administrator's weird practice on students' feet.

Ms Kipley ruled that no further action was required when the Child Protective Services and State Attorney lawyer bumped the case back to her.

This response does not surprise those who have observed that the school board and administration have a history of using the Professional Standards office never to punish administrators for violations of Professional Standards but to punish only teachers for concocted Professional Standards violations or for embellishment of a trivial incident by teachers as excuse for a Professional-Standards charge against them to scare teachers to death about losing their jobs.

These faux cases act too as a warning to other teachers to deter teachers' comment on the way the board and administration misrun the schools.

If any of the administrators or board had cognizance of foot fetishism, they would remain mum, I believe. Their chief goal is to promulgate only public information that portrays the board and administration as godlike in their handling of the county schools.

I want to ascertain the knowledge base of the people in your agency who collaborated on this strange see-no-evil decision when children's psychological welfare is at stake.

Your biography says you received your degree in math. But even a math major has a core curriculum at academically standard colleges and universities that includes a psychology course. I wonder about the degrees that Mr. Bullen, Iris Valdez Corey, and A. Auzo earned as preparation for their jobs. I ask for their biographies, their job descriptions, and their salaries as public information so that I can determine why this case went through the responsible agencies' investigators and not one spotted the administrator's conduct as possible foot fetishism against which the school authorities and the child-welfare people should have protected the children against by ordering a diagnostic psychiatric evaluation for the subject administrator.

I want to review the public-information documents to determine whether I believe the children are getting qualified people in these important positions for which I expect to find that the public pays good salaries.

I look forward to receiving these data and will pay for copying fees.

Thank you.


Lee Drury De Cesare

15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708

c: All Members School Board

Chief Protective Investigator Robert Bullen

Supervisor Iris Valdez-Corey

Investigator A. Auzo

State Attorney Office: Tampa

Governor Crist Committee on Child Abuse

Attorney General Bill McCollum

Patrick Manteiga

Paul Tash

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