Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Toecracker Rides Again

Here is the Professional Standards report on the King High School Toe Cracker. I changed it from PDF, so it's messed up in some of the letters, but you can get the information nonetheless.

JUL-28-2009 05:47 From:VELA5CO 8132737315 To:813 2724510
School District of Hillsborough County

Professlonal Standards Department
InvestIgation Report
Incident Information:
Date oeclIned:

Dnte Reported:
Reported by:
Killg High School
9/1/07 to 4/6/09

Complaint alleges that Mr. Alege squeezes students' toes.
Employee Information:
Name: Olayinka Alege, Asst. Principal

ComplaInant InformatIon:
Nllme(s): CPI Auza
Victim Information:
Name(s): See HCSO Report
Witness Information:
Narne(s): See HCSO Report

HCSO Child Protection Inyestlgatlon Division Informlltlon:
ON/A CPI Investigator: A. Auza Ph# 627-2000 CPI Report# 09•076481
Findings: Some Indicators

Lnw Enrol•cernent Information:
N/A 0 Agency:k8:iHCSO OTl'D OTTPD OPCPD D Other: __
Officer: R. H~Jes Badge # 4036 Report# 09•25~ZI4 Charge: Battery
Referred: Dyes I8Ino Detective Name: Status: Unfounded

State Attorney Information:
I8IN/A State Attorney __ DivIsIon: 0 Felony 0 Misdemeanor Case# __I _
Pl"Ofessional Standards Infol•lIlatlon:
Professional Standards Investigation Conducted yes 0 110181
P.S. Investigator: M. Slltll_ Date Assigned: Sm09

Attn<:hmcnt.: i/.!& t8J noD o Statements U :Photos 0 Video 181 Other: HCSQ Report Page 1 of 2 P.3 JUL-28-2009 05:47 From:VELASCO 8132737315 To:813 2724510 P.4 Investigation:

On 5/7/09, writer received information regarding this case frOm CPI Auza. He advised that complaint alleges that Mr. Alege called students (male) in to his office to discuss their grades. He then tells them to remove theLr shoes and socks and squeezes their toes. CPJ Auza advised that he was at King High School nOw. CPI Auza advised that five stl.ldents said he mentors them. Wilen they get D's and F's, they remove their shoes and Mr. Alege pops their toes. One pop toe for every D or F. If grades are good, he will high.five them, On 5/11/09,

Mr. Alege was mirandized and did not give a statement. This incident occurred last school year. Four parents signed a Waiver of Prosecution. One parent wanted to pursue charges. On 5111/09, writer spoke with Deputy Hymes. She advised that she contacted the SAO and was told that the incident did not meet level of Battery. Sbe Unfounded report. On 61n109, writer spoke with CPl Auza. He advised that he closed his cuse with Some Indicators for threatened harm. No further information.

This report is being forwarded to Linda A. Kipley, General Manager of Professional Standards, for review and any action deemed necessary. Approvcd_~""""",~_Dl\tc r.ia8/O? APPl'ovcd-j:-,,=-;..;::,....o...-_Dntc ~/:t31-0j_ Approvcd, _____ Date ____ _ Appl"ovcd ______ Date ____ _ Page 2 of 2 JUL-28-2009 05:47 From:VELASCO 8132737315 To:813 2724510 P.5 If? fl, /I L Ii 6- ~ / I<'lr i:, .: ",'~JllN,EWQ}?JtENSE,Hi\lU)(JqPY GO HS200;Lis3714 AC~lV:i£iO~l1:-:" BATTERY ~:i BATTERV•STMI'LE Sex: Race Dole Muster Name Vlc!lmJlJV #3: Sex; __ Race: ...... Dat¢ ofbirlh : .,g ••• Linkage ructo ... Resident SI"tus : Resldenl Stntement tuken : YES Victim of: BATTlmy. 2 BATTERY-SIMPLE• COMl'L'ETED Victim'.s Relntionship 10 Offender: Acqunlnluncc Person's role: Suspect/Ofr # 1 Person's llame : ALEGE, OLAYINKA ADEOLU Victim to Offcnder L:EOKA Detlllls VlctlmJUV #4::1!!!~~ ••••••• (Cuse Specific " Milst.,' Nallle Vlct! Sex: Roce Dote -,,",_ .. - Linkage fuctol'S Resident slutus ; Reslden! Stalement token: YES Victim of: BATTERY.2 BAT'fERY.SIMPLE. COMPLETED Victim's Relationship 10 Offonder: Acquolntnnce Persoll's role: Su'pectJOrf II I Person's name: ALEGE, OLAYINKA AUEOLU Victim to Offender U:OKA Details Fof' PROGERS Monday June 1,2009 Pltgc: 3 of 9 JUL-28-2009 06:48 From:VELASCO 8132737316 To:813 2724510 P.9 ,1~1f~:{l!e8:i~~~~11~~~~IF GORS 2009-253 14 ACTiVJ;;/GPE BATTEHV - 2 UATTERY-SlMPLE VlctimJUV #S:~ ••• I!I ••••• ' (Cu.e SpeCific Information) Linkage factors Resident status:

at that Ume.
MRE attachment,
victim's statements
Author, 4036 • Hymes. Robin J
Related date/time, May-09-2009 0900

On 5/9/09 at approximately 0900 hours writer returned to Kin9 High Schoolto interview another victim, a teacher who overheard a
conversation about the £Ii , and the suspect, olyal'.nka
Alege. Upon arrival writer met w~ and interViewed student I •
and teacher . Writer 11180 met with Olayinka Aleg" and advj.sed
him of his Miranda r:lghts but he exerc:l.s"d his rights and d;,d not make a statement. Writer cont~cted Assistant State Attorney Bob Petshow to review the f"cl;s of this case.

Mr. Petshow. felt as though the facts oe th:l.s oall"
does not meet the c~iteriu for a battery chul;ge and chat this would be!
bet!::er handled through th" school board. .

.Based on the abov" this oase is
closed and unfounded.Dooument.:. XNTERVl:li:W-COMPLAl:NANT/VXCTIM
For: PROGERS Monday June 1,2009 Pngc: 601'9
JUL-28-2009 06:50 From:VELASCO 8132737316 To:813 2724510
. GENERAl:, O]<',FENSE HARDCOPY P.12 GO S 2009-253714 ACTiVE/OPE BATTERY-SIMPL• A\lthO:>:': 4036 -
suojeat:: FARBn:.
Hymes, Robin J
Related date/time: May-07-2009 1130

Under oathil ...... Ii .. a advised of being in M •• Alsge's office to discuss
~ eve,al occas~ons. I advised of one incident where M •.
Alc::ge mothC!r 1;0 discucc -. bad gr desk and hold up foot and. did. said at this time

Mr. Alege grabbed .... toes with his fingers and squeezed III toes. While
squeezing Mr. Alege aaid next time I will pop a toe for each bad grade youd
have. • said Mr. Alege let go of.-. foot anQ then told" to look at
.... grades on the oomputer. "aid~ had to lean close to Mr. Alege
in order to see the computer screen and that'" felt uncomfo.table being eoolos" to Mr. Alege. further advised that Mr. Alege did not hurt_
bul: _ did feel uncomfortaole. advised that this Occurred only once.
Autho.: 40 6 - J

Related 009 1130
oe1ng Mr. Alege's 5th period student
assistant since .:rnnuary 09. a advised that _ had _ toes
popped by Mr. Aloge approximately 20 times with the most recent being on 4/6/09. said Mr. Alege has discussed _ grades with _ and when they nre bad • gets _ toes popped. _ also advised of an incident
where _ told Mr. Alege" would he1p~p something after !!"hool out
_ did not show up. sai.d Mr. Alege confronted _ the next day and
popped _ toes.

While popping ~ toes Mr. 1\lege told that maybe
next time _ w;.ll show up and listen. said Mr. Alege called to
the off ice during homeroom and popped" toes. ""id _ was not
sure why Mr. Aleg" pOpped _ toes this time but it hapPpens often so_
just gives Mr. Alege foot.

For: PROGERS Monday June 1,2009 Page: 70f9
JUL-28-2009 06:50 From:VELASCO 8132737316 To:813 2724510
Author, 4036 - Hym:S. Rob~n J
Related date/time: May.07-2009 ll30

Under oath ~dvieed of weekly or bi-weekly mo<:>cings with Mr.
Alege where they would discuss _ grades. said if _ bad grades Mr.
Aleg.. would tell _ to remove __ shoe and. would pop" toes by
pulling the toe outward and slightly down. advised of this happening
to _ more than twice. alao advised that'" was present when_
friend, had -. toea popped by Mr. Alege. odd _ J'elt as
though Mr. Alege' a toe popping was a fo:.:m of punishment and that _ ul!luaUy
laughed about the situation with said Mr. Alege would give
the students snacks whether they had bad 0:': good grades and would :.:ewa:.:d
the students with improved grades with donut~ or SOme other snack.
Aueho:.:: 4036 - Hymes, Robin J
ll."lated date/time: Mey-11-2009 0900 .,
Under oath advised that. is currentl.y being mentcred by_
assistant prinCipal. OlaYinka.Alege. S advised that at the be9inning
o,f. the year Mr. A:tege caned into the office to discuss a couple of bad
grades. After diSCUSSing the 9rades Mr. Alege told -. to remove a shoe.

After removing ~ shce • ' said _ was d;i.rected to put _ foot into
Mr. Aleg"'•.8 hand. At this time said Mr. Aleg" gently pulled_
toes out and down and told _ to bring" grades up. • 8aid chis
occurred ,approximately three times and that _ WaS never hurt by this
action., further advised that. just thought this was some sort of
weird father and son thing between" and Mr. Ales". also advised
that nowadays when told to remove __ shoe _ tells him Mr. Alege no and
tehat _ wiJ.l bring up" grades. provided no further information.

Author: 4036 - Hymes. Robin J
Related dote/time: May-OB.2009 0900
Under oath. (a teacher ~t King High sohool) advised that On
Wednesday, 5/6/09. while in his homeroom class he overheard students about how Mr. Alege pulls ahment. a F said
h", ,,:1,60 heard the s menti as one of th" students having
... toes pulled by Ml:" .. ~~.~.::~ approached and the
atol:"Y was confirmed. ~ GQ~~U provide no further information.
For: PROGERS Monday June 1.2009 Pugo; 8 or9
JUL-28-2009 05:51 From:VELASCO 8132737315 To:813 2724510 P,14
,'" ' , .', .', ")m;l~JoSnQlU)UGH CpUNrI;Y SHERIFF
, ' ". ,c:",,:,, ':"G]':~¥w QI.WJjlNSE ,11A;JtJ)OQ'PX ,


Anonymous said...

This is incredible that an AP would "pop" students' toes. That has pervert written all over it. Why would the district want to keep someone like that while getting rid of good teachers via Professional Standards?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Linda Kipley wants her toes popped by that guy! They are probably all a bunch of perverts in administration!

Anonymous said...

lee you do remember that this is the second or the third time that the child abuse investigations of dcf have been handed over to the sheriff's dept, correct? The first time they spent eleven million and then the sheriff said he could not do the investigations for that amount. THE SECOND TIME that dcf moved under the sheriff's mantle was more recently... to the tune of fifteen million or so. It's all from the tampa trib what I am telling you. THEN they moved over all the same DCF investigators. I ask you ... what cost TWENTY SIX MILLION DOLLARS and is only under the sheriff's issue so that they can perform these cover ups before things get out of hand for their buddies?
love, vox
(some smart alek had my blog disabled so ... I think it was eric deggans at the stpete times... but I've complained so we'll see what's what.)

Anonymous said...

Can the DOE be petitioned to take away his license?

I cannot believe that any sane person can read this and think this is fine.

Where to start?
Asking people to take off clothes - sexual harassment.
Touching - battery.

The SAO could not find one charge? Do you know if Ober & Co. could look at this again the same way they reopened the case against the high schooler / homeless woman collision?

SDHC dosen't see a problem with regularly taking students behind closed doors. One child was programmed to take off his shoe! How about the ABUSE of authority to tell children to take off clothes in order to fondle feet?

His own admission of it being "playful" is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

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