Monday, July 27, 2009

Now Is the Time to Step up to the Plate

Cobbe, Public Affairs office, is mailing me Steven Kemp's file (Goader) after redaction. I hope Kipley hasn't altered the information. That would violate the law.

I paid $73.00 for the redaction and asked that the school system not charge anybody else for the file's redaction since it's been done.

Anybody can now ask for the file and challenge any charges for redaction because the redaction has been paid for.

If you are afraid to ask for it from the Public Affairs office in your own name, then have a friend ask for it. It is public information, and anybody is entitled to a copy.

Steve Kemp has announced on his blog that he is going to ask for a review of the Professional Standards office's treatment of teachers. Now is the time to join him and go to the board meetings to join your voice to his in demanding this review of an office that serves as a front for cooking up cases against teachers to keep them terrified of losing their jobs.

If teachers can't summon the courage to go to board meetings and join Kemp in demanding a clean-up of the Professional Standards Office, then it's a sad day for democracy.

To keep the ghouls from taking over operations like the school system, people have to have the courage to challenge the wrongdoers. Otherwise, they shouldn't complain. They can only hover in terror and let the thugs continue to rule. Lee

Mr. Tabor:

The Office of Professional Standards has sent me word that the redacted copy of Steve Kemp's case is in the mail for me. I paid $73 for the redaction of names, so the file should now be free to people who want a copy of it.

I hope you will take an interest in this file. It's the Waterloo, I forecast, of the Professional Standards office's use of that office to coerce teachers with threatened cases against them or against some show-and-tell candidate like Steve as an ominous example.

Steve's blog says he intends to mount a board-appearance campaign demanding that the board appoint a committee to review the conduct of Professional Standards.

I doubt that you will pay any attention to this effort. It's part of the relentlessly innocuous coverage of guys like you in the business of pseudo reporting on school systems to produce a porridge of running drivel.

Your blather simply delays reform by condoning status quo without analysis. You do it for a buck, not for the good of the schools, teachers, and students.

If you are a business consultant on education as your site says you are, you should use standard commas: items in a series retain the final comma in Standard English. Its omission betrays your protocol's coming from the popular press, a rat's nest of grammar-and-punctuation errors.

lee drury de cesare

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Vox Populi said...

I'll try to make it to one of those meetings. maryEllen Elia and her thugs ROBBED CHILDREN of an education.