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Checking in with the FBI

Director, Bureau of Federal Bureau of Investigation 601 4th Street NW Washington, DC 20535


Dear Mr. Mueller:

I write to ask for an update on my charge of corruption of the Hillsborough County School Board and administration (sent below on 9/24/09).

My Congressman Bill Young sent his copy of the charge to the Tampa office. But I have heard nothing from it.

Since this first letter to you, the school board's attorney Tom Gonzalez has ruled that Florida schools' bullying law does not extend to adults as the language of the law says it does repeatedly: e.g. "' (4) By December 1, 2008, each school district shall adopt a policy prohibiting bullying and harassment of any student or employee of a public K-12 educational institution.

The reason that the board and administration wanted this skewed attorney opinion on record was to insure that the pervasive bullying of teachers by the administration continued. The board and administration want to keep the teachers muzzled so that their complaints about shoddy leadership does not impact the board's and administration's power over the state tax money that pours into the board's and administration's coffers,.

One reader on my blog describes teacher bashing by the board and administration:

Posted by Anonymous to Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch at 5:15 PM

There is no one to turn to when you want to report unethical behavior of school board members or administrators. They can bully all they want and get away with it. They can, and they do. This has been going on for years. The governor or Education Commissioner will tell you to go up the chain of command in the district. When you do that you get the runaround. A bunch of criminals is what they are. The longest standing school board members Carol Kurdell and Candy Olson know how corrupt things are, and they do nothing. Pulling a homeless person off the street and putting him on the board would be more effective than having those two on there.

Publish this comment.

The board and administration want the attorney to distort the law to fit their need to keep teachers quiet and abased.

Please give me an update of the status of my charge to the FBI for a corruption investigation of the Hillsborough County school.

Respectfully, Lee Drury De Cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708

Previous Letter:

Robert S. Mueller III
Director, Bureau of Federal Bureau of Investigation 601 4th Street NW Washington, DC 20535 9/24/2009 Dear Mr. Mueller: I read about the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, FBI investigation of corruption in the schools. Wilkes-Barre's hiring corruption replicates that in Hillsborough County, Florida, where my four children went to school and where one of my grandchildren still attends. Corruption at the top has been going on a long time, so long that the school administration and board believe they are entitled to continue it and never be punished for doing so. The administration. and board participated in a cover-up of crime in the early Nineties which involved administrator Mr. Ervin's discovering crime in administration ranks. When Mr. Erwin asked the superintendent and board to do something about the crime, the superintendent with the board's collusion instead tried to convince people that Mr. Erwin was crazy. Superintendent Lennard and other administrator collaborators made Erwin's life miserable. Nobody supported him. Not one soul in the schools came to his aid or offered sympathy, so fearful had the board and administration made school employees, especially teachers, of retaliation for the slightest challenge to the board-administration authority. Mr. Erwin was quite alone. The solitary struggle affected his physical as will as mental health. In the thwarted ethics of the political class, it was quite natural for Governor Crist recently to appoint Dr. Lennard to the Supervisor of Elections position made vacant by the brief tenancy then death of the woman who had replaced Buddy Johnson. Busanksy was an honest politician trying to deal with the pile of money Buddy Johnson's tenure made disappear. When the "he's crazy" gambit didn't work to fell Mr. Erwin, Dr. Lennard and his administrative ghouls tried to discover other ways to fire Mr. Erwin and deprive him of his pension. These gambits included sending him on wild goose chases to produce more data to authenticate his charges and whatever other wicked schemes popped into their evil heads. The school lawyer, one Mr. Gonzalez, not an ornament to the bar, chipped in his talents. When Mr. Erwin approached board chair for help, thinking her ethical, she led him to the lawyer's den. Mr. Gonzalez chipped in his talents to undoing the poor man. One way was to hire a firm to investigate the Erwin complaint and then shut it down when it began to discover that all the plots revealed the administration's attempt to trap Mr. Erwin to get rid of him. Mr. Erwin finally gave up on the people with whom he had worked thirty years in an honorable career attested to by most people who knew him. He mostly served as a principal, I believe, before Dr. Lennard lured him into taking an administrative job. When finally convinced that he would get no cooperation from Dr. Lennard and his coterie, Mr. Erwin filed a Whistleblower law suit, won it, and escaped with his pension to Georgia to distance himself from the horrors he had endured. Only a total innocent would conclude after reading through the boxes of Erwin case literature that the administration at the highest levels and probably some board members as well were receiving graft and didn't want Mr. Erwin's discovery to interfere. Three of those Erwin-era members still sit on the board: Lamb, Olson, and Kurdell. The DNA of that crime spree and getting away with it, leaving the taxpayers holding the bag for paying for administrative crime still runs deep in subsequent administrations and board. The Erwin-era members got away with the graft and an attempt to crucify the man who discovered it and asked that it be investigated. Not one person received punishment, not even Dr. Lennard, so obviously head crook. The incestuous satiation was that the board responsible for meting out punishment was itself complicit in the crime. Taxpayers footed the bill for the board-and-administration crime by paying Tom Gonzalez for defending the people of whom he was one who savaged Mr. Erwin and by compensating Mr. Irwin in a settlement of $165,000. When the lawyers--Mr. Gonzalez's firm--for the losing school side complained to the judge about the size of the settlement, he said that it would have been bigger had Mr. Erwin a competent lawyer. When I retired from teaching college English, I decided to read a different kind of literature than that which I had read in my field. I turned from Keats, Chaucer, and Aristophanes to current books about the FBI, a subject that intrigued me when I saw the many FBI books published and reviewed in the New York Times. I read J. Edgar Hoover, the Man and the Secrets, Curt Gentry; The Brother. the Untold Story of the Rosenberg Case, Sam Roberts; "I Heard You Paint Houses" Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran and the Closing of the Hoffa Case; and Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, Bryan Burrough. The Gentry massively researched Hoover biography made me marvel at the job Mr. Hoover did in building the agency despite his weaknesses and wrong ideas; The Brother, by the NY Times guy convinced me that the Rosenburg's were guilty; that Judge Kaufman erred in sentencing Ethel Rosenberg to death along with Julius; and that the FBI's gesture of assigning an agent to the Greenglass family when David got out of jail after ten years to help members disguise their identity and deal with other problems of anonymity defined admirable agency chivalry; the "I Heard..." book educated me on how Mr. Hoover prevented an investigation of the Kennedy Assassination in Dallas to protect the FBI's reputation and hence thwarted the Warren Commission's giving a valid account of the Mafia's role in that deed. The Pubic Enemies book I read before going to the Depp movie. From it I learned that FBI agents murdered Dillinger on the Chicago street in front of a movie house, disillusioning me with the information that the country's premier law enforcement agency bypassed justice as defined by our Constitution. I told my husband that I liked the Depp movie more than the book. But despite the feet of clay attached to the glory of the FBI agency, it is still the one that most of us consider the top choice for getting to the bottom of things and doing something about them if they are criminal. So I write you to ask for the FBI's help in dealing with the long-time corruption in the Hillsborough County school system: the hiring corruption and the toxic treatment of teachers by the board and administration are premier. I ask also that another field office than the one in Tampa get the assignment: Miami or Jacksonville. Mr. Hoover would have cleaned house in the Tampa office were he to emerge from the grave and tell you to move out of his chair so that he could be the head guy and scourge of presidents again. The FBI Tampa field office has a reputation for colluding with local politicians and the power set and not having, as people expect, a pristine commitment to justice. See below the newspaper column enclosed and a representative comment from my blog readers. If you say that transferring to request for this request to Miami or Jacksonville is not in line with FBI policy, then I ask you to let the Tampa office know that you will be monitoring the case if they accept it. Your Web comment on how corruption undermines democracy is stirring. I hope that the FBI realizes that corruption that affects the schools and its children is much the most vicious kind of corruption. Corruption's poisoning the school system harms our future citizens and diminishes the purity of their educations, a fact that injures not just the children's futures but that of the country's. I look forward to your response. Lee Drury De Cesare 15316 Gulf Boulevard 802 Madeira Beach, FL 33708 727-398-4142 Cards & Log-ins Dear Sir: I want to report corruption in the schools but have heard that the local Tampa bureau is allied with the school district by marriage and friendships. People are suspicious that the agents are not objective. So I include the complaint and let you judge whether to send it to the Tampa office or another in Florida for investigation. In either case, I shall feel free to consult you if I don't thing the agents are being ethical and objective about the investigation. Please inform me what office you are sending this complaint to and what its head agent is named. Thank you. (Ms.) Lee Drury De Cesare 15316 Gulf Boulevard 802 Madeira Beach, FL 33708

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