Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lock and Load: Time to Mosey on Down to the OK School Board Corral

I am revving up to go to the school board summit. I signed up on line. I will deal with its trashing of the bullying law to cut teachers and others bullied by the board and administration. I will, of course, protest.

I plan to read into the record the paragraph of my reader I recorded in "This Says It All." He or she will be on the record.

Candy and Kurdell will want to kill this person; that will be a comfort to the kid here, sharing that sentiment they usually aim my way exclusively.

You cannot do equal-treatment work if you are unwilling to be hated by those who have a toehold in some illegitimate power scam as the board and administration do in Hillsborough County.

These lower-quartile characters are desperate to hold on to their perquisites so the community will think they are important people.

I received bitter email from John D. and deleted it. The fellow is sicko. His words will no longer appear in Casting-room-couch's pages. Goodbye to all that. His next Internet Provider will probably be Chattahoochee. lee


Anonymous said...

Lee, I am a long time reader and first time commenter. I applaud your efforts at stopping the corruption of the school district, however, I must say I think you should allow john's comments. No matter how much we disagree with him, it is his first amendment right to be heard. That is what makes this country great. I don't understand how you can criticize the board for suppressing free speech while at the same time blocking john's comments. I hope you will reconsider your decision and allow his comments.

twinkobie said...

I thought before I dropped John. He sent me a particularly vile message when I said I was cutting him out of the blog.

I don't mind criticism and correction--especially humorous, but I do mind a vulgar potty mouth.

Humor is one thing. Vulgar vitriol is another.

In addition, I am an elderly grandmother. John showed no respect for either women or the elderly when he wrote vile things on my blog.

Young people have to observe some boundaries in their communication with us older people. Our age if nothing else demands civility from young people, And I must say I usually get respectful attention from most young people.

John has crossed the line, and I don't intend to welcome him back over it. My patience finally wore out.

I am not completely sure of John's mental wellness. I think he needs therapy. I hope he gets it.

John has his own blog's free-speech privileges on Antigrammargrinch. You can continue to read him there. But you won't be able to read him on my blog any longer.

He says he will continue to send me posts although I don't print them. I bet they will be on his blog. Read them there by all means. lee

John__D said...

This alleged "bitter" email is the previous post on this blog[Antigrammargrinch]. A particularly vile message as Lee writes below? No, it pales in comparison with Vox Populi's blog and comments she made to me on Lee's blog, and even with comments that Lee herself makes.

Thanks to the first-time poster for reiterating such things as free speech and the First Amendment. Lee's followers will probably think that you are me, but we know better.

Vulgar potty mouth? Arse? Lee de Cesare has used the term herself. When I find where she has done so, I'll post it here. Disrespecting women and the elderly? Rubbish! Lee writes that her age demands civility? Does she really want me to treat her differently based on her age? Discrimination is rife at casting room couch.

But so is hypocrisy. Lee has kittens if someone on the board makes any allusions to her mental capacity and gets her stinky knickers in a twist while crying, "I don't have Alzheimer's." (No one said she did?!) Amazingly, below she writes that she is not completely sure of my mental wellness. You're a hypocrite, Lee, but neither your age nor your sex will change the fact.

Finally, Lee bets that my comments will be on my blog. Even the lowliest board member with a Home-Ec degree from a cereal box can work out that I wrote that clearly in the post I made. Durr, teacher. Your comprehension skills are in the toilet again.

Anonymous said...

Plus, it is different when government curtails free speech vs. a private person's blog.

Vox Populi said...

See, lee. He probably made that anonymous comment. He continues to change the subject TO HIMSELF. John is A TROLL.
I am not the subject here, nor is John. The subject is the corruption of the school board and improving the world in general for all of us.
I don't see John contributing there.
He's just trolling.
He has all the hallmarks of a troll.
He has no first amendment rights here.
I made a mistake addressing him in the first place. At every opportunity he takes the attention to HIMSELF. This blog isn't to discuss John's obvious lack of insurance coverage or reluctance to visit the EAP at his employer's expense.
I would post this anonymously BECAUSE I CAN. But won't.

John__D said...

Lee, you had better advise Vox to lay the [insert truncated profanity here] off. If she isn't going to address me directly but in third person, I am still going to respond to her.

It's not my anonymous comment. This is ironic. My original question was about anonymity. I hope that someone from the school board alleges that your "anonymous" poster about homeless people was actually you.

>He has no first amendment rights here.<

Why,? Aren't we in America anymore? Vox has had the hide to say that I'm anti-American if I'm against the constitution (which I wasn't?!) and now tells me that I have no fre speech. Oh, I'll contribute to the issues if you like, Vox, and I'll whistle the Star-Spangled Banner while I do.

Again I ask: what are your contributions to casting room couch? Calling everyone criminals with no proof, making fun of people's physical appearance with a bit of name-calling and telling Lee how wonderful she is. Teachers all over the country must be so glad to have you aboard.

>I am not the subject here, nor is John. The subject is the corruption of the school board and improving the world in general for all of us.<

One of the recurring themes about the school is bullying. You are a bully, Vox. Lee is a bully. If this truly is the subject (and Lee is writing to all and sundry complaining that it is) then why not take a leaf out of Ghandi's book and be the change that you want to see in the world?

Vox Populi said...

FTR, this is john's goal come to fruition. When people come to your blog they will see him arguing and breaking up everything with his LOOK OVER HERE LOOK OVER HERE nonsense.
FTR, I am not addressing him so ignore any reference it makes towards me.
I have ignored much more persistent and ignorant folks for much longer. I suspect he's more than one person, as well. Would explain the sometimes use of different 'british' type lingo and lack of for others.