Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Lord! Look What Posting a Reader Sent. It Looks Like the Crooks Will Take Over the Country. We Will Be Another Afghanistan.

First the crooks run for public office like Karzai did in Afghanistan. Then they take over all the rackets.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More Administration and Board Crooks: I Have Alway...":

helmet-headed broads make me feel queasy. (LOL!!)

Lee, did you know that this ashbritt co. is owned by MILLIONAIRE GAZILLIONAIRE lobbyist RON BOOK who is responsible for so-called sex offenders living under a bridge. He alludes to the improbable story of his daughter being molested by a female housekeeper for FIVE YEARS or more while he was fleecing the taxpayers !!!! He's on THE THIRD VERSION of his story now. Read some of these links. Also .. he spent TWENTYFIVE MILLION on his little liar's wedding. For the record, I am not related to nor do I know any sex offenders. BUT I do know an inhuman condition, a slow-boiling pot and cruel and unusual punishment when I see it. Not to mention a BRAZEN liar who helped her father RON BOOK and other scum like him FLEECE FOR MILLIONS the unknowing taxpayer while they forced people into homelessness and committed every type of fraud and lies and covered up MURDERS....

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Posted by Anonymous to Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch at 11:29 AM

Readers educated me on Ms. Elia's having a mullet hair do; now I need somebody to explain to me what a "helmut head" is. lee


Anonymous said...

Has the FBI responded to you? My God, we need the FBI here investigating the school board. It is terrible how criminals are allowed to run amok in the school district!

twinkobie said...

Not yet. The government is slow to stir. If I have heard nothing in a week or two, I will ask Senator Nelson and Representative Young to check things for me. I will also write and complain to Commissioner Mueller of the FBI.

From here on out it's nag, nag, nag. lee

Anonymous said...

Lee, my take on a helmet head was always that the lady had that perfect little tight coif that never EVER moved, even if she rolled down her car window. However, upon asking around ... some (or most I'm woefully bad at descriptions) think helmet head is when you remove a hat or a motorcycle helmet. I always felt it was like you turned your hair into a HELMET... you know shellacked it down until nothing moved EVER. Very unnatural look. That's what I meant by helmet head as in ... olson and the look alike you posted. LOL. Anyone know what these perfectly coiffed, corrupt heads of hair are ????

Vox Populi said...

It was only one million on the wedding. OVER one million. Don't know how the twenty five got in there. This is a SICK and THIEVING family.

Not sure where mom and sister and brother were during all this molestering that went on. I suspect that the housekeeper had the goods on mr. book and so he shut her up. NOW, his chickens are coming home to roost ANYWAY. As they always do.

Sorry for the twenty five million dollar typo.

Still what's a million one way or the other ...once you're into a million dollar wedding standing on the backs of the homeless you created ...

Here's a good link.

Anonymous said...

I think helmet hair is rigid plastered down hair. There would be not one hair out of place like Linda Kipley or Phyllis Shaffley. Candy Olson does not have helmet hair all the time. Olson looks like she has very thin hair that simply lays flat because it won't do anything else. She needs to dye it a different color other than that shade of blonde that no woman her age actually has.