Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Bullying Charge: Prepare for Major Hypocrisy

HB 669 School Safety
"Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act"

Dear Hillsborough County Bullying Policepersons:

Please consider this a formal complaint in which I file bullying charges against Tom Gallagher and the School Board in their twin violation of HB 669 against bullying.

Bullying legislation HB 669 says that, in addition to students, the bullying law covers all school employees. "All school employees" would comprise administrators and board members as well as students, teachers, and staff.

Board members are nominal school employees because they draw a salary; in fact, they make $8,000 more than beginning teachers a year.

What work board members do for this state largesse remains questionable.

No evidence exists that anyone has reported anything so much as board members' lifting a finger either singly or collectively at board meetings. Yet there are rumors that Carol Kurdell aims to employ a dais page- turner to lift the work load off board members' having to turn a page of the board agenda.

La Carol wants her chair legacy to record that she devised conditions that will spare board members' doing any heavy lifting or any featherweight lifting for that matter. Carol plans to make this board-page-turner hire her legend as board chair.

Custom and inclination dictate that Board members' role be solely ceremonial and decorative, so what they look like on the dais is an important job issue.

They flunk the latter decorative duty flat out because they are all triple butterballs except Falliera, who has an ethical problem that is worse than being fat. It involves her home wrecker status. Breaking up a marriage and leaving two little children damaged and bereft are worse, much worse than being a lard-ass.

The Board lard-asses attend so many political banquets and sundry eating opportunities in the high and gluttony office of school board members that they have waxed fatter than fat. Being overweight and an aficionado of food wretched- excess goes along with the role of political functionaries.

No prissy linguistics killjoys need protest that "lard-ass" is a vulgarity. The word has an impeccable linguistic history, having been found on the caves of Lescaux of our prehistoric ancestors along with the bison drawings. "Lard-asses" moves along nicely in the language of the human race and is, in fact, a term that finds its place in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as well as in comic masterpieces through the ages.

Dr. Lamb has waxed so fat that he looks to be three respirations away from a heart attack. He is the size of two hippotami plus a good-sized wildebeest. Bets are now being placed whether the Large One can be transported to the Intensive Care Unit of Tampa General before a massive fat-induced lard clot obstructs both his windpipe and coronary arteries, not to mention his saphenous veins and carotid artery--and fells him for good, never again to be seen on the royal dais in the Board throne room, huffing and puffing about the days of yore in the school district of Hillsborough County.

Ms. Valdes, who had lost so much weight on a weight-loss regime that she once was human-sized, has now sojourned to so many dinners, luncheons, and other eating docey does at the Bay Area political food trough that she has surpassed her old overweight record and heads, it appears, into new territory that involves Plus Plus Plus sizes in the fat couture market.

Ms. April Griffin's pretty face stares from above a plethora of chin rolls that have increased in number and density in her two years on the board. It would be well for her county-commissioner ambitions if she would take off at least fifty pounds of unlovely blubber.

Ms. Candy Olson, we infer, represents the end stage of the avoirdupois plague afflicting board members. The Board solon has nattered about tremendous trifles during meetings to give the impression of her engagement in school problems since surviving from the Pre-Cambrian era when human life forms had not stirred and their existence lay in the future.

Olson was a primitive unorthodox blastocoel back at the beginning of our earth's birth seven and a half billion years before the appearance of the current School Board Seven Dwarfs. This proto-Candy primitive chemotroph made do without oxygen. So as a one-celled podette , Olson's primitive life form managed to keep her antique cell pod in idle mode for several billion more years until oxygen arrived, and she blossomed into her very self that we see and know now in Hillsborough County, Florida. This seven-and-a-half-billion-year gestation ended in La Candy's blossoming to humanoid status in the twentieth century A.D. in our time. Lucky us. The minute she reached human status, she bought a house in South Tampa to be part of the "aristocracy" that inhabits that bigot enclave.

La erstwhile chemotroph Candy's long gestation period meant that she would reap the reward of a School Board seat, more prestigious than the slot of sitting on the right-hand of throne occupant Mr. Zeus on Mt. Olympus.

Primordial blastopod to School-board eminence, Olson has, alas, developed a board profile of far too much fatty extrusion. She has an abdominal concentration of basketball size that looks like a fibrocystic blastopod gone wild.

Hillsborough County earthlings are not without resources to deal with a burgeoning former Pre-Cambrian basophile life form of Candy's type however. There are rumors that plans are afoot to have the school-emergency ambulance team capture Olson and rush the anciently conceived board member to Tampa General for a work-up and review by every specialty of medical expertise housed in the hospital. The Centers for Disease Control will consult. The American Medical Association will be on standby alert. The New England Medical Journal will detail the phenomenon for posterity and Star Wars fans.

Two members of the Board--Chair Candy Kurdell and Board Member Doretha Ethridge--lack the drive to achieve obese status that the four other board lard-asses catalogued above aim to make standard. The two have settled in for the C-status of the pleasantly plump. They lack the motive and the genes to move into the Lardass Phylum.

Skinny Jenny Faliero macerates in her lone status of home wrecker and child abuser who lured former Community Affairs head Marc Hart into divorcing his wife and abandoning his two young children, leaving his little boy's grades to flounder and his girl's congenital illness to worsen. Dr. Lennard told her to stop hanging out in Hart's office, but she ignored him because, she said, she needed Hart's "mentoring." After Hart had divorced his wife and broke his children's hearts, Falliero dumped him for somebody else's "mentoring."

The person whom I want to report as being bullied is Special-ed Teacher Steve Kemp.

The persons doing the bullying are all School Board members and their creature the board attorney Tom Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez gets top tax dollar for this work, making him rake in $275,000 of tax monies per annum to do such things as bully teachers in the name of the Board Members, his bosses, who pretend they don't know about such things..

One does not know if the Florida Ethics Board of the Legal Priesthood approves such tactics. It may be worth finding out by filing a charge with this Ethics Board against Counselor Gonzalez.

Here follow particulars of Mr. Gonzalez's bullying a teacher in the service of his board masters to deprive the teacher of his free-speech rights as the price for keeping his job.

At the legal parochial level, the bullying of teacher Steve Kemp violates the HB 669 anti-bullying law in the particulars of intimidation and public humiliation and terrifying a teacher about his job because he has a blog and uses his free-speech rights to address the board. Board thinking seems to be that a citizen's right to free speech is denied employees of the Hillsborough County School Board. The board and superintendent want the public to hear only the sanitized version of board and administration activities that portray this gaggle of thugs as pristine keepers of the public trust. The thugsw want to portray themselves as guarding their children's rights to education.

Hence a lowly field-hand teacher's maintaining a blog and addressing the school board had merited first suspension from the classroom on trumped up charges for over a year to terrify a teacher into going belly-up and terminally docile. Then Kemp's addressing the board after his trumped-up case was semi-settled merited La Gonzalez's covert threat of reviving the charge against Kemp because Kemp had the guts to address the board again about the invidious treatment of his charge versus that of the administrator toe cracker at King High.

In gutsy moves not expected by the administration thugs after his purported solution of the false charge against him, Mr. Kemp appeared twice at the board citizens' forum after the administration's re-instatement of him into his job after a year's suspension . Mr. Valdez, Ms. Kipley, Ms. Elia, the Board, and Mr. Gonzalez had kept him on suspension on a trumped up charge by Special Ed Section Chief Ron Smiley of child abuse., filed at the Sheriff's Department by Judas Smiley, and thrown out the same day by the Sheriff.

My analysis says Smiley was sacrificing Steve Kemp in Smiley's campaign for a promotion up the supervisory ladder to ROSSAC's administrative Valhalla. I understand that Smiley used to be a teacher: a teacher gone bad in my judgment.

Even after the Sheriff's office threw out the child-abuse charge against Kemp the day sneaking snake-in-the-grass Smiley filed it, the administration. Professional Standards Office, and Mr. Valdez, head of Personnel, maintained the false charge for over a year. The board and Ms. Elia knew it all and sat mute and satisfied with this bureaucratic torture.

When Mr. Kemp spoke at a board meeting in citizens' forum (the Board does not value teachers enough to give them a regular place on the board agenda) and asked why his case got different treatment than that of the Administrator Toe Cracker at King High. Steve Kemp pointed out that the Sheriff's office had given the same comment on his and the Toe Cracker's cases.

Mr. Gonzalez riposted after Steve's comments in the same meeting that if Kemp weren't satisfied with the settlement of his case, he could withdraw from the settlement and go to a hearing. The board lawyer avoided answering Steve's question by taking a right turn to a covert threat to Steve for daring to question his, the board's, and the administration's wisdom. This l abuse of logic and language was meant to cow and humiliate Kemp and send him away scared that the old regime of retaliation was rearing its head from the board dais. Gonzalez also maintained that the Sheriff's comments on the Toe Cracker and Kemp's cases were different despite the Times's reporter Marshall's pointing out that they were the same.

Kemp had not brought up the settlement, with which he is satisfied except for the end statement Gonzalez is supposed to write to officially close the case. Steve has even served the three days extra suspension without pay which the administration and board piled on top of the year-plus suspension that he had already endured. Kemp spoke at the board to inquire why he received invidious treatment in his and the Toe Cracker's cases with identical remarks on the Sheriff's report.

Mr. Gonzalez twisted the situation to corrupt logic and language to threaten Kemp with further retaliation if he didn't shut up. Gonzalez continues to play a role in keeping Steve in limbo and in fear of his job's being stripped from him because Gonzalez has deliberately foot-dragged in submitting the final summary of Kemp's case that closing it requires. The board is content with this continuing covert threat to a teacher's job security and peace of mind by evading closing the file, which they could order their creature Gonzalez to do if they had concern about and respect for the district's teachers.

Gonzalez apparently hadn't read the Sheriff's identical comments on Kemp and the Toe Cracker although he rakes in $275,000 a year to keep himself informed in such school matters. In a public-relations gaff, Gonzalez also disputed Times reporter Marshall's accuracy of publishing that Kemp's and the Toe Cracker's Sheriff's assessment were the same.

When Mr. Gonzalez tardily caught up on his board-duty reading, he discovered that the Times guy was right: that both comments from the Sheriff on the Toe Cracker and Kemp reports were identical. Whereupon, Gonzalez hastened into cover-up mode and dictated a redaction to Linda Kipley, always willing to participate in cover-ups, that made his comment complement that of the sheriff. This is known in the legal field as covering one's ass.

The Board continues to allow Gonzalez to delay writing the final piece of Kemp's false charge of child abuse for which he received the punishment of over a year's suspension in a scenario of humiliation and coercion of the guiltless teacher.

This situation is bullying and its unconscionable continuation pure and simple.

Please respond to this charge with bullying overseers' information that lays out what the bullying authorities intend to do about it.

Lee Drury De Cesare
15216 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

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Goader said...

Tenacious Lee—

Perhaps rotund is befitting the office holder.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! These people need to be ashamed! They are criminals and hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, my ass.

You complain of bullying while releasing a tirade of name calling.