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Granny Lee'S Dropping a Stitch but Persevering To Overcome All Impediments to a Better World for Her Grandchildren
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I have become a Watergate Wonk. I know the break-in choreograph, the "White House danse macabre of the Cover-up, and the personality traits and psychological foibles of every single character in the caste-- and there are many, giddy with power, blinded by ambition and surrendered to suspension of judgment.

The Watergate caste of characters is mostly lawyers.

When John Dean spilled the beans, the prosecutor asked him for a list of the most likely people in the White House who could be indicted. His list of fifteen upper staff included eleven lawyers.

Dean included himself after finally coming to his senses. After fooling himself so long that he was not involved in the cover-up, that he was just following orders, he tardily realized that he was obstructing justice along with the rest of the White House staff and could not legally plead that he was just doing his job. Only when Nixon, Halderman, and Erhlichman began making him the cover-ups scapegoat did he go to the Special Prosecutors.

If a lawyer does something illegal at the articulated behest of or because of an unspoken understanding with his superiors, he himself has still broken the law. That's what all the president's men could tell you. Many have written books to explicate this tardy discovery on their part. People at the top of the White House hierarchy as well as the ROSSAC hierarchy are still guilty if they perform illegal acts no matter what Ms. Elia or the board tells them to do.

The boxes of files on the Erwin case that I reviewed in the Public Affairs office show that you had a role in the Erwin case even though you and your firm apparently tried the case that you lost to Mr. Erwin. You should have been on the witness stand, not at the defense table. You kept your distance for PR and deniability's sake during the Erwin crucifixion, but you participated in dirty deeds to fell Mr. Erwin behind the scenes. I cite as example your ordering an outside firm to investigate Erwin's charges of crime in ROSSAC but when this investigation found only schemes to destroy Erwin, you closed the investigation down.

You don't seem to have ever given your bosses any wholesome advice about the Erwin-destruction campaign run from Dr. Lennard's office to fire Erwin because he was a whistle blower. The whole dirty mob pursuing the ROSSAC campaign of shutting the whistle blower up and depriving him of his pension apparently didn't get one word of caution from you, the schools' legal counsel, according to the files on the case.

The legal lobe of your brain must have signaled as John Dean's did about obstruction of justice in the White House that setting up a whistle blower to be fired and stripping him of his pension was going to bring down on the district a court case if it finally occurred to Mr. Erwin to file charges against the board. And it did. Your silent cooperation by not giving your clients, the board, good legal advice during that crucifixion-of-Erwin time was unethical on your part and does not justify your bloated $275,000 taxpayer dollars s salary.

It's like Watergate with Nixon as Lennard and the white house staff replicated by the ROSSAC minions carrying out their tawdry illegal schemes. These predominantly lawyers forgot what their law books said and what their bar ethics endorsed. They thus morphed into crooks, most of whom served time and lost their licenses for breaking the laws the knowledge of which had helped them pass the bar exam.

The foregoing not does not depict completely the behavior of the troop of lawyers on the White House staff, including Attorney General Mitchell, who as a broken old man served time and lost his license .

But if all the president's legal men believed they were above the law and could ignore it by clever finesses, the lawyer of the school board of Hillsborough County not only can but has done a replica in my opinion of the conduct of all the president's legal men.

No matter who on the board or administration told you, signaled you by semaphore, or transmitted knowing grunts and hmmms for you to foot drag on Steve Kemp's closing statement of his cooked-up child-abuse case, you are one of the people breaking the new bullying law, the anti-bullying House Bill. You are not just following orders, you are participating in or ignoring this bullying law. You are humiliating and intimidating a teacher. I don't think you do this on your own volition. I think you are following orders--following them with eager relish and sticking it to a teacher for daring to think himself an American citizen with free-speech rights no matter how the school board with its attorney's cooperation-- bullies the teacher.

Nor are you excused from responsibility to the law after Steve came to address the board with his question of why his treatment was so different from that of the administrator Toe Cracker at King High, whose pedophile activity really threatened the students' well being while the cooked-up charges by Ron Smiley et al was a lie from start to finish, manufactured, in my considered view, to advance Smiley's and Morris's administration climb up the ladder to a ROSSAC sinecure.

Just because the board pretends to be out to lunch on all such defections from legal probity so that its members do not have to break ranks of perfect attendance at Bay Area political food orgies and trough pig outs, you get no release from the lawyering service that citizens pay you $275,000 a year to do. This duty, by the way, includes reading the texts from the Sheriff's office on the similar conclusions on Kemp's and the Toe Cracker's cases and not alienating the Times reporter whose accuracy you challenged in a dumb-ass publicity gaffe. This behavior throws a monkey wrench into Ms. Elia's quest for good publicity.

You are running a D in your performance of your job, Counselor. This teacher stamps your record with the grade you deserve for a clumsy, inattentive, error-packed job as school lawyer and for your participating in violating the laws that you are supposed to keep board and administration faithful to by timely legal advice.

lee drury de cesare
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c: Governor Crist
Bill McCollum
Alex Sink

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