Friday, October 23, 2009

Appeal to Dan Ruth to Write About the School Board

Helpless granny manages to mount a camel at the pyamids
John__D said...

Come on! EVERY politician is worth taking a shot at except for your husband?

Nepotism, de Cesare style.

The pest is back. He's up past his bedtime looking for something to do besides using his Play Do supplies to construct high rises.

You would think more lively concerns would attract him than beating up on a helpless, aged granny. He not only beats up on girls but old girls. Shame! Shame!

The little devil is smart. I am a teacher and can recoginize this quality in a nanosecond.

Pest: Read this article to stretch your horizons beyond ripostes; this is the kind of stuff I like to read:

And yes, my old man was an honest politician. So lay off him.

How do you know I am right? Because I don't lie, Sugarbritches.

Now go to your room and read the above article: every bit of it will be on a pop quiz the next time you email me. lee


My faithful SPT reader husband cut out today's column me. He liked it even though he is not your fan, calling your writing "convoluted."

It's my baby daughter, who still lives in Beach Park, who adores you.

I think this column on Dick Greco is one of your best. I say that from vantage of having known the rogue for over fifty years. We graduated Hillsborough High School together. My theory says that he secretly married the prettiest girl in the Class of '51 in the waning months of the 12th grade, Dana Hepinstall, so he could get a head start on running around on her.

I think one reason Dick Greco is so addicted to politics is that it ranks a premier way to pick up chicks.

The magic of today's column is that it pokes gentle, melancholy, days-of-yore fun at Dick that reveals his character. That's high art. You aren't Swift, but you are the closest we've got in the Bay Area. I am glad the Times picked you up from the Tribune. We would have lost a talent had it not.

The Tribune, I think, is on death watch.

But the bell tolls for all newspapers. They soon pass into history.

I said so over fifteen years ago when the former publisher of the Times What's His Name opined as featured speaker of the ACLU local awards dinner that the computer press was an aberration that would soon fade. Wrong.

The NYT just laid off a hundred people. That's a death knell when the premier newspaper of the US if not the world begins to reduce force.

That little shit Steve Hegarty, who can neither punctuate nor write a coherent sentence yet makes over a hundred thousand a year in the School Board rip-off of the tax payers, said to me recently at a School Board meeting, "I got out just in time." I called him a rat desertng a drowning ship.

Le Hegarty refers to his getting the Public Affairs top job after the School Board fired Marc Hart, former holder of that post, to save the "reputation" of Board Member Jennifer Falliero in the long-running adultery scandal of the two. The Board made Falliero board chair while Hart got the sack. To propitiate the Motel 8 commissioner, Hart had divorced his wife and caused his two little children great pain. The little boy's grades plummeted; the little girl's congenital disease worsened. After Falliero dumped Marc post divorce because she had found fresh fodder for her illicit sex fun and games, he can't get a local job.

The school underground has blackballed him in the jobs market. So his wife struggles to support the children by herself.

I wish you would try your satirical art on members of the School Board of Hillsborough County. They are prime fodder for satire. In fact, the entire political community of the Bay Area is. But so are the national pols as well. Show me a politician, and I will show you a funny person. I discovered from attending state political conferences with Tom as the family-values show-and-tell spouse when he was the longest-serving mayor of our little beach town that the political class is a bunch of third-rate hustlers obsessing about la gloire and the chances for kickbacks. Tom I except. He was honest and industrious in his service, or I would have gone on some media outlet to howl protest about my old man. He quit when a new bevy of commissioners wanted to throw its weight around by firing the best attorney the Madeira Beach Commission ever had.

On a slow week, take a whack at our Hillsborough County school board as a group or singly. They are comedic fodder.

Lee Drury De Cesare.


John__D said...

Come on! EVERY politician is worth taking a shot at except for your husband?

Nepotism, de Cesare style.

John__D said...

>How do you know I am right? Because I don't lie, Sugarbritches.<

Read this post and reflect. You do lie, Vinegartits.

John__D said...

You wrote about $340 per hour when you knew damned well it was $340 per day. You lie.

Anonymous said...

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