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The Council of Trent convenes to discuss whether the Other Woman in the Edwards saga should buy a house in the Edwards neighborhood and demand that John pay for it and either provide lawn service or mow the lawn himself.

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"Lee De Cesare
I deplore injustice and jump in whenever I see a little person get beat up on."

So do I. Which is why I take exception with this:

"Jude Law lives a disreputable private life, impregnating bedazzled women hither and yon--not admirable conduct at all. I am going to send the boy--now pushing 40-- a box car of condoms."

Three children with ex-wife Sadie. One child with Samantha Burke. Not exactly hither and yon. A very, very good father, has always been seen toting his kids with him around London, even when very small, gets along with and takes vacations and holidays with ex-wife so the children have both together, very intelligent and interesting conversationalist (I cite his recent Charlie Rose interview about Hamlet as just one example)...anyway, I loved your story, you are a very interesting person as well...but I am a person that thinks fair is fair...and you weren't very fair to make such careless comment. I also saw Hamlet in New York 2 weeks ago with 3 friends, all of us from the south as well, and we simply loved it. I'm trying to find a way to get back before it closes.

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You have changed my mind about Jude Law. Thank goodness, I hate to applaud his exquisite performance of Hamlet and have to think that he is impregnating every ditzy girl on the theater circuit. I'm sure they volunteer. I would have liked to have seen the Rose interview. But I can't read and watch TV at the same time.

My problem is that I don't keep up properly with the gossip columns. I have limited myself to following the dark deeds of that dork John Edwards. His adultery partner with the out-of-wedlock child--as cute as a button--is looking for houses in his neighborhood in NC so that the louse sperm donar can be "a part of the baby's life" and "become acquainted with her half brother and sisters."

This tactical move on the Other Woman's part made Elizabeth go berserk, of course. Cancer-ridden Elizabeth called up the adulterous house hunter with the cute-as-a-button out-of-wedlock baby and told her that she hoped she died. I said to my husband, who has to listen to this obsession, "What will happen to the baby then?" if her Other-Woman mother dies?

If Elizabeth had a lick of sense, she would divorce John, let him wander thither to commit adultery on the Other Woman after marrying her. Divorce would ensure that Elizabeth's children get their share of the estate after their mother dies, which she is bound to do because her breast cancer has metasized. If she doesn't bite bullet and divorce that rotter John, then for sure the Other Woman ends up with a big piece of estate.

The reason I have such a crackpot interest in this Edwards saga is that when he ran for president himself before he became Kerry's vp, I sent him a big check so certain was I that he was a good man. He fooled me like he did the rest of the women. And he did it on TV. That makes me just one of the dingdong roundheels.

My husband has gotten to the point that when he gets a hint that I am going to start on Edwards saga again says, "Now lay off of the Edwards tale, please. I can't take much more."

I had a notion that Law loved his children from reading somewhere that he and Sadie had a court battle over custody. So he wanted them himself. I would beat the hell out of all the men who run off and leave their children as if they were nothing if I weren't old and lacked upper-body strength. The children never get over that desertion by the father. They always feel something they did is the reason he left them, poor little things. Studies have shown that children don't want their parents to divorce, no matter how much they hate each other. People in their forties and fifties still suffer from psychological damage if their parents split up.

That Jude and Sadie have an amicable enough relationship now to put on a united front for the children speaks well of them both. So I will not be sending Mr. Law any condoms and indeed will harbor kind thoughts about him.

But I do think that in honor of not overwhelming the planet, which is the real problem at the bottom of all the problems we face, the four children he's fathered is over quota and quite enough for him.

Law was chivalric in not blaring out publicly like most clods do these days when a girlfriend announces her pregnancy that they demands a DNA test from the umbilical cord shortly after delivery of the baby. Law said instead that he would help support the child. I assume that he quietly asked for a DNA test from the girlfriend. That would be right. He shouldn't have to support the child if it is not his.

I always like to learn something new, and you have provided the something new tonight. For this relief much thanks. Who said that and in what play?


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