Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Touching Base With All of the Usual Suspects

Ms. Elia's Dog Tiny

Copies of this email and of the charge email went to all members of Section Five of the Special-ed section of the administrative staff. lee

Mr. Nick Cox
Regional Director / Circuit 13 Administrator
Florida Child Protection
9393 North Florida Avenue
Tampa 33612

Dear Mr. Cox:

Enclosed you will find a Florida Child Protection charge of endemic child abuse by the Special-ed supervisors Area 5 in the Hillsborough County schools.

The administration and board are either too oblivious and incompetent to detect and acknowledge this abuse or know about it but pretend they don't so as to be exempt from dealing with the problem.

I understand that you serve on the County Children's Board.

I fear that this association will present a dilemma for your disinterested response to this charge. The schools' superintendent, a school board member, and one other school official serve on the county board.

Hence, your membership on the County Children's Board may result in your immersion in a clan-ethos that impedes your and others of the board's effectively dealing with my complaint against the schools for child abuse. I urge you to resist being one of the Hillsborough County Children's Board psychological cliques which might cause you to ignore or downplaying this charge. I expect you treat it as a charge divorced from your County Children's Board membership and examined for its Florida Child Protection mandate.

The Bay Area's political and quasi-political participants and groupies make hard a citizen's getting disinterested attention to complaints about problems such as this one. As representative of a state agency, I expect you to surmount that mind-set for the children's sake.

I requested a hearing from Chair Jami before the County Children's Board of which you are member. The Children's Board Web site says the board welcomes visitor participation..
Two teachers and I can bring added data that will flesh out the case were the board to grant us an interview.

May I please hear from you about your plans to deal with my complaint?


Lee Drury De Cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 22708

Governor Crist's Child Abuse Prevention and Permanency Advisory Council.
Eric Eikenberg, Chief of Staff of Governor Crist
Chair Busi and All Members, Hillsborough County School Board
All Members Hillsborough County School Board


Vox Populi said...

lee, did you read in the SPTIMES that charles in charge of tally has called for a special grand jury to perform a public corruption probe???????????
This is how they plan to shut you down. Oh, he said SOMETHING ELSE like all the officials he has had to fire but that grand jury will poke and piddle around and find nothing ... or maybe I've just grown paranoied. One supposes that the FBI trumps a grand jury.
Don't try it charlie !! I want some people IN PRISON over this. They are disgusting thieves and scum .... all over.
Lee, you know how they say that dogs and owners look somewhat similar or sometimes strikingly similar?
WOW. I can see maryEllen walking around with tiny ... and it makes me so laugh my ass off.


twinkobie said...

Vox, due to your heads-up, I checked the SPT on this issue. I sent Crist's chief of staff, urging that the governor use my statistics and comments on corruption in hiring and in shutting down teachers' free speech rights by the board and adminstration as basis for a corruption charge against the board and administration. Thanks for the heads up. lee