Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This and That

Picture my NASA engineer son sent me and his father. Isn't it a noble looking piece of artistry as well as rocketry?

I think my readers would like to share the following from a guy who is not a fan. Or maybe it is a gal. He or she is young, I think.

What amazes is how much time he must spend doing explication de texte crack downs on my blog. I wonder why that is so important for him to do. Maybe he hates his grandmother, and I fill in on that obsession.

One does not expect such bitterness from the young mind. I am sad for the boy. I wager he is one of my seven grandsons' age.

May his demons leave him in peace. He is smart. He could write his own blog on a subject other than me which interests him. I think he would do well in linguistics because of his interest in grammar.

This young person is an example, alas, of why Freud's couches will always be a needed piece of furniture in this sad world. lee

From: Anonymous [mailto:noreply-comment@blogger.com]
Sent: Monday, October 12, 2009 9:04 PM
To: tdecesar@tampabay.rr.com
Subject: [Lee Drury De Cesare's Casting-Room Couch] New comment on Footnote to Use Your Noodle to Advance the Cause.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Footnote to Use Your Noodle to Advance the Cause":

"I may have written the quote you attribute to me about voting for Brand X because 'anybody was better than April.'"

Don't you remember? You wrote that little snippet when Schmidt was running against Susan Valdes in 2008, April was elected in 2006. When you wrote it, you stated that anyone was better than Valdes. Were you "pissy pants drunk" when you wrote this?

The day before the election you emplored people to go to the polls and vote for Schmidt. Thus you didn't change your mind about diddley. You can't keep anything straight.

You don't want to own up to your feeble minded rantings on Susan's $50K travel expenses either do you? You can't keep it straight. It was 5 years not 1. You have previously acknowledged this error and in having done so may well open yourself up to charges of libel. This is just like your Alafia Elementary rantings. You couldn't get pay rate of Smiths mentor right, flip-flopping on the rate of pay with every post.

Jealousy is not an issue here. I would never want to be a drunken, washed up has been who routinely embarasses myself. The only jealousy that is evident is in your envy of any younger woman who achieves a position of importance. As what little beauty you had in your distant youth continues to slip away, your jealousy soars to new levels of insanity. The problem is that you have always been ugly on the inside. Once your external beauty faded, all that was left is an ugly person, inside and outside and no-one wanted you. Not even Patrick. It's funny how quickly he fired you when given the slightest reason.

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John__D said...

"He could write his own blog on a subject other than me which interests him."

The person who made this post isn't me, if that's what you're inferring.

Anonymous said...

This is someone who wants to hurt you. Maybe Faliero. Maybe Olson. Maybe Griffin or Valdes. Whoever calls Patrick Manteiga "Patrick," so she seems to be familiar with him.

Anonymous said...

Did your reference to Freud's couches mean that the photo your son sent you of a huge phallic rocket is connected with this topic?