Thursday, October 15, 2009

When in Doubt, Do the First Thing That Comes to Your Mind

Chief of Staff Eikenberg

Governor Charlie Crist

The Capitol

400 South Monroe Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001


Dear Mr. Eikenberg:

I can't find the name of the new director of the Florida Children's Protection Agency on the Web.

Will you please forward the enclosed material to him and send his name and address to

Also please forward the material to Governor Crist's Child Protection panel.

I read in the St. Petersburg Times that Mr. Crist's primary opponent Mr. Rubio is making inroads into Mr. Crist's support in the Senate race. I read also that Mr. Crist has requested a state grand jury to examine corruption.

The enclosed material on corruption in the Hillsborough County schools is an apt area to begin a corruption probe.

And what Mr. Crist should consider is that these corrupt conditions probably obtain in many other school districts in Florida.

The current Secretary of Education has flaccid instincts when it comes to cracking down on job rackets and mistreatment of teachers in the Florida school system to keep teachers quiet about administrative and board wrongdoing.

The Secretary of Education emerged from the school bureaucracy himself and thus is imbued with the ubiquitous conviction in that subculture that administrations of schools and boards have a time-honored right to hire relatives, buddies, and incompetents in the jobs rackets they run.

These public parasites assume they can spurn the Equal Employment Opportunity laws that would get the best candidates for administrative positions that in Hillsborough County pay sky-high salaries while teachers often have to work second jobs to make ends meet. Peripheral administrative slots in Hillsborough County make as much as the new state director of the Child Abuse agency.

Administrations and boards also, according to custom, enjoy a venerable invidious protocol of the right to threaten teachers with job loss if they dare criticize any of the mess-ups of the superintendents' no-talent staff and quiescent board.

A person running for the Senate should count noses and calculate that there are many more teachers in the state than there are occupants of the many corrupt administration sinecures under which teachers must function.

Machiavelli would have grabbed these pages that I include and gone to town with their leads. His political instincts were impeccable.

The governor could do worse that to make Machiavelli his role model in attacking state school administration and board corruption. Teachers would pay attention and vote accordingly. Media love corruption stories. They would pubish them.

The DNA of the Erwin Whistleblower case against the board and administration in the early '90's still infects the current administration and board because none of the guilty brigands got punished for the stealing and graft exposed in that case because the board was part of it. And citizens, not guilty administration and board members, paid the $165,000 settlement that the jury and judge awarded Mr. Erwin.

Thank you for your help.

Lee Drury De Cesare

15316 Gulf Boulevard 802

Madeira Beach, FL 33708

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Vox Populi said...

I agree. Go with your GUT instinct.

Lee, I left a question for you and for goader on the 'footnote' post.

See what you can find out. Man I would LOVE to know if someone who harassed goader has a family member following my family around another campus. For eight WEEKS my family member saw this security guy everywhere he went. Name possibly smiley. Like in goader's case