Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crooked, Slipshod Public Officials

Susan and April:

On the board meeting on 11/3, I shall bring up in citizens' comment time the fact that the board has declined to enforce the bullying law as it is written not only to include students but also to include any person drawing a salary from the state for school employment. Those encompass administrators and the board as well as students.

I see the Bullying Law's full implementation as the solution to the bullying problem that the teachers face from the Professional Standards Office as well as any other problems of bullying from administrators.

I have filed a bullying charge under the Bullying Law against Tom Gonzalez, Ms. Elia, and the board for bullying teacher Steve Kemp in the support of Mr. Smiley's lying charge against him for child abuse that the Sheriff's office threw out the same day Smiley filed it.

Steve Hegarty, carrying out Ms. Kurdell's orders, destroys my sign-ins to comment on the agenda items marked for comment. Hegarty's hinted rationale for this destruction of my requests to comment that I suffer from Alzheimer's. That's bullying of a citizen.

Neither of you has objected to this unconstitutional suppression of a citizen's free speech and right to approach elected officials for redress of grievances. You took an oath of office to support the Constitution. This refusal to intervene in board chair Kurdell's unconstitutional suppression of free speech and suppression of a citizen's right to express grievances to an elected body puts both of you in the position of liars in the swearing-in ceremony and in the refusal to correct your chair's unconstitutional behavior. It also suggests that neither of you is educated enough to know what the Constitution entails. Your conduct as two with no college degree convinces me that a requirement to run of the School Board should be an earned college degree.

I supported you both when you ran for the School Board. I gave you money and encouragement, Susan more than April. You promised to "clean up the school system." Some cleanup. You have both been profound disappointments. You have fallen in almost immediately with the long-time board calculated inertia, ceding all decisions to a corrupt superintendent, pretending ignorance to protect yourselves from responsibility that you promised voters to assume if they would elect you.

Nothing could testify to your corrupt reason for running for the board, Susan, more than your chalking up a $50,000 traveling lark tab when the poor children of Hillsborough County can't afford supplies so that they can join in their class work. Nothing shows your gutlessness, April, better than at your meeting with Steve Kemp about his year-plus suspension for a false charge you told him, that "good things are happening behind the scenes" and that he should not tell anyone of your meeting with him. That is my understanding of your meeting with Kemp. The "behind-the-scenes" gloss shows that you support secret government, not government in the sunshine; nothing shows your lack of care for teachers more than your injunction to Kemp not to tell anyone that you two met.

Why, one asks, is it verboten to mention a board member's meeting with a teacher? Why is this circumstance disreputable and to be kept secret? Does it in some way deduct points from your status as a board member loyal to the board and administrating but disloyal to teachers? How can you claim to be pro-teacher after such a cowardly performance? Why does concern for teachers' well being equate to being disloyal to the board?

If you two don't insist that the board carry out the bullying law as including adults' drawing salaries from the school system as well as students, you are not doing your job. If you lack the courage and initiative to do your job by making the board and administration liable for responding to bullying charges concerning adults, you should resign your seats and make way for more conscientious board participants. These will insist on the law's full implementation because new board members will want to carry out the bullying law as the legislature wrote it, not as the administration of the Hillsborough County schools have truncated it to suit the purpose of avoiding teachers' having the right to file bullying charges against the Professional Standards gulag, the superintendent, and board members who sponsor intimidation of teachers to shut them up about administration and board depredations against education to protect their sinecures.

These selfish aims of the board and administration have nothing to do with the best interests of the schools and their students. They have nothing to do with implementing state laws as they are written. They have nothing to do with good government and everything to do with twisting the laws to accommodate the corrupt agenda of the board and administration.

Shame on you both.

lee drury de cesare

c: Patrick Manteiga, publisher, La Gazetta, Marshall;solcheck@spt

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