Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sent to Education Commissioner Smith, Governor Crist, Attorney General McCollum, and All the Usual Suspects at the School Board and Administration

Commissioner Smith:

Hillsborough County schools are not administering the bullying law as it is written: it covers both students and any people who draw a salary from the school system.

I filed a bullying charge against school people who bullied a teacher by putting him on involuntary leave from the classroom after the Sheriff's office had thrown out the administration's charge against him the day the administration filed it.

This maneuver by the Professional Standards office is the standard way that the administration intimidates teachers into silence so that teachers will not complain about the mismanagement of the schools by the board and administration. The board and administration take away teachers' free-speech rights by threatening job loss to the teachers who speak out. The board and administration are especially eager to intimidate teachers who have blogs so that they shut them down for fear of losing their jobs.

The Public Affairs head, Steve Heggarty, wrote me my complaint against adults was "Inappropriate." This means that the Hillsborough County administration is only partially carrying out the bullying law; its scofflaws refuse to carry out the law's provision to include adults who work for pay for the school system. The administration and board, in effect, are disobeying the law.

Tell me what you will do to see that school systems like Hillsborough carry out the law as the legislature wrote it, not in the partial way it now carries out the law.

Lee Drury De Cesare
15316 Gulf Boulevard 802
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

c: Governor Crist

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