Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Clumsy Scam for Getting Away with Evading the Bullying Law

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The camel driver had three wives and advised Tom to "get rid of that skinny old white woman and get yourself three plump harem girls." I still gave the rascal a tip.
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Email from the chief of Community
Affairs, Master Steve Hegarty, delivered to Ms. De Cesare, activist citizen who has lived a life of unabated virtue, by diplomatic pouch:

We received the complaint you forwarded to the school district's online bullying reporting system. This is not an appropriate venue for your complaints against the school district.

Thank you.

Stephen Hegarty
Office of Communications
Hillsborough County Public Schools
901 East Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, Fl. 33602-3507
office: 813-272-4060
fax: 813-272-4510

Chief of Public Information Steve Hegarty:

Dear Chief:

Define how you use "appropriate" in your email to me.

The law says that students and anybody who gets paid for work in the schools qualify as candidates for bullying charges.

The district's bullying reporting site omits the adults who work for the district as appropriate targets for bullying charges. This omission evades the law. The guy who heads that department of the bullying response as well as the board and Ms. Elia are responsible for evading the law.

The school district can't carry out the law partially. It must carry out the law fully as the legislature wrote it. There is no pick-and-choose privilege for Hillsborough County when it comes to obeying the bullying law.

Tell me whom in the school-administration hierarchyy to report Gonzalez, Elia, and the Board to for bullying Steve Kemp by putting him on a year's suspension for a charge cooked up by Smiley and Morris to advance their administration careers.

The sheriff threw the charge out lodged by Smiley the same day this ambitious special-ed cipher filed it.

Tell me to whom one could have reported the bullying intimidation and public humiliation of Bart Birdsall if the the board and administration were concerned with the whole school community and not just the administration's and board's invidious prerogatives. It was under Ms. Elia's that Linda The Enforcer Kipley cooked up a charge against teacher Bart Birdsall for protesting the the county's diminished library rights for gays from Bart's home computer to the head of the county's public library, a gay like Bart.

The cause of the Elia-Kipley faux charge was homophobia and Elia's fear of bad publicity and the resistance of the right-wing political homophobes. She didn't mind bullying and terrifying a teacher about his job if it served her obsession for good publicity.

The bullies named in my extant bullying charge kept Kemp on suspension from the classroom and in a state of terror about losing his job for more than a year. That's intimidation big time; it's public humiliation of a teacher who did nothing to deserve it. It's putting pressure on the victim's nerves and body that adversely affects his health and psychological well being.

This manufactured charge against Steve Kemp by Ron Smiley with the cooperation of Principal Morris and condoned by the board and Ms. Elia represents the way the district manipulates, browbeats, terrorizes, and bullies teachers to keep them from speaking out against the board's and the administration's malfeasance. They want the teachers to be a bunch of drones who do nothing outside the classroom that puts a monkey wrench into their delusions of grandeur gotten from the tax money that pours over the transom of ROSSAC because the teachers teach the students, who provide the head count for the monies ROSSAC rakes in.

Pray, Sir Chief Public0-Affairs Head Honcho,
consider this a public-information request for all transmissions to the state authorities for funds mentioned in the bill; send those data to me as soon as the ROSSAC administration cooks them up. Consider this also a request for all transmissions that the state requires schools' administering the bullying statute to submit to check on the appropriateness of the bullying protocol the schools must follow.

Those records are due the first of the year, I believe. Whenever they are due, I want them as public information.

I need your advice. Do I complain to the Secretary of Education or the governor for the Hillsborough County's dereliction of duty in fulfilling the requirements of this law if the administration and board continue this path of partial compliance? Will the retrograde behavior of the board and administration mean that I must write as well to all members of the Hillsborough County delegation and the House and Senate Education Committees to alert them to the partial, distorted use of the bullying law law that the Hillsborough County administration and board plot to carry out?

I witnessed the hoopla that accompanied the announcement of this law on the board dais. This board and administration folderol was late indeed.

Bart Birdsall and Jane, a mother with a gay son at Hillsborugh High, had tried for years to get the schools to do something about of bullying gay students because gay children came to Bart saying they felt like committing suicide from the homophobic taunts they got on school property; but the agony of gay children was not something the administration and Board cared about. Both did nothing and evaded Bart and Jane.

To augment Bart and Jane's efforts, I ran down Earl the Pearl Lennard at a political function and pledged him to take Bart's advice about guest counselors from Miami, which had a robust anti-bullying program before the Florida law forced all schools to have one. I pledged Earl the Pearl to his promise to give teachers and administration the seminars on the Miami schools' successful campaign of combating gay- baiting in schools. The school-superintendent Dr. Lennard promised he would. The rascal lied.

Routine elected officials' lying explains how Earl the Pearl became Governor Crist's appointee as head of the Election Supervisor job. In his school superintendent job, Earl the Pearl didn't give a damn about gay children's suicidal suffering any more than he cared about the suffering of teachers caught in the maelstrom of the administration's bullying to keep them quiet so that the administration and board could continue to suck up tax dollars to burnish their power and privileged community status because they had the power to dispense state money hither and yon, making them Masters of the Universe in Hillsborough County.

Now the administration and board make a clumsy try to weasel out of enacting the full directive of the bullying law. Dream on, Mr. Steve. Tell your bosses that they won't succeed as long as the kid here breathes above ground as Brunhilde says to Sigmund to in The Ring Cycle.

The pro-bullying-teachers administrative and board weasels will not get away with this scam without publicity from the kid here. Two have opponents: April and Jennifer. I plan to debrief them on the two's cowardice and roll-over behavior as board members

The board and Ms. Elia should have figured out this fact long ago: They cannot defeat any ordinary citizen who can write and has access to a computer in this age of dumb-as-stumps immoral power seekers.

Give me the pubic information requested, pray. I look forward to receiving it. Repeat: You can't implement only a part of the bullying law. No matter how inconvenient the board and administration find the law's full application to their Professional Standards teacher torture chamber, the schools must implement all of the law. Teachers from now on can file bullying charges against any bullying done by the Professional Standards office.

This is the administration's and board's Waterloo, Mr. Chief Laundromat of Information Factotum.

I predict you won't dare answer this email; nor will La Elia or the cowards and toadies on the Hillsborough County School Board, who don't give a damn about the schools, who obsess only on maintaining their incumbency so as to look Very Important in the political community of the Bay Area and to be able to attend all the Bay Area pig-out eatery summits at which the Bay Area parasitic political community gathers to gobble at the public trough at public expense.

Lee Drury De Cesare
Concerned Citizen
leedrurydecesarescasting-roomcouch.blogspot. com


Anonymous said...

This is GREAT!!!! Every teacher who gets called into Professional Standards should take a witness and then file bullying charges against Kipley if she tries any hanky panky! Lee, you have given teachers recourse. They can all complain to the governor and anyone else. I bet Kipley and the board members read this. They now know that teachers will file bullying charges against them if they try anything underhanded.

Anonymous said...

gad. he's SUCH A DOUCHE BAG. They think their lame form letters are de rigeur at putting one in one's place. I think it's the PERFECT FORUM for addressing school bullies. I can give them an earful about the morgan woods bullies they imported to THROW STICKS AT OTHER CHILDREN and that done with the obvious sanctioning of the OLD OLD principle, Ms. Penny Smith, little alphabet people on her crisp white shirt and all.
Steve, stop being such a nazi douche bag for a paycheck. It's PUTRIFYING. Get a real job and stop signing form letters from swinish school marms. (posers csuse they sure are NOT about education)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your e-mail to PR flak. Aren't school administrators paid by taxpayers. Why do these so-called public servants poo poo citizens?

Anonymous said...

anonymous, it's all they have left. they can't outsmart, outgun or outrun ... and when they are led away in handcuffs we'll see TONS MORE POO POO. ROFL

Anonymous said...

Who was Doug Erwin's attorney? Other folks within the school district may need his services.

Anonymous said...

There is no one to turn to when you want to report unethical behavior of school board members or administrators. They can bully all they want and get away with it. They can, and they do. This has been going on for years. The governor or Education Commissioner will tell you to go up the chain of command in the district. When you do that you get the runaround. A bunch of criminals is what they are. The longest standing school board members Carol Kurdell and Candy Olson know how corrupt things are, and they do nothing. Pulling a homeless person off the street and putting him on the board would be more effective than having those two on there.

Anonymous said...

You won't see Candy Olson set one foot anywhere in any school unless it is Plant or Gorrie or Wilson. The parents whose kids go there are her base support, and she knows that. She doesn't waste her breath on any other schools or any child. She only cares about the South Tampa crowd who have money. She is the biggest hypocrite known to mankind.

Anonymous said...

The pictures of the big dummies on the Children's Board show us that it is made up of a bunch of dimwits. They will never help you, Lee, because they all know the school board members and Elia and they are buddy buddy with them. They don't realize that the school board and school administrators are made up of a bunch of criminals, and they don't want to know.

Anonymous said...

HER name was Priscilla Ryan. She's still practicing, last I checked.
Lee, that board of children's home stuff and such with scant exception repreents AMONG THE WORST citizens in the tampa bay area. Once, I accompanied a family member to the children's board chambers in ybor. It's a scary place; rather the personnel is VERY scary. The occasion was to find out about becoming an adoptive family: The freaky leader OPENED WITH A PRAYER (the bush years, of course) and then made clear that people with pets were not welcome as adoptive families. Oh. Cause I always thought that kids and pets yknow GO TOGETHER. SILLY ME. This was set up through the Metropolitan YMCA. Now, get this ... the YMCA sarasota, tampa etc... have this gazillion dollar contract to handle the placement and foster placement of 'at-risk' children and so they work WITH that skanky children's board place. THEY HAVE BEEN SUED for placing children in such terrible homes that the children were abused repeatedly. (sexually, physically and emotionally) But perfectly nice, dog-owning, perhaps non-Christian or OPEN PRAYING families were turned away for owning dogs. hmmmmm.
This kinda goes hand in glove with the ruins of detroit (thank you kwame kilpatrick who reminds me of pam iorio) being sold at auction BUT the LONG TIME residents of detroit being turned away for beiug a few moments late or otherwise arbitrarily disqualified in favor of investment bankers buying up blocks of homes OR foreign entities. One woman who was trying to buy a vacant lot for a community garden for four years now was told she would have to come back a FIFTH DAY and broke down in tears. Over a vacant lot. Of course there is talk of mowing everything down and building high rises. ENTIRE CITIES WE ARE TALKING !! FLINT, DETROIT, LANSING, beautiful historic homes. What does this remind you of? Yes, BAYSHORE. Ruined. Anyway .. if we don't get OUR FUTURE and the at-risk children out of the hands of these CRITTERS who selectively steal children from sometimes perfectly good parents we're in big trouble. The children's board is NOT to be trusted or relied upon. Just google YMCA adoption scandals.

twinkobie said...

I don't know Doug Erwin's attorney's name. It was a woman. Mrs. Erwin told me the judge told the attorneys for the board (Gonzalez et al) when they complained about the size of Mr. Erwin's award that it would have been more had Mr. Erwin had a better attorney. But bad as she was, the attorney was able to show the jury that the school crooks were lying, so Mr. Erwin won the case. So I haven't bothered to look up her name to recommend her to anyone. lee

Anonymous said...

Priscilla Ryan is a name every teacher has to remember. Lee says the judge thought she wasn't good, but she still won. If she can win against Gonzalez and the tons of taxpayer dollars he has to drag things out, she must be halfway decent. She must have ethics. Everyone remember her name and look her up when your turn comes to having your name, reputation, and career ruined by the crooks in the school district administration.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the judge meant to do just that. He HAD to enforce the law (LOL at most of them in tampa who do just the opposite) but at the same time did not want a stellar atty to build a reputation on that case. To wit: oh if he had a better attorney. He could have awarded MORE. Maybe if doug erwin had a BETTER judge is another way to phrase that. With all due respect to what may be one of the last HONORABLE members of the tampa judiciary. I do not know the judge's name. I wonder if ms. ryan is being stalked now for her part in this as maryEllen is known to stalk and harass her victims. She will do this either personally or through their children or via teachers or administrators that she hand-picked for her GANG ...