Thursday, October 29, 2009

Surprising Interest in the Erwin Attorney and Judge

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Perhaps the judge meant to do just that. He HAD to enforce the law (LOL at most of them in tampa who do just the opposite) but at the same time did not want a stellar atty to build a reputation on that case. To wit: oh if he had a better attorney. He could have awarded MORE. Maybe if doug erwin had a BETTER judge is another way to phrase that. With all due respect to what may be one of the last HONORABLE members of the tampa judiciary. I do not know the judge's name. I wonder if ms. ryan is being stalked now for her part in this as maryEllen is known to stalk and harass her victims. She will do this either personally or through their children or via teachers or administrators that she hand-picked for her GANG.

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This response to my comment on Priscella Ryan has determined me to try to meet her and talk to her about the case if she will. I don't know when I will have time, but I will find someway to try to meet this lawyer. lee

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