Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Victim of Home-Ec Kipley

A Friend of Many Years at the March for Choice in Washington, at Which a Million of Us Showed Up

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Just great! They keep Pole Girl Faliero, but they want to fire Goader for something. Why?

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Lord, who knows? The administration has for years been used to targeting people who annoyed them and get something manufactured on them to fire the person. That’s how I got into the school board business: friend of mine, a school media person, protested the mistreatment of gays by the Hillsborough County library. I guess Elia didn’t want any attention brought to the schools about gays—my analysis is she’s a bigot; so she and Kipley cooked up a case against my buddy. I told him to face them down, not to give in, and to make a public issue of it. It worked. They gave up on him with a slap on the wrist. But these experiences are psychologically traumatic; he had to go to therapy for a while. But he is stronger now. And my bet is they won’t attack him again because he is not one of the weak ones who roll over.

Goader has a blog. Ms. Elia and Ms. Faliero are crazy about bad publicity. So my guess they have targeted him for something because of his blog. I stand ready to help if I can. But I can’t get his blog to pull up. I hope that is not ominous.

Anybody who wants proof of how crazy and vindictive the school administrators are should read the Erwin court files. The leaders of the administration are psychopathic thugs. They have power and mean to hang on to it no matter the brutality against uncooperative employees necessary. And the board plays along by pretending not to know what’s going on. This pretended ignorance is active in the Linda Kipley outrages in the Professional Standards Cell Block. lee

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