Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Teacher Crucifixion

Goader, I went to the board meeting yesterday only to discover when I got there from the beach that the board meeting had been delayed until five. I came home because I have to attend to my husband, who’s not well, so couldn’t wait the two hours until the board began. I had a notion that your case might be on the agenda.

I went to help you fight these thugs. Giving in to them just encourages them to up the ante. Your case is why I advise teachers to forgo the union’s in-bed performance and bank the fees to hire a lawyer.

I have written to Valdes and Griffin to attend your meeting with Kipley. They are not good about fighting for teachers, but they are the best we have.

Let me come. I will then do everything I can to use the information to advertise the administration’s reputation for mistreating teachers and running a Professional Standards snitch racket to build false cases against their teacher targets to fire outspoken teachers.

Don’t ever give in to the thugs. It will make it even harder for the next teacher. Fight in every way you can. lee

Ms. Kipley: I understand that a teacher with the soubriquet of “Goader” has a charge against him aimed at depriving him of employment.

There are no exceptions in the Sunshine law that shields such charges. I would like a copy of the charge against “Goader” and the dates of the meetings that will accompany this charge and where it is to be held.

I would also like to have copies of emails you have received and written on this subject. Those too are public information.

Please send these data to Linda Cobbe so that she can transfer them to me.

Lee Drury De Cesare


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Thank you kindly,
HSPC Teacher

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!! Only when fear doesn't run the school system and light is shown on the truth will things improve.