Thursday, September 03, 2009

This, That, and the Other

Ms. Kurdell is trying to shut me up. This afternoon at the board meeting after I spoke on my objection to the lawyer's serving as board attorney, she asked Mr. Gonzalez, in effect, if the chair could censor the speech of a citizen addressing the board.

To his credit, he, in effect said no. He knows that any lawyer who does not support the Constitution's First Amendment would be a pariah in the legal community.

Bart Birdsall arrived late because he gets out of school at 4:30. Ms. Kurdell had started citizens' comment time a half hour early, and she refused to let Bart speak.

The board would love to shut down public comment. Zeig heil.

When I came home, I asked my husband about Ms. Kurdell's not allowing me to comment on the agenda that has marked on citizens' sign up to comment. I wanted to comment on the administrators' salaries today. My husband, mayor of our little beach town for many years, said she couldn't do that, that it was wrong. I said she did it any way.

I guess I must plow through the state bureaucracy to get that problem fixed. But it's an election year, and those running for office are much more amenable to citizen requests.

Ms. Cobbe: Thank you for correcting my impression that Mr. Gonzalez's firm has held the board-attorney position for 40 years. You say that he took over from the Crosby Few firm, with offices in the same building as his, and that Mr. Gonzalez has been school board attorney for only six years. I have trouble with this math. He was in charge of the Erwin defense for the Whistleblower trial, and that occurred in the early nineties. The court papers clearly cite Mr. Gonzalez. Can you explain the discrepancy?

Can you send me a copy of the Gonzalez redaction that Ms. Kipley included in files on the Kemp and Toe Cracker danger to the students?

Also, I await the public information of the roster of parents Ms. Falliero said she had assembled whom she would communicate with to let them know what a good job the board and administration were doing to blunt the effect of the blogs. I think her opponent for the next election would like to have that list, and I will send it to him when you send it to me.

I would like to see a copy of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant for a hundred million dollars to the Hillsborough County schools. I assume people in the schools wrote it; if not, was it written by a professional grant writer?

Thank you. ldd


Anonymous said...

You know they are afraid of you, if they want to shut you up. That means you have power. Someone they weren't afraid of would not worry them at all and they would let you speak, if they weren't afraid. These are criminals caught with their pants down everytime you get up to the podium and speak.

Vox Populi said...

lee, did bill gates actually GIVE MONEY to this school district? Seriously? What? So they can buy some more marshmallows and spaghetti math programs? Or so that elia doesn't have to give back her raise again? (showboating) OR is it in order to get his products placed? Or perhaps so that ELIA can afford more corrupt cops lingering in her 'school' zones?
oohhh the power of being an absolute cretin of a woman with a lOAD OF NEW JERSEY DIRTY CRETINS for sale on your payroll.