Friday, September 04, 2009

Filling in the Pieces of the Puzzle; You Ask Questions Until the Picture Emerges

I would love to live in Capri.

Thank you, Linda. I am sorry that I forget things. My grandchildren call me spacy. But maybe it's my Alzheimer's kicking in---the case Ms. Kurdell and your boss the twit have bequeathed me to excuse confiscating my public-comment requests and not allowing me to comment on the agenda. My old man, the former mayor of Madeira Beach for a zillion years who's conducted beaucoup Roberts Rules meetings, says not allowing citizens to comment on an agenda is not kosher.

So Ms. Falliero was just blowing political smoke when she said she was going to assemble such a list. I assume you asked her if she had it.

Also, the Gates application did not come through. At least I don't see it. Could you resend it? lee

-----Original Message-----
From: Linda Cobbe []
Sent: Friday, September 04, 2009 3:19 PM
To: lee
Subject: Re: public information

Lee, Mr. Gonzalez was appointed school board attorney effective October 6, 2004. The Erwin case was in late 2001 through 2002.

Regarding Gonzalez's participation in the Erwin case, following is the explanation I sent to you on May 29, 2009 at 8:40 a.m.:

... Tom didn't have a contract with the school board at that time; Few was the board attorney. Mr. Few referred the case to the Gonzalez firm. There would not be a "contract" with the attorney who tried the case.

I sent you the Alege report on Aug. 17 at 8:44 a.m. It was attached to the original email I printed out and gave to you last night, in which I pointed out that the report that was amended was the Professional Standards report, not the CPI report. Also, Tom Gonzalez had no role in the changes made to that report; it was done by the investigator.

I mailed you the Kemp report in August. There is a difference between the results of the Alege investigation and the Kemp investigation. The CPI report for Alege said there were "some indicators of abuse, neglect, or abandonment." The Kemp report said there were "verified indicators of abuse, neglect, or abandonment."

There is no list related to anything Ms. Faliero said about a parent group.

The Gates Foundation grant application is attached.

Linda E. Cobbe

External Communications Manager

Hillsborough County Public Schools

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Our mission is to provide an education that enables each student to excel as a successful and responsible citizen.

"lee" <> writes:

Ms. Cobbe: Thank you for correcting my impression that Mr. Gonzalez's firm has held the board-attorney position for 40 years. You say that he took over from the Crosby Few firm, with offices in the same building as his, and that Mr. Gonzalez has been school board attorney for only six years. I have trouble with this math. He was in charge of the Erwin defense for the Whistleblower trial, and that occurred in the early nineties. Can you explain the discrepancy?

Can you send me a copy of the Gonzalez redaction that Ms. Kipley included in files on the Kemp and Toe Cracker danger to the students?

Also, I await the public information of the roster of parents Ms. Falliero said she had assembled whom she would communicate with to let them know what a good job the board and administration were doing to blunt the effect of the blogs. I think her opponent for the next election would like to have that list, and I will send it to him when you send it to me.

I would like to see a copy of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant for a hundred million dollars. I assume people in the schools wrote it; if not was it written by a professional grant writer?

Thank you. ldd


Anonymous said...

So this must mean that Tom Gonzalez was rewarded for his torture of Doug Erwin. He did such a good job torturing Erwin that the board decided to make him the official school board attorney, so he could torture more employees with Professional Standards. Ask Linda Cobbe about that!

Anonymous said...

Linda Cobbe is working with the district to cover up the changing of the document by Professional Standards. The original report by a Child Protective Investigator did say there were indicators of abuse and Professional Standards then took that and typed up the same thing but then after Tom Gonzalez lied, Professional Standards typed up a new "corrected" copy of the Professional Standards report of the same case. It changed it so that there were "no indicators of abuse"....this was reported in the St. Pete Times with links to the original documents, and Linda Cobbe is playing hanky panky with your mind. She knows what you mean. The general gist of what you are saying is correct, although the exact details of your version are wrong. Professional Standards should not be able to change the report it made about the case and lie about the CPI's findings in a "corrected" version. These people are criminals.

Vox Populi said...

Lee, if anyone had HALF the things on their mind and plate as you do even if they took prodigious notes they would not be able to remember EVERYTHING. I have had newly minted physicians refer to their RED BOOK for diagnosis. I mean .. it's not like you should have to be an EXPERT in CPI reports. You have to become AN EVERY WOMAN to hope to police these people. They're like ooze rising between your toes.