Monday, August 31, 2009

Grammar, Toujours Le Grammaire

Hey, PC, Who Taught You to Fight Back? By DEVIN LEONARD

Published: NYT August 29, 2009

Mr. Leonard, somewhere in this
enjoyable article you have "...feel differently." "Differently" should be "different." "Feel" is a linking verb; a predicate adjective follows it, not an adverb. lee drury de cesare

To the person who challenged the plural of "cherubim" and "seraphim": "Cherubs" and "seraphs" are traditional plurals; but the Anglo public has put an "s" on both for the plural so long that the "seraphims" and "cherubims" are now creeping into the language as an acceptable alternative. The language reflects persistent usage.

This situation recalls the "time out" plural. So many sportscasters and sports fans have used "time outs" so doggedly that it has swamped the standard "times out."

I am always happy to hear from a reader with a lively interest in the English language. lee

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