Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's the Money: Always the Money

Casting-room Couch Readers: See the money data at the end to get an idea what a rip-off the board subjects the taxpayers to in legal scamming.

Board Attorney Gonzalez was hip deep in the sadistic treatment of Mr. Erwin, who merely asked Dr. Lennard et al to do something about the rampant theft and ubiquitous crime in the schools.

The response of Le Lennard and his goons was to shut Lennard up, not investigate the crime he cited. Le Gonzalez was the lawyer for all the unethical and sometimes illegal acts the board and administration slipped by ignorant tax payers.

The board punished not one person for the Erwin outrage. It should have fired Lennard at a minimum. Taxpayers via the jury didn't believe a word of the administration-and-board lies to cover their asses and paid Mr. Erwin $165.000 to settle his lawsuit for the administration, board, and Mr. Gonzalez's unethical, illegal treatment of the man who outed them under the Whistleblower law.

One telling contribution Mr. Gonzalez made to this travesty of justice was to hire a firm to investigate the case and then cut short its investigation when it began to turn up evidence of the administration's attempt to frame Mr. Erwin so as to fire him and deprive him of his pension.

The governor just chose the head of the crucify-Erwin effort, Earl the Pearl Lennard, as the new supervisor of elections. What a swell pick: one that shows that crime in politics pays if citizens don't pay attention and rein the rascals in.

The board does everything it can to keep the public from wising up. For example, Chair Carol Kurdell, on the board during the Erwin crucifixion and deeply engaged in looking the other way, does not accept my sign-in requests to comment on agenda items.

Chair Kurdell dispatches that little former SPT twit Hagerty, who got his job sans credentials and struggles with punctuation, to try to propitiate me about trashing my Constitutional rights. The claim represents the old anybody-who-says-anything-against-the-board-and-administration-is-crazy folderol.

Were I a teacher, the hillbilly crooks would cook up a Professional Standards case against me and put me on suspension with Gonzalez's providing the pseudo stare-decisis-decision-manufactured rationale for doing so.

I told the Public Affairs twit at the last board meeting to stay away from me or that I would get the Black guy who is sergeant at arms who stands on the left-hand side of the audience and always wears those great Fifties blowzy pants to tell Master Twit to cease and desist from the harassment of helpless, frail, and defenseless little old ladies such as I.

The twit has stuttered out that Kurdell suspects me of having Alzheimer's. Even in the throes of a full-blown case, I could defeat these Amateurs of Evil. They have the impulses but not the brains to carry out sophisticated skullduggery.

I must throw myself on the mercy of the Attorney General in the matter of my Constitutional rights. He is running for office and, like Crist, who just appointed Erwin's chief torturer as Hillsborough supervisor of elections, claims to be a sturdy defendant of openness in government. We shall see.

What a world. Lee

Lee, Thompson, Sizemore & Gonzalez was paid $276,106.32 in 07/08. Neither Tom Gonzalez nor his firm referred any school district legal work to any other firms.

Linda E. Cobbe
External Communications Manager
Hillsborough County Public Schools
901 E. Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33602
813-272-4602 (O)
813-493-6964 (C)
813-272-4510 (F)

Our mission is to provide an education that enables each student to excel as a successful and responsible citizen.

"lee" <tdecesar@tampabay.rr.com> writes:
Ms. Cobbe: may I have as public information the amount that the board paid Mr. Gonzalez and his firm for legal services? I would also like the amount paid to lawyers and law firms last year as a result of referrals from Mr. Gonzalez and his firm.

Thank you,

lee drury de cesare

Minions of the Light: If we multiply the 38 no-bid, good-ol-boy handshake years during which Gonzalez's outfit has had a lockdown on the school-board job, taxpayers have shelled out $10,492,028 to this firm, the chief business of which is to rip off workers for their bosses.

Earl the Pearl Lennard handed the job to Tom Gonzalez on a good-ol-Hillsborough-county-boy handshake without obeying the Title VII requirement of equal opportunity and advertising it whilst plastering "We are an equal-employment opportunity" logos on everything not nailed down.

We must keep this example in mind with judging the school board's fairness, competence, and adherence to American law in the employment area.

Faites attention, my hearties. lee

c: All Members of the Board and All the Ships at Sea


Anonymous said...

I know you were a college professor. Too bad you weren't an investigative journalist. You have exposed a lot of corruption. Thank goodness for people like you. Good role model for your grandkids. You can sleep good at night.

Anonymous said...

Carol Turdell must fear you and have something to hide if she won't let you speak. What a big turd she is! Call her Turdell from now on!

Anonymous said...

One day Carol Kurdell's grandchildren will see how she kept a citizen from commenting on issues. They will realize how anti-American she is! This is a woman who doesn't say a word unless she is up for re-election. She shuts up all the time so she expects you to do the same.

Anonymous said...

These school board members are a bunch of criminals. How can they just let all this corruption go on right under their noses? Disgusting excuses of human beings.

Vox Populi said...

They ARE the CRIMINALS. Sad to say her grandchildren probably won't roll far from the tree.

Carol Turdell and the turdettes.

Nice ring to it.

FUNNY, anonymous !!