Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gentlepeople: Ms. Cobbe below gets snotty once in a while, but I pass over her snippiness since she is a thousand times more efficient than her boss Steve Heggarty. He got the job because he was a SPT reporter without the required experience but got the job because Ms. Elia thought he could get her good press--Ms. Elia is obsessed with her public image--with his former colleagues. Fat chance. They hate him for deserting the ship and making three times as much money as they do. lee

Yes, Ms. Cobbe, I have been a financial officer. I have handled a household budget for fifty-one years.

And I will presume to tell you whatever I think I need to tell you. lee drury de cesare

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This is a huge schooldistrict with a 3.2 billion dollar budget. We have thousands of contracts. Unless you've been a financial officer, please don't presume to tell me how an efficient one would operate. Meanwhile, I will submit your request and we'll go from there.

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Ms. Cobbe: I want a list of federal contracts and the monies they give the school system. This can't require significant research. Any efficient financial officer has such a contract list and the amount of money each contract gives to the schools. It should be under "where the money comes from." If the financial officer says this list requires "significant research," then I question the bookkeeping practices of the financial department. lee


Matthew K. Tabor said...

What a rotten, contempt-filled response by Ms. Cobbe. One thing I'm awfully tired of in public education is the official who pulls intellectual or experiential rank to avoid accountability.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Cobbe doesn't just send you the info you want and not comment. Her job is not to comment but to provide public information. Why is she defending the district which is full of people at ROSSAC who would stab her in the back the minute she turns around? All she has to do is look at Elia wrong and Cobbe will be history. If she doesn't realize that, she's a fool. People who have retired or even gone back to the trenches (the schools) because they couldn't stand the rat race at ROSSAC say it is a den of vipers there.