Monday, January 21, 2008

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I get out of school at 4:30pm this year and can not go to a doctor's or dental appointment unless I take a day off. I used to get out at 4pm, and I could make the last appt. of the day at 4:30pm, so I did not have to take the day off to attend an appointment as long as I booked it in advance. Now I must take a day off to go to the doctor. It is ridiculous. I have taken more days off because of the new teacher schedule.

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This is why the board should give teachers and students a settled spot on the board for them to come and tell the board in person such things as this. Ms. Elia rammed this one-period-more work plan down teachers' throats without even consulting them. The board sat by and let her, and I heard Ms. Olson call teachers "lazy" when they came in numbers to board meetings to protest.

Dr. Lamb told the teachers that clapping was a violation of Robert's Rules. The rest sat silent in compliance with Ms. Elia.

Valdes, Ethridge, Kurdell, and Lamb are up for re-election. There are many more teachers than administrators. So teachers should tell all their relatives and friends who's a friend to teachers on the board and who's an enemy. Teachers know who these are. I go to every board meeting just about. I can give them this information. The ballot box is where the board members who now ignore teachers will have to listen to them at last. lee

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